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el gringos
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Default Offseason Grade

A huge offseason for the Knicks has come and gone. How do you grade the results?

Draft: A

Porzingis was the right pick @4 and trading thj for a guy like grant is just icing on the cake.

Knick Free Agents: D-

Phil really over estimated the work he would do around the league and shot himself in the foot by placing no value in his own guys. Basically having the opportunity to prob bring bargnani back for cheap and not was a mistake.

FA's around the league: C+

When you give away jr smith under the assumption that you will do better w that 7 mill in free agency and then you sign afflalo for 8 that's a pretty bad start. The d will and o'quinn signings were good, afflalo deal bad, and as for the big marquee signing that you've been waiting years for in Robin Lopez you get a very good role player at a primary option price. Hopefully he just plays the role of 4-5-6th best player and doesn't think he needs to be a second option guy. Hey atleast the Knicks didn't sign Wes Mathews

Overall: C

Obviously I'd have done much better, but this fa is what most of you might have done. Draft was against the grain big time but has many already oming around.

Should've went w smith, smith, smith, bargnani, o'quinn, dwill, monta Ellis. I would have picked porzingis and either grant or Powell so no complains on draft.
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Default Re: Offseason Grade

I'm not sure you have any concept of "bbiq" and how it relates to chemistry and on-court production. But I applaud your dedication to the Knicks.

I'd give their offseason a B-. Trading Melo or Porzingis (for a deal) would increase the ranking to an A-, most likely.

The draft, in a vacuum, seems to have been a B+. Hard to tell, though, until the season starts and we see what we have.

Free agents were an A, IMO. The Knicks clearly didn't get the big names, but they didn't panic and give bad deals to bad players. Instead, they gave market-value deals (or less) to good players that fit a long-term vision.

The only anomaly is the aforementioned Melo. He doesn't fit with a "long term vision" type of team. I love the guy, but I really think he needs to go.
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Get over yourself
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Default Re: Offseason Grade

Took you 3 weeks to get over losing your fav. players... understandable. Hopefully, you'll start to acknowledge that the team was in need of defensive role players with size instead of low IQ chuckers.

I'll be interested on your take of how Bargnani will help the Nets over the bridge. Meanwhile, you will see Melo's benefit of having rebounders and shot-blockers around him. This year will be better than you esteem.


Draft - B+
Free agency - B
Overall - B

When the smoke clears, clearer heads will see Phil's making the right moves for a respectable franchize to arise.

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Default Re: Offseason Grade

Knicks weren't going to compete this season no matter what moves Phill could have made. Kudos to Phil not following in typical NY behavior in trading the top pick for some overrated combo guard which we barely would have made the 8th seed. He made moves that gave the Knicks a chance moving forward and spent the cap room wisely. The FA guys aren't anything special but they are some role players/depth guys that the knicks can use for the future and there might be a chance that Williams can fulfill some of his potential(won't happen but there's a chance)

Alot of Knick fans are in the win now state of mind and that's comical. Knicks had 0 chance winning coming into the offseason and fans think drafting Winslow or trading the pick is gonna change that?

Draft A. Porizingis is a nice pick and he'll help us this year more than Winslow could. The upside is obviously greater with Por. Getting Grant for Hardaway is a steal. We've seen what Hardaway can do and it's time to move on. The Spanish center may return dividends in the future.

FA B. We didn't get the big name players but these guys didn't want to come. Some people criticize Phil for not sweet talking them in signing but I don't see how that's his fault. Even that some of these guys have limitations.. In the meantime he made some low risk signings that don't mortgage the future and some guys that can potentially take the next steps in their career if given a bigger role.

Phil had a good offseason. People who are saying otherwise are delusional who want to mortgage everything to compete for the 8th seed.
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