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There will be plaster
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Default Re: Gender and Advertising

Originally Posted by OldSkoolball#52
For instance, if you had a big nose but did not own a mirror in your home, you'd probably catch a glimpse of it now and then, but not really fixate on it very much because its mostly out of sight and out of mind. Put a mirror in your home, and suddenly your big nose becomes a much bigger preoccupation. The mirror itself is not forcing you to think any particular way. It's basically just a picture of reality, really. How you choose to focus on it is your deal.

People have a perception that news/advertisers/media etc are trying to implant their personal beliefs into you. They don't have time for that. They are trying to make money. They are taking the beliefs you already have, and selling them back to you. It's much quicker that way. So in that sense, I don't think these ads are really even propelling gender stereotypes. They just remind us of them more often because there's more media now. Look how much more equality women have now than in 19-whenever-tv-was-invented. If it was that big of an affect, howd all that progress get made? People think its a big deal now that women believe they're supposed to be pretty? Women were taught to believe that in 1930 as well, but they were also taught they shouldnt drive cars, or they were worthless if they cant cook a decent meal. So to me, this is like "gangsta rap causes violence". Well, violence was a problem before gangsta rap. Gangsta rap was written BECAUSE of the violence people already saw. It may influence a faction of individuals I admit, but it sort of pales in comparison to other factors. And obviously, it doesn't have to be just one thing as you mentioned.

Well said

You can argue the society is getting engineered this way not because of what marketing presents, but because of the amount of marketing. When everyone is milking the same horse the horse is bound to be seen as a big prize. Even though it's simply a quickest solution for a single marketing company... Blame fast profit/fast life?
Originally Posted by joe
I really like your post, though I think there is an extent where I show more sympathy than you. I'm as big a believer in personal responsibility as anyone, but I can't help but feel bad for girls who are constantly bombarded with gender stereotypes/model looking girls in advertising. Do I want advertising banned, do I want a law to be passed against certain things? No. But to me it's a little distasteful. Just like all these sitcoms with stupid male husbands, or where the black guy is always the cool kid, or where the guy with glasses is the nerd. At some point it becomes a little sickening. Distasteful is really the word that sums up my feelings on it more than anything. Of course these companies are looking to make money, and they don't care if it's tasteful if the ad moves products. I understand that too.
Yeah well look due the fast nature of everything, we get to see the stereotypical personalities (lack of) on tv and everywhere. It's not the conspiracy of the media, simply everybody working for their own interest and they have to skip corners... That's why Walking Dead is so bad, character wise. Generally, I totally say all the American sitcoms are criminal, because they rob the human of his intrinsicativeness and complicity, and show rather vain and immature people (all those ignorant self-centered hoes on shows, representing the hot young female type). It is bad, it is vain.

Then, the people seeing things all around them do not want to diverge, naturally, but fit in the scheme...
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Default Re: Gender and Advertising

It's funny that the video doesn't mention how many women verbally abuse their boyfriends/husbands/men in general due to media as well.

Oh that's right, it's a feminist video. That abuse is just brushed off as "being a woman."
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