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Old 02-26-2013, 06:49 PM   #196
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Default Re: Dirk is better than KG.

Originally Posted by miles berg
Dirk is on a tier above kg. that's not a knock on KG at all.
So what tier is Dirk on? The same tier as Kobe, Duncan, Shaq, Hakeem, etc (top 10-12)?

Because KG is top 15-20 to me.
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Old 02-26-2013, 07:06 PM   #197
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Default Re: Dirk is better than KG.

Originally Posted by DMAVS41

I guess these guys are just huge Dirk homers....ROFL

But's just such a crazy notion to think Dirk and KG are on the same tier and a legit debate...

Perhaps they are Dirk homers. It's the only explanation for why they have him over KG besides its just a blog no different than that of your average joe's.

Maybe it's just hard for me to objectively evaluate a player who's a borderline liability on defense. To each his own I suppose.
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Old 02-26-2013, 07:27 PM   #198
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Default Re: Dirk is better than KG.

Originally Posted by Ballin416
I like Dirk's game as much as anyone and am happy he got a ring to call his own. He will go down as the best European to ever play.

But in comparison to KG who does everything on the court at an elite level while only averaging a few points less for his career with the ladder part of it focused enitirely on the defensive end, Dirk holds no argument. KG will go down as top20 while Dirk may float around the 30-40.

This won't even be a discussion when they retire as the only comparison would be KG and Duncan with Dirk always being in the next tier.

Duncan is widely considered top 10. It's KG and Dirk who are on the same level. Each with 1 MVP and 1 ring. No way is Dirk top 40.
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Old 02-27-2013, 02:05 AM   #199
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Default Re: Dirk is better than KG.

At least we all agree Duncan is ahead of both of them!

I think I'm done arguing this. You guys have certainly made a better argument for Dirk than I could have made, not that I ever said or thought it was "KG by a mile" or anything of the sort.

To me, it's clear enough.
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Default Re: Dirk is better than KG.

Originally Posted by DMAVS41
You are arguing with a ghost. Nobody said Dirk won alone. I simply asked how a team led by Dirk as by far the best player (not even remotely close) with far less than average championship help in terms of players and coaching...won the title.
No, I am not saying alone. I'm saying of equal input. Dirk is better than his teammates but they won the title on defense. You are very familiar with this concept, now you are acting like you brand new. Its the argument you used against Derrick Rose for MVP. You know the argument very well. That's you. You said Derrick Rose wasn't top seven player because of that. When Rose shot like Dirk did the last three games of the finals you dogged him bad and called him all types of names. I have those post too. You won't answer who had a tougher assignment than Kidd cause you know I cornered you. Plus I practically have the video tape of you dogging Rose on the exact same principle.

Kidd had the toughest defensive assignment of any perimeter player in the history of the playoffs. You know it, I know it. Plus Kidd lead the team in assist, steals and three pointers as well, he controlled the tempo, he was the main man stopping Miami from running. He was important on both sides of the ball every trip up and down the court. So the distance between Dirk and Kidd is minimal in terms of effectiveness. Wade almost single handily destroyed Dallas in the playoffs before. Kidd's part of the pie was bigger than Dirk's. Terry's part of the pie was big in those last three games.

I asked and you give me an answer that would be true for every single player that won ever. Nobody won alone. When Duncan won in 03...his help actually did help him. When Hakeem won in could point to so many examples of his help coming through.

So I will ask again and hopefully you will finally answer. Which superstars won titles with less help than Dirk in the last 30 years. Please answer.
I answered that when you first asked. Dirk had more help than you realize. Dirk made hero shots but didn't have the bulk of the responsibility. He's there to score and his rebounding was ok. It was a very simple job. Lebron has way more responsibility than Dirk did despite having much more talent. Lebron lead his team in every category and if he plays bad, like he did against Dallas, the team can't compensate. When Dirk played bad in the finals the team was able to compensate and beat the Wade/Bosh team.

Therein lies my answer.
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