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Old 03-26-2007, 11:04 PM   #16
HaNdLe ThE RoCk
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Default Re: Magic @ Knicks (Ready or not here he comes)

I wouldn't let Frye go. Solid back up for Lee. Jeffries is our best defender along with balkman, i wouldnt let him go.

The Others, Tootles.
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Default Re: Magic @ Knicks (Ready or not here he comes)

Originally Posted by shafir
This, my friends, is the formula for success.

Indeed. Has there been a Crawford sighting?
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Default Re: Magic @ Knicks (Ready or not here he comes)

The more of Collins I see the more I like him.

But like all the young players they need at least a year or two to develop.

I like watching these young players play even if they lose. They have heart and that's something the older vets don't have. If they did they wouldn't be losers and they are.

I haven't given up on Frye, yet.

I think he is confused, like a split personality. He can't make his mind if he's a center or a shooting guard. Even though he's a power foward......he needs a basketball therapist.

It just seems like he needs to be put into the offense, he can't make his own shots and is so afraid of making a mistake it's pathetic to watch him he has lost a lot of confidence. He has proven to be a potential 20-10 guy, for real!!!

They have to start running some plays for him to get him involved. Lee and Balkman are the type of players who can make their own shot attempts. I think Frye is from a controlled offensive background and not able to adjust to this Knick free for all. Some times he's so tentative it looks like a little kid afraid of some thing, I guess that's why they call him soft.

He's more of a half court player looking to work together and run plays, some for him.

As for Jefferies, he's a big disappointment. He can't shoot and he can't score. He also makes some dumb fouls, he also plays a little out of control. He too has lost confidence, why has so many players lost confidence? It doesn't bode well for the coach, does it? He seems confused about his role and were he should be, same for Balkman. Those two guys should never ever be around the three point line no matter what. In Zeke's offense what in the world are they doing there, that's what I mean about spacing. They should always be cutting to the basket for a pass or a rebound. they should never be set on the perimeter, when they are the other team knows they can't make the long shot so they have freedom to double and triple Curry. DUMB!!!!

I see this Knick team wing it way too much and out of control. Especially when you have Francis and Nate is in there.

Their defense is also does not finish, they play 2/3's of the play and get lost and confused quickly. A team that passes well will find the open man quickly because they don't rotate well. They don't know how to use the sideline as an extra man and they don't step up to get the charging foul like Q rich does and Rose used to, Rose now is too slow to react.

They really miss Q because he is their best all around player.

Curry loses his man, Francis loses his man and there is little or no help.

Technique is everything, it's just a matter of taking one step but that step has to be the right one. They don't square off their bodies to the players correctly or position themselves and their bodies correctly. They look confused when they do play zone but I think they should do more of the zone defenses and work on it.
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