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el gringos
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Default Knicks have the perfect Roster 11-15

Prigioni: vet presence who won't get hurt or make many mistakes (sure it would be nice to have a Larkin or nedovic type young guy w a higher ceiling, but w the focus on the development of everyone including even the top group it may not be the year to "develop" a pg.)

Cleanthony and wear: 2 humble rookies who both have size and ability on the wings

Acy and Aldrich: able and ready for spot minutes all the way to injury replacement ability.

I don't see any of those guys as problems wether they play or not. And don't know that any of them will have the value that they need to be involved to make a trade to the top 10 roster spots. For this new system and new culture Phil gets an A+ on guys 11-15. I think he has the perfect group.

-- so you guys usually only seem worried abou the top 2 apots and the bottom five. W this team it's got a clear 1 and a muddled up 2-10, even w a clear top 6 planters. (Prob muddled up 2-15 on this board. Do you guys have issues w those 5 guys?
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el gringos
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Default Re: Knicks have the perfect Roster 11-15


Shumpert, bargnani, and JR could all move on that chart.

Hard away jr, and dalembert could fit on that chart talent wise, but it would weaken the rest of the 10 position wise.

So of course a superstar guard and superstar big is what the team really needs. But to get that defined top 3 you will have to give up the current 2-10 and pretty much bump 11-15 up to at least 6-10, probably 4-9.
The whole thing boils down to Can the Knicks get anything out of amare, Larkin, hard away, and dalembert? I throw thanasis, any 2nd possible in there because of how much I like wear and cleanthony (and Aldrich/acy if you can keep them cheap)

I think the answer is yes. For a team that didn't have any assets, now I think they do have something to deal. If you could guarantee yourself of an all star (gasol, love,.......) you still take a huge risk on depth if one of your stars doesn't preform. Which after watching the team try amare, Carmelo, and a throw together squad and then amare falls off a cliff. Look where you're at now. Yet you want to do it again. Expecting different results? What's that saying about doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

You all realize that to sign gasol alone you have to give away shumpert, bargnani, Jason smith, likely either or both of Aldrich/acy, and then this years pick or hardaway/Larkin, as well as falembert or amare if he is still around. You have to renounce those players rights to use that space.

Blows my mind that you are so sure that gasol comes anyway, blows my mind even more that you a roster full of 10-15 and think that Carmelo and gasol alone will make this a different level team. It's even crazier that you think Greg Monroe would do the same.
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