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Default Re: Are you "Born" athletic or can you become athletic?

Originally Posted by 01amberfirewv
Why limit yourself?

I agree though you are born with gifts (i.e height, weight) but what most consider athleticism is earned

That guy isn't even good, he's just an interesting sideshow because he's so short...
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Default Re: Are you "Born" athletic or can you become athletic?

You can only become as athletic to that specific point where your genetics allows you to....

If me and you are born on the same day... and eat, sleep, run, lift, jump everything identically until we are 20 years old.... then i might have a 37" vertical with a 4.3 sec 40 yard dash while you have a 46" vertical and a 4.6 sec 40 yard dash... you might have biggers biceps, me bigger quads... and so on... Its genetics, muscles, fibers, bones, everything.... we all are same, but differently gifted....

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Default Re: Are you "Born" athletic or can you become athletic?

yup you can become athletic. understand that running and jumping on the court are expressions of power. a lot of people aren't good athletes simply because they lack the strength, and because their playing style doesn't favour playing athletically, they never get the chance to develop it. so if you naturally weren't a very good slasher to the hoop or a high riser, then you're gonna have to develop that strength, and that starts in the weight room.
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Default Re: Are you "Born" athletic or can you become athletic?

I'd say both, but having to work towards athleticism brings how far you can go lower than if you were born athletic, I am athletic yet I never actually work out except occasionally, yet I can almost dunk consistently, I have good genes for it, my grandfather played football and was offered a scholarship to play for like Washington state or Washington I can't remember, and my dad before he hurt his back at like 5'7 and something like a 6' 6'1 wingspan could grab rim easily.
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