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Le Shaqtus
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Default Re: Anxiety/Depression

Originally Posted by Marlo_Stanfield
deep post man deep post.
i now hope the MAgic will be strong very soon again so maybe it will help you a little

Eh I wouldn't hold my breath I know we've had our disagreements on basketball stuff but you're a good dude, thanks

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
Also prone to both.

And as others have said it's absolutely useless to talk about external privileges in discussing it.

The poster bdreason gave a in depth thread about it, and there is nothing, literally no amount of dump fukking rhetoric one could do to help someone in that situatino. It's like a dark cloud and mental prison.. a deep dark pit almost impossible to climb up out of.

A starving Somalian is in many ways happier than a legit clinically depressed person.

However I can offer a lifestyle gameplan to slowly but surely ease the suffering.


Social Life
- Find a group similar to Alcoholics Anonymous. I don't care how corney you think they are. It works. Misery loves company and soon that company disperses when the misery does.
- Find positive, upbeat bros. .they're everywhere and most humans have good hearts. They feel good when they give to others.
- Love other human beings deeply... friends, family or whatever. Actively love them. I don't care how sad you are you can always be loving. Many fathers have gone through outrageous obstacles because they had sons and daughteres.. think The Road or The Gray for one.
- Partake in comedy, improv, hiking, and just playing like a child.. Humor is a devastating weapon against tragedy. It is tragedy. Monty Python features that classic skit always look on the bright side of life. and well they're being hung in the sun yet they smiling and laffing. U can do thsi too lol.

Diet and Supplementation
- Up your Vit D intake and Niacin intake.
- Increase your healthy fat intake (avocado, peanut butter, olive oil, coconut oil, egg yolks, lean meats etc.)
- HEAVILY increase your dark leafy green intake (kale, broccoli, spinach, swiss chard, mustard greens)
- Increase your tryptohan intake (turkey, good meats, bananas)
- Drink lemon/alkaline water.
Take these 3 steps.

- The vast majority of depressive thoughts.. think of it as flurries occur when someone's standing still or feeling "trapped" in a situation. Humans were meant to move and not have sedentary lifestyles.
- BE. ON. THE. MOVE. Explore. Rekindle that old childhood spirit. Take on a curiosity mindset hmmmm what can I laern? so many places to see.
- That old lyric from the Queen song I want ti all raelly helped .."I'm a man with a one track mind so much to do in one lifetime...."

- Look up Alex Lloyd's Healing Codes. There are 4 certain barins. That and Emotional Tapping. Both are effective in releasing trapped up emotions, and help "liberate" you so to speak.
- A combination of cardio, weights, and yoga does wonders in slowly curbing it. Neurogenesis BDNF, Testosterone, Somatotropin, endorphins, blood circulation.. fukk yes.

Creative Life
- Many artists are extremely depressed, yet smash through their days with utmost ferocity because they have an intrisntic motivation to EXPRESS.


I would recommend believing in God, but since most of ISH is atheist; I'd suggest delving more into spirituality and things like Pantheism.. the belief that we're all intertwined and come from an original source.
- Remember kings were given a ring. And everytime something good happened they said "This too shall pass" and everytime somethign bad happened they touched it and said "this too shall pass"
Do not ressit your depression.. understand it is natural like winter.. cherish the human experience. It's perfectly normal and it's a okay

Scientists, warriors, priests, and romantics are usually upbeat because rather than focusing on things like unhappiness they are literally built trained and conditioned to obey and surrender to a highe rpower. The first, Truth, the second, Victory, the third, God the foruth, Love. By allowing yousrelf to embody an abstract idea or principle you'll go far man.


I'll be honest. I'm also naturally anxious because I did not have a good childhood (relatively speaking) was dirt-poor, alienated, confused, raised on fear rather than love etc. but what had gotten me through the day was to take personal responsibility and pride. Think of one part of your life.. your identity as having a relationshpi with fear/anxiety. Think of it as an imaginary construct in your head and something you just gotta STACK AND PUSH through and become immune.

Batman was deadly scared of bats and Ras told him to harness it.. become it.. embody it. As opposed to thinking of himself as a separate entity he saw fear as part of his consciousness and became it. speaking very hokey pokey here but its hard to express throug hwords. i have to kinda show u how to do this

A lot of public speakers only needed to just climb and inoculate themselves to stage fright step by step; akin to a vaccine.

This is awesome, thanks J$ This is probably the best advice I could ask for.
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Default Re: Anxiety/Depression

Originally Posted by Le Shaqtus
This definitely pertains to how I feel, obviously there's no excuses when you're an adult but I still feel like there's some fear or worry about growing up. You have to think about finding work in your field and then finding someone to spend the rest of your life with and kids and then making sure they're taken care of.

When it first hit me I kept thinking about death and every little thing that happened to me I thought that I had something serious and that I was going to die, and I'd think to myself that I haven't done anything noteworthy in my life yet so all this time was for nothing.

Thanks for the replies anyways guys, I appreciate it and you've all been helpful

Yeah bro, you'll be fine.
Its your body and mind changing due to the added pressures and stresses of getting older with more responsibility and expectations. Women/girls deal with it a lot better than men, and its no where near as common with girls at that age. For them it comes a lot later, and it is completely normal.
You just have to deal with it in the right way, and its essentially harmless and just a step of life and growing up. By that I mean, keep working hard, don't think what you're doing is useless, and try to keep active and doing something. I know it feels like its pointless doing something, or hanging out with someone, but try and force yourself, and you'll get through it a lot quicker.

You'll eventually still have those down days like anyone, but, people often are at their worst when they have too much time to think and reflect, so like I said, keep busy.
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