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Default Re: Could Cavs Fans Reaction Make a Difference to LBJ?

debating over whether or not somebody will join your team or not, 2 years down the line, is the most pointless thing i could possibly think of.
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Default Re: Could Cavs Fans Reaction Make a Difference to LBJ?

Originally Posted by chips93
debating over whether or not somebody will join your team or not, 2 years down the line, is the most pointless thing i could possibly think of.
I actually think there is a much better chance the Cavs end up with Kevin Love than LeBron James. Of course, that is entirely dependent upon how the relationship between Love and Minnesota currently is and whether they feel he will re-sign in 2015. But, it would be a good fit, in terms of assets the Cavs have to bargain with and a nice young team for him to join.

Plus, I think Kyrie and Love would make for some absolutely great offensive schemes.

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Default Re: Could Cavs Fans Reaction Make a Difference to LBJ?

OP is the same guy who made a thread crying about how the media loves Lebron again after the title. If Lebron doesn't go back to Cleveland, you can bet he'll go back to making those threads.
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Default Re: Could Cavs Fans Reaction Make a Difference to LBJ?

Bosh has never been a superstar, and Wade is not currently one. Hell Durant doesn't even qualify in my mind as a superstar because he can't dominate the game in all facets, although has become a lot better in his short comings. In this NBA only LeBron is a superstar, the rest are all stars. Wade is playing great right now, and he may play great next year, but LeBron will be 30 by the time he is elligibale to re-up, and he won't be thinking about one or two years, he'll be thinking about who can offer him the best chance to win titles for the rest of his career. As for Kyrie, yeah he's nothing special, just one of the youngest all stars ever, a 20ppg (easily) scorer with 50/40/90 potential, and had one of the best rookie seasons in NBA history. No big deal really, all in a days work for Kyrie...
Bosh was better than Kyrie currently is in his last year at Toronto. 24/11/2 on a competitive team, top 8 player. I don't know how Kyrie has proven any more. Wade is much better than Kyrie and is a superstar. Has been for the past 8 years. If Durant isn't a superstar in your mind, then only LeBron is. So there's only 1 superstar in the league today?

LeBron James understands the value of role players. It's the reason he agreed to take a paycut to ensure Haslem could be signed, and it's the reason he tried to "woo" Fisher. With Dion, and Tristan they may be more than role players, and if Tristan continues his upward trend he may be outside of the role player label, and be a legitimate 18/10 big man on a contender. As for Dion he's in his rookie year so the jury is still out, but he's proven to be a solid third option at this point. He may just be the best player taken in the top 5 in a few years.
He understands the value of role players only if there's enough star talent around him. The stars come first. All your "might bes" aren't enough to convince LeBron. He has Wade and Bosh, who actually are championship level star talent.

LeBron going to the Lakers to join Howard isn't even in the realm of reality at this point. I think we can all agree that Howard is gone.

At this point the Cavs have had two drafts to reload, by the time LeBron comes aboard it will be 4, with four picks (including this years) likely to be top 5 selections. The fifth pick could be anywhere between 5-20 depending on how well they play next year, and of course health. Then the Cavs have their lesser picks like the Lakers one this year if they make the playoffs (Heat's if not), which will be around 18 or 19, and a few years down the road when Marc Gasol, and Zach Randolph are both off the books the Cavs have a very likely lotto pick from Memphis (2016 I believe).

With the Heat LeBron could hope to contend, and i'm being rather generous imo another 3 years after his contract, he'll be 33, and out of his prime, Wade *might* be retired, and Bosh will be out of his prime.

The Cavs on the other hand will have a 23 year old Kyrie, and Dion, 24 year old Tristan, 25 year old Zeller, 22 year old whoever from this draft, and 21 year old whoever from 2014 draft. That means that when LeBron is 33 Kyrie will be entering his prime, and the team can offer LeBron multiple years of contention well into his twilight years. By the time LeBron's 40 the Cavs players might be too old to seriously contend, but by the time LeBron's 34 the Heat's will be.
Well, if you're talking about 2016... then yes, Wade will be out of his prime (though you still can't prove that he won't be playing at an all-star level. Kobe is 34 and playing out of his mind. Bosh will still be a star, considering how guys like Duncan and Garnett have aged. Someone with Bosh's skill level don't decline that much. I'm talking about 2014 though. And there's no comparison.
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