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Old 02-25-2013, 06:09 PM   #16
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Default Re: 4 cops brutally assault surrendered victim

Originally Posted by fiddy

reminds me of this documentary where they kept showing a solider shooting a civilian in the head

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Default Re: 4 cops brutally assault surrendered victim

Originally Posted by bdreason
These cops have some serious anger issues, and really shouldn't be in a position of authority. The problem is that it seems like people with this personality type are the ones that are drawn to being police officers. It reminds me a bit of the problem with politicians, in that the people who crave positions of power, are generally the last people who should be afforded such responsibility.

This video is clear abuse of police power, and in this circumstance, in no way should these guys be placed on paid leave. The police department should denounce their actions, suspend/fire them, and push for immediate criminal charges.


I know 3 cops, one of my closest childhood friends wanted to be a cop, I have 4 coworkers that want to be cops and only 1 of them isn't a narcissist with a superiority complex. The others either have traits or have a full blown superiority issues.

Don't get me wrong, I like them all, ironically enough my fav one is an actual cop, greatest due you'll ever meet. He's a broken cop, he's tried to report corruption but has failed.

Cops are overworked and live an extremely stressful life so an extremely high percentage suffers from something. some of them view the world differently, at times not sympathizing with less fortunate. Now, that may not be the case for all would be or already cops, but I would't be surprised if it was a common trait.

There are two of them that did share a trait with Donner tho. They felt that they've been victims in the past.
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Default Re: 4 cops brutally assault surrendered victim

I work with a dude that used to be a cop about 20 years ago in NY. He said he had a buddy that would carry a dime bag with him at all times. Whenever he would pull over a car he would want to search he would throw it in the backseat and then say he had probably cause. If he found something hed arrest them and if he didnt hed jsut say im confiscating this bag and be out. Cops are assholes.
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Default Re: 4 cops brutally assault surrendered victim

I ****en hate cops
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Oh yeah, Mitch Kramer?
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Default Re: 4 cops brutally assault surrendered victim

What are you guys talking about? These cops are heroes. If anything, they should be punished for not summarily executing the guy. Because if I've learned anything from Christopher Dorner, it's that homicide is a totally reasonable and justified response to any injustice, real or perceived.
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