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Default Re: Who is the best player in your local court?

Originally Posted by kshutts1
Down in TN the best player was this guy that was a Jehovah's Witness. I only mention the religion because he never played a minute of organized ball... apparently it was/is against his religion.
It ain't against the religion, I should know I am one, but it takes up a lot of time that we use for other things and its just not as important, and many people will set up tournaments for others in the religion, I have a couple of friends who are doing one soon.
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Default Re: Who is the best player in your local court?

Last night it was batongbakal. He's almost 6'2", and over 210 lbs.
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Default Re: Who is the best player in your local court?

Next was probably this old bald guy who was 6'0- 6'2 200-215. Really buff.

Instanely good finisher and offensive rebounder. I mean he made a joke out of our team because nobody was strong enough to box him out and time a jump for a rebound. He played like Chauncey Billups. Had a nice midrange game and kept threes to a minimum. Post game was decent because of his strength. But I to this day have never seen a guy his guy his height that good at rebounding. It was a joke.
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Default Re: Who is the best player in your local court?

Really depends on the situation.

I play in Korea, with local Koreans. The courts are nice (4 full courts, nice rims, etc). In the halfcourt I'm pretty good (can rain tres and get to the rim and run an offense well), but usually a really skilled big guy would be more valuable.

The few occasional times we play full court it almost always is me. I've got great handles and passing and can run faster with a ball in my hand than without. It basically ends up being rebound, outlet to me, I just outrun/outjuke everybody and dish it off for someone with a layup or three.

It's just the competition though - I'm not this good against better players. Just the perfect level of competition for my skills/speed/shooting/passing to shine.

I think in general though a good to great rebounder is really the best player on the floor for pickup. They change the game because skill can't really battle that. In "organized" games there are huge guys...but in pickup it's usually all sub 6'3 players in my area. A 6'1 or 6'2 guy that is a beast rebounder is my favorite player to have on my team. I can take care of the rest and he handles the real dirty work and tone of the game.
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Not airballing my layups anymore
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Default Re: Who is the best player in your local court?

He is a friend of mine and unfortunately I'm always paired against him because of our height. He is around 6' 9'', I'm 6' 5'' and it's almost impossible to guard him, when he wants to post me up. On top of his height he has great shot, is a willing passer and has great bball IQ. Everytime his team needs a three, he drains it in my face. His handles are a little suspect but still creates space when he wants to.
The only thing I have on him is athleticism and the fact that he takes pity on us and passes more than attack the basket. He had some serious injuries when he was younger and opted out of basketball career.
I hate losing but he sure made me a better player, especially on the defensive end. Because of him I'n confident in guarding almost all positions (except fast pgs with good handles, they'll torch right from the start).
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