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Real Men Wear Green
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Default Re: ISH Wannabe GM Challenge: Ron Artest

Originally Posted by saKf
Many, many posters on ISH readily bash or pick apart moves made by NBA GMs, often giving suggestions of what they would do instead.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: build a team around Ron Artest that doesn't have saKf vomiting or cringing.

Put players (a full team, not just four starters) and a head coach around Ron Artest in such a manner that you think the team would actually work, and give reasons for your choices.
I wouldn't even try to build around the man, but if I had to (for the sake of this thread) I'd go with strong personalities. Not to combat Artest (that can be counter-productive as you're not going to beat him into submission) but to hopefully command his respect. Much like how Rodman didn't go off too many times when teamed with MJ and Isiah Thomas but had to be gotten rid of when placed alongside David Robinson, Artest may respond well if his teammates are tough guys, something I don't think he's had before. To that end, while keeping what kind of players are needed to win a title, I'd go with a team of:

PG-Jason Kidd: will help Artest and others score on the court and take no **** off of it.
SG-Rip Hamilton: Not a super-tough guy but a stable, mentally strong character that will play off the ball and hit open jumpers.
SF-Artest (of course)
PF-Ben wallace: Sure, he fought Artest, but they were on different teams then. Put together they'd make the d great and he won't be getting a lot of touches, which indulges Artest's desire to score.
C-TD is the easy pick, so to make it tougher...Brad Miller: Will hit jumpers (on this team, a necessity as the shooting is sub par) and has played with Artest on two different teams so should have a good understanding of his personality (on the court, at least).

PG/SG: Bobby Jackson, if he can still play, is a tough-minded character that would back up both gaurd spots well...if he's done for then I'd put Delonte West here for similar reasons.
SG/SF: Manu Ginobili. wanted another scorer off the bench, and as varied as Ginobili's background is, he's probably seen crazy before.
PF/C: Robert Horry. Always calm, and extremely clutch.

Edit: coach is PJ, of course.

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Default Re: ISH Wannabe GM Challenge: Ron Artest

Pg-Dan Gibson.
Sg-Ron Artest
SF-LeBron James
Pf Anderson Varejo
C-Big Z.

I don't think artest is good enough to build around?

That looks good tho. You think LeBron could handle artest?

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Old 03-13-2007, 01:58 PM   #18
King Heno
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Default Re: ISH Wannabe GM Challenge: Ron Artest

A whole team? Ok, here goes:

PG: Sam Cassell | Luke Ridnour | Jason Hart
SG: Quentin Richardson | Kyle Korver
SF: Ron Artest | Hedo Turkoglu
PF: Marcus Camby | James Singleton | Ersan Illysaova
CE: Andris Biedrins | Paul Davis

Team Salary: $45,694,354

Probably wouldn't do anything.
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Default Re: ISH Wannabe GM Challenge: Ron Artest

He'd need to be paired with someone that will let him know that it isnt his team, someone who has a bigger ego and bigger character. I'd pair Ronnie up with Shaq. I think Shaq would be able to keep him in check and have him playing to the best he can. With Shaq on his team, Ronnie would realize that a ring is definately possible and who knows... maybe he'd be able to keep his head on straight and focus on a title. My head coach would have to be someone with experience, i'd go with Phil Jackson.

My PG would have to be one that could create for others and hit big shots, i'd want my SG to be a combination of shooting/slashing and my PF would have to play good interior D with a midrange jumper.

I'll limit this to having only 2 allstars + Ron Artest to make it realistic. I'll give it a try.

Chauncey Billups
Anthony Parker
Ron Artest
David West
Shaquille O'Neal

I had a hard time picking a PF but I ended up going with David West. This is a very good defensive/rebounding team. The offense flows through Shaq obviously but Chauncey drives this team.

For the bench. I need a 3 point sniper, a play making PG, a young swingman with potential and a backup big man that can put points up.

I'll go with Steve Blake, Kyle Korver, Zaza Pachulia and Mickael Pietrus. I'll add another big man for rebounding and toughness, Reggie Evans.

My team

Chauncey Billups | Steve Blake
Anthony Parker | Mickael Pietrus
Ron Artest | Kyle Korver
David West | Reggie Evans
Shaquille O'Neal | Zaza Pachulia


EDIT - I didnt realize the team needed to be built around Ronnie. I team built around him isnt going anywhere, so there's no point in me trying to make one.

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