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Default Update Fellas!

"At this point, it seems to be that we are more or less locked in at the No. 1 spot," Colangelo said. "It's the day before the draft, and it appears we will utilize the pick."

I know it doesnt really mean anything becuase anything can go down seconds b4 the pick is offically called..But Can u guys actually see Bergnani as the number #1 Draft pick ..I dont think that would sound right ..And It doesnt seem like Lamarcus Is a option for us ..He already Verbally agreed with another team ..Unless we Draft Morrison or Rudy Gay to piss the other teams off so that they will have no choice but to trade us for sumtin good.
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Ya sounds more right to pick either morrison or gay as bait ..they said the raps may not pick Bargnani at 1 jus cuz the pressure that would b on his shoulders and alot of players cant handle it

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Yeah I watched that press conference today. If they do use the #1 pick, I do expect him to take Morrison/Gay and then make calls to other teams right away and tell them they can have who they drafted as long as you give us _____ and your pick. Picking Bargnani #1 doesn't sound right indeed, but it could very well happen.
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Default Newer Update

here are 3 scenrios i got from

1 The Toronto Raptors will trade the No.1 pick.

The Scuttlebutt: Publications far and wide are suggesting the Raps will give up the top pick in the draft for a package of players and a lower pick. The Chicago Tribune recently said Toronto native Jamaal Magloire, a center, might be the bait from Milwaukee along with guard T.J. Ford. In return, Raptor forward Charlie Villanueva would go to Milwaukee with the pick. The Charlotte Observer says Villanueva might be headed to Seattle along with the rights to guard Mike James for the No.10 pick and a package of Ray Allen and a point guard. The Tribune also reported a swap with Charlotte might happen, with the No.1 heading to the Bobcats for point guard Brevin Knight and the No.3 overall selection.

The Likelyhood: Definitely. With all the rumors it's hard to see the forest for the trees, but a trade down makes a lot of sense for Toronto. The big picture is that Toronto GM Bryan Colangelo wants to build a team that can run and gun, and he wants to do it overnight. That means picking up at least one or two quality veterans, especially a point guard and maybe another center. The deal that makes the most sense would be one that would allow them to pick up a top pass-first veteran playmaker and also get Andrea Bargnani. The Bobcats at No.3 are the best bet for that, since they have an expendable top point guard in Knight, and the Raps could still get Bargnani at No.3. But keep an eye on the possible Milwaukee and Seattle deals too.

2 The Toronto Raptors will keep the No.1 pick and select Italy's Andrea Bargnani.

The Scuttlebutt: The Raptors will simply hold onto the No.1 selection and use it on Bargnani. This has been widely rumored for weeks, in fact from the moment Toronto won the right to select first overall. The fact that the team hired Bargnani's boss in Italy (Maurizio Gherardini) to be their new assistant general manager gives even more credence to the Raptors gearing up to make Bargnani their man.

The Likelyhood: Anything is possible, but Toronto getting Bargnani first overall doesn't seem nearly as likely as them getting Bargnani further down the draft. If anything, the signing of Gherardini only improves their chances of picking up Bargnani later on. It's sometimes hard for teams to sign European players because European contracts can be tough for players to get out of. Gherardini would likely make that a mere formality for the Raptors, but his presence in Toronto might scare other teams off drafting Bargnani. That gives GM Colangelo a bit of an ace in the hole, which will allow him to get good value for the No.1 pick while still landing Bargnani later on. The fact Bargnani isn't a consensus top pick also helps the Raptors' cause.

3 The Toronto Raptors will keep the No.1 pick and select Texas big man LaMarcus Aldridge.

The Scuttlebutt: Several mock drafts and widespread rumors suggest the Raptors will simply pass on Bargnani and go instead with Aldridge. Those whispers increased after Aldridge enjoyed a strong workout for Toronto, and Aldridge's decision to forego his workout with Charlotte (who hold the No.3 pick) implied he had a promise from No.1 (Toronto) or No.2 (Chicago, who are expected to take LSU forward Tyrus Thomas). Meanwhile, Raptor forward Chris Bosh has openly lobbied for the selection of Aldridge (his workout buddy) and the Raptors need to keep him happy.

The Likelihood: Possible, but probably not as likely as a trade. In short, the situation is probably this: If the Raptors can get the trade they want for the No.1 pick, they'll likely wind up with Bargnani. If not, they'll likely wind up with Aldridge. Bargnani is the player they seem to covet more, but he won't be as valuable as Aldridge over the next few years. Toronto needs to keep Bosh happy, and two things would do that: either landing Aldridge, or picking up some veterans in a trade. The Northwest Herald reports Aldridge's agent, Arn Tellem, confirmed his player has a promise from a team, but didn't confirm it was with the Raptors. That means Aldridge could be headed somewhere past No.3, but that might involve a trade by Toronto or even Chicago.
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