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Old 02-16-2007, 03:31 PM   #1
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Lightbulb Shouldn't you start your best 5?

As far as I know the best way to win at sports is to start your best players.

Than you use your bench to spell your starters or for special situations.

Am I correct in these assumptions?

A basketball game is 48 minutes long, no player should play more than 38 minutes on average and only 40 minutes if they are young and 100% healthy.

So what the hell is Isiah doing?

Someone please explain his philosophy and rotation, I don't understand it. It just makes no sense to me.

Granted a professional coach/GM forgot more about basketball than I know.

But I'm talking about fundamental logic.

Here's the way I see it:


PG- Marbury - He's hurting and his minutes should be limited. he's averaging 35 minutes and that's about right. Maybe he should be seeing a little less. So who makes up the other 13 minutes? Please not Francis, but if it has to be Francis than use him that way and that's it, make up your mind Zeke. They do not play well together, admit it and move on. Personally I would rather see Nate or Collins get those minutes and learn how to run a team.

SG- Crawford - He's a turnover waiting to happen but plays better as a starter. He just does not have the same poise and focus coming off the bench. He's giving us 37.50 minutes a game, who should see the other 10.50? I can't figure that out since Isiah doesn't have a normal rotation does he. I would rather see Q Rich get some of those minutes the other at the 3, that's what a swingman does. Does Isiah understand what a swingman does?

Center - Curry is giving use 34+ minutes a game. Who should get the other 14 minutes. I believe we should see Cato give us about 8-10 minutes at center and a few at PF. Cato is better than James, again why is he on the team if you don't use him. I watched Cato and he played well for us. Again am I watching a different game than Zeke? Did I miss something? I do not understand. Frye should see some minutes there to in certain situations.

PF- No question Lee should start. He's giving us close to 31 minutes a game and he should see more like 38. Just make him the PF and that's it........maybe play some 2, like 8 minutes so he see's 30 minutes at the 4. Frye will see 18 minutes at the 4 and maybe 14 at the 5 when Curry is out if Zeke doesn't want to use Cato. There you go, Frye gets his 30+ minutes a game in a normal rotation.

SF- Q Rich should be starting especially if Lee is at the 4. We need his scoring and outside shooting. He's giving use 33 minutes right now and that's about right. Now if He got about 10 at the SG and 23 at the SF that leaves 25 minutes for another SF. Balkman about 8-10 minutes there and Jefferies about 8-10 minutes there and Lee about 5+ minutes depending on the situation. If balkman or Jefferies is playing Frye has to be in to provide a viable outside shot.

I know it's a little confusing and vague but you see my logic and there is a specific rotation of Marbury, Crawford, Nate, Q Rich, Lee, Curry, Frye, Balkman, Jefferies. That's a good 9 man rotation. Collins, Cato and Rose in case of emergency and foul troubles.

Send James and Francis home they have nothing to offer in a positive way for a young team looking for an identity and unity.
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Old 02-16-2007, 04:18 PM   #2
Don Che
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Default Re: Shouldn't you start your best 5?

I agree with the rotation...but what is your intent?
If the knicks wanna make the playoffs they gotta play Francis off da bench
and keep nate sitting...Not bcuz Francis is SO much better but cuz he has more experience and he brings more to the table.

If your trying to rebuild...Nate is the way to go obviously.

I dont agree that the best players should play..but the PLAYERS THAT PLAY BEST TOGETHER...that is what wins..not the other way around.

Eddy- obvious reason y
Lee- Makes everyone better...hes like a pg at the 4 spot..passes well and has a high bball IQ.
Jamal- You never know when he can be unstoppable and plays well wit Marbury and Eddy Curry
Marbury- This franchise gave him da keys years ago and he has to make it work...committed to playin D on 2's..he struggles wit pgs but Crawford can do it.


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Old 02-17-2007, 12:32 AM   #3
Local High School Star
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Default Re: Shouldn't you start your best 5?

Francis is just not a winner, he's a loser.

They have to rebuild, even if by having Francis play they win a few more games what does it mean?

It means they won a few more games and held back the development of younger players.

The big picture dictates Isiah change his way of doing things and think about the future. There really is no "NOW" with this team.

I thought that's what Zeke was going to do, play the younger players do or die. Than he goes back and play da bums like James. Make up your mind.
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Old 02-20-2007, 06:05 PM   #4
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Default Re: Shouldn't you start your best 5?

14-14, start Lee.
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