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Old 04-07-2013, 12:56 PM   #91
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Default Re: Will New York ever have a better record than the Nuggets during their Melo era?

Originally Posted by kurple
i'm actually rooting for the New York Nuggets now

few thoughts on the subject:

- Both teams "won" the trade, easy as that. Both are now in the 2nd tier contenders
- East is a weaker conference, and therefor easier to get a better record. This is a FACT.
- Knicks have delt with injuries all season, and will have a better record next year if they stay healthy. Can they stay healthy???
- Nuggets have been equal to Miami in 2013, after their BRUTAL start of the season. I dont see why they wont have an even better record next season
- Nuggets is also the 3rd youngest team in the L, A LOT of room to improve
- Both got the same chance of winning the title. NYK might have a slightly better chance because the west is more stacked (harder to come to the 2nd round, WCF and finals). AND NOT BECAUSE THEY GOT THIS SO CALLED SUPERSTAR

- And injuries is a part of the game. NYK knew who Amare was before they signed him. And this one of the things I love about this nuggets team, injuries can never be a huge factor or ruin a season because of the kinda team we got

- I was gonna say "who gives a shit about who's got the best record", but then remembered we got the right to swap draft picks next year. I GIVE A SHIT

Very well put!

I do want to add something to this though.

The NYK's are THE oldest team in the league. the way this team is currently constructed, it's a win now type of attitude.

Rasheed wallace
Kurt Thomas
Pablo Prigioni
Kenyon Martin
Jason Kidd
Marcus Camby

These guys are all old. K-mart is the only one that really has any productivity left going forward. That leaves 5 guys out of a 15 man roster that are gonna need to be replaced in the near future. If NYK's don't win this year, they are gonna have a harder time next year IMO. A lot of their success depends on the health of older more vulnerable players.
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Default Re: Will New York ever have a better record than the Nuggets during their Melo era?

and i doubt they are able to keep JR
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Default Re: Will New York ever have a better record than the Nuggets during their Melo era?

I'll root for the Knicks after we get their two picks
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Default Re: Will New York ever have a better record than the Nuggets during their Melo era?

I look at that trade as a 3 part who won, and the jury is still out in a lot of ways. Denver, New York, Melo.

All 3 parties won. You're a huge Melo fan so you probably won't agree with this but I'm not so sure the trade was about going to the better team. Like you said, he was nice enough not to give NY any leverage. If it was about rings he would f*cked over Denver similar to LeBron. Dude wanted to be in New York City, he wanted the bright lights. Nothing wrong with that, but let's not rewrite history.

New York won more so than anyone. They got one of the most polarizing stars in the game into the biggest media market in the world, its helped their branding, they've made the postseason each year, and Melo's made them somewhat interesting each year, but the pieces around him haven't been up to par. And they've got a guy that if they can legitimately get things right around him, they can potentially win a title. They certainly didn't give up too much for Carmelo, considering what they gave up I felt the only piece they really should've tried to keep was Felton and he went back any way at a bargain.

I'd disagree. Carmelo wanted to go there and forced himself there. With the new CBA lingering Melo wanted the extension. Look at past superstar deals, New York gave up pretty much every valuable piece they had + two picks. Yeah on paper the deal looks fair but given the situation Denver made out like bandits and it's mostly to do with the new CBA coming.

People called New York contenders from day 1, Denver was suppose to fade away. Denver won more games, was more competitive in the playoffs. That may change now or down the future but look at the teams, you guys have J.R and Felton whom we decided not to re-sign and traded. I don't agree with pitting us against eachother anymore, because our teams have changed and we don't even play in the same conference.

Denver lost the superstar and didn't skip a beat and I think that means they won more than anybody. New York got Melo what they wanted but success was expected, probably more than what they've done due to injuries.

Denver got what they wanted. Melo forced a deal to a specific location, and he was nice enough to allow the front offices to work traditionally without giving NY as much leverage as he potentially could have, and they got pretty much every single piece that they could. And even won by not getting Landry Fields in the package. I think that franchise (maybe not their fans) will be happy with an exciting regular season team without that high of a ceiling in the postseason. I mean let's be real, that's not a title contending team with their current roster.

This is where we'll never agree. You're too biased about Carmelo. New York is a title contender but Denver is not a contending team and were just a regular season team? That's not fair. Might come true but up to this point both teams in the very least are in the same tier. You give NY the benefit of the doubt with everything.

Denver had nice pieces with Carmelo, I thought the 2011 team with Melo could've really made noise as the Western Conference took a step back that season as OKC wasn't ready yet (I think Melo could've really won that series with Denver), even the Spurs weren't a contender. And I mean last year, the Nuggets really should've beaten LA, the Lakers had a good Big 3, but nothing else around them and just wasn't a really good team, and having a star could've made all the difference in that game 7. I think Melo felt that after that move not to add to the 2009 success with the Trade Exception they received for Marcus Camby was a sign that they weren't really sold on this team and wasn't going to do what it takes to win. Even before Melo left there was the feeling that Lawson would be a player to watch, but what's really jump started them is the pick of getting the Manimal...not really any players from the trade. Still not a championship roster though

Denver may have had flawed teams but they always had a ton of talent. You talk about L.A and how we would have or should have beaten them with Melo but that's bullshit. Yeah L.A was nowhere near as good as they were before when we faced them, or they weren't as good as the Spurs. You know what every single Denver Nuggets fan said after that series tho? We saw a team actually fight to win. Every other year besides '09 Denver rolled over in 4 or 5 games. Maybe we took it to 6. Against L.A we played till the bitter end.

I remember the Camby TE, and I agree it was like wtf. Denver never stopped making moves and getting better tho, we signed K-Mart to a huge deal. Got Iverson, than flipped him for Billups which is better than anything NY has done for him. Drafted Lawson, got Afflalo for 2nd round pick. Took a risk on J.R Smith. Denver did what they could to build a contender we just played against a prime Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant. Melo didn't explode in the playoffs either, had some great series but was also pretty inefficient at times and didn't leave anybody feeling sorry for him not making playoff runs..

All this is useless tho. You'll call New York a championship roster and go on about them and than completely disregard Denver. You're just a massive Carmelo Anthony fan, you don't really care about the Nuggets or the Knicks and if he got moved to the Bucks you'd be doing the same thing.

Anyways the NY vs Nuggets thing really does need to end. Denver stayed relevant, NY got there superstar. Both teams are different. Neither team has completely ran away from eachother yet, we don't even play in the same conference. Was fun at the start but now kinda pointless
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I Run NY.
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Default Re: Will New York ever have a better record than the Nuggets during their Melo era?

NY vs. Denver is stupid. Think about this.
1) Melo looks like the 2nd best player in the league right now. So if you say NY lost, that seems ridiculous. We have a huge star.
2) Two of the players Denver got are big parts of their team, and they rebuilt to be one of the better teams in their conference. They got better. Saying the lost it stupid.

Both teams look like dark horse contenders. Plus if you cheer against NY you are defacto rooting for Miami, and if you cheer against Denver you are defacto rooting for OKC. Who would do either?

I like the Denver Knickets and the NY Nuggets. We are linked and we are both good so the butthurt people need to get over it.

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I Run NY.
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Default Re: Will New York ever have a better record than the Nuggets during their Melo era?

Originally Posted by kurple
and i doubt they are able to keep JR
We'll see, where is his huge offer coming from? Everyone is near the cap, S&T for capped teams is no longer allowed, and literally none of the good teams have cap room. And he's JR. It's like Blatche, as good as he looks at times, how stupid would you need to be to give him a huge multi year deal?
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