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Default Re: Official RP National Team

I know everybody is entitled with their own opinion, but there is this article in Inquirer that I really can't take. The article in Philippine Daily Inquirer entitled "Quo vadis Philippine basketball?" stressing that basketball is not the sport for us Filipinos. The hell with that. Basketball is not just about height nor talent, it is about teamwork, cohesiveness, hardwork, and LOVE for the Game. It was indeed that the suspension of the Philippines to International Basketball Games sanctioned by FIBA are Dark Times for us Filipinos. But we have surpassed that already for one reason only, and that is the LOVE FOR THE GAME. True, that there is still work to be done to be able to qualify for the Olympics. That is why TEAM PILIPINAS Trains hard while there is still time. Time is Gold. Let us not doubt our Cagers. Our players and coaches have sacrificed a lot just train for FIBA Asia Qualifying tournament.

I for one love basketball. Even though my height is limited, at 5'7, I would definitely play against anybody. It would be better to play against bigger and better players. If I win, the better. If I lose, I still win because of the learning experience it gave me. It is a win win situation.

It would be an honor to play for Flag and Country. All is at stake. Every single Filipino is counting on our players to win. Let us not doubt our players and coaches who sacrificed a lot for our country. Let us not be consumed by our Crab Mentality and drag them back to the abyss. It is our duty to admire, cheer, appreciate and believe in our players. For ones, let us unite to achieve our goal, and that is to gain a slot for the Olympics and if possible, win the thing.

I agree that we have to excel to other fields of sporting world, but it doesn't mean that we have to forget basketball. Basketball is already part of our culture which cannot be taken away from us. Basketball is already part of the Filipino family. This is the bottom line, We LOVE BASKETBALL. WE ARE BASKETBALL.
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Default Re: Official RP National Team

Philippines - RP Team to '08 Olympics?

For those that were not able to make it, the Philippine national basketball team trained and played simulated games against semi-pro teams and college competition at the Home Depot Center in Carson before they departed to the Philippines for further Olympic preparation on April 13.

As I’ve written in my other articles about the team, Team Pilipinas is hoping to become the first RP National basketball team to qualify for an Olympics since 1972.

Since my articles about the team generated a few questions from fans, I’ll attempt to answer some of them.


The 11-member team, comprised of the "best of the best in the Philippine Basketball Association," arrived in late March after the end of the PBA season. The coach of the RP National team is Vincent "Chot" Reyes of the PBA San Miguel Beermen.

For two weeks beginning in April, the team worked out with the Abunassar Impact Basketball Academy, known more for training NBA players and potential NBA prospects.

The team held grueling three-a-days, which consisted of two, two-hour workouts including weight training, balance exercises, and individual performances during the morning before finishing the day with an exhibition basketball game.

In their six exhibition games, the team ended with a record of 4-2. They suffered losses against the ABA Hollywood Fame led by Bryon Russell and California State University, Fullerton.

In their four wins, they beat the ABA Hollywood Fame-led by Bryon Russell (in their first game), CSU Dominguez Hills, another semi-pro team, and a recent NCAA tournament team in Long Beach State.

The first question I’ve been asked is how does the team look.

This is an extremely versatile team with a number of players able to play multiple positions. Every player, with the exception of Center Asi Taulava, can play outside the paint around the perimeter. They are a rhythm-and-flow team. What I mean by that is the team either starts out slow then picks up the pace or really fast and slows it down. From the six games I’ve observed, in either case, Coach Reyes does a great job making halftime adjustments and settling his team down. In each of the six games, the RP team usually outscored their opponents in the second half.


The best analogy I could come up with regarding the Philippine style of offense is to watch the NBA Phoenix Suns play. It is a very fast-paced offense. They rely heavily on jump shots from their players. The RP team is extremely quick, and pushes the ball up the court every chance they get. They have an exciting brand of basketball. The scores are usually high and make a lot of spectacular plays.


Size. Many people automatically assume because we are Filipino (and we are known to be short) that the rest of the team would be short as well. Well, they were right. However, for Filipinos, the players are tall. The team gives up way too many offensive rebounds. For instance, in their game against Long Beach, in one series Long Beach players grabbed four offensive boards. Aggressive, speedy, athletic teams with tall lanky players could jump give the RP team their toughest challenge.

Who are the RP team’s best players?

My Starting lineup:

Mark "The Spark" Caguioa – He truly lives up to his moniker. He’s a very explosive and aggressive basketball player. When the RP team needs a big basket, he’s Mr. Clutch.

Danny Seigle – Look at Mark. Put him inside the paint and he’ll make every shot he gets. One-on-one ball handling is an issue but the team expects him to rebound and shoot nothing else.

Ren-Ren Ritualo – He is the best "pure" shooter on the team. Leave him open and he’ll bury every shot he gets. If it weren’t for his three point shots against LBSU making four of five, RP would have lost the game. Con: He’s a streaky shooter.

Jimmy Alapag – he has the best ball handling on the team. He can see the floor really well and always gets his team involved. Con: He maybe too unselfish. He often drives inside the lane but kicks it backs out rather than taking the shot.

Asi Taulava – A big guy that weighs a reported 290 pounds. He knows how to back down his opponent and use his large frame to his advantage. My worry, they have him listed as 6’9". He’s more like 6’6" or maybe 6’7". Either way he’s way too small to guard China’s forwards and centers who tower nearly 7’ each i.e. Yao Ming.

Other Notables:

Jayjay Helterbrand – It may be just his conditioning but he always seemed out of breathe and didn’t have his legs under him in most of his shots. He mentioned to me prior to the two-weeks of training he wasn’t in shape. I would have liked to of seen him be more aggressive on the court.

Mick Pennisi – He may not look Filipino but he sure does blend in well with the group of guys. He has a good shot from the outside and drives in well when he chooses too. However, because he’s a big man that likes to set up on the perimeter, the RP team has a hard time gathering offensive rebounds or second chance points.

Who decides on which team qualifies for the Olympics?

Fédération Internationale de Basketbal, better known as FIBA, is the governing body that holds international competition in basketball every two years – the World Championships and FIBA Asia Championship for Men Olympic Qualifiers.

The RP team competes with 44 other Asian countries under the jurisdiction of FIBA Asia, to qualify for a spot in the Olympics.

Only the top two teams from the FIBA Asia Championship for Men qualify to represent Asia in Olympic competition.

This year, since China receives an automatic Olympic Berth for hosting the 2008 Olympics, only ONE other team in Asia can qualify for the Olympics.

What are the chances of the Philippines qualifying for the 2008 Olympics?

The team has a good chance. We all know China is in the Olympics automatically. The team that the Team Pilipinas has to worry about is South Korea. The Koreans have a very quick team. The team has placed second or third in the past five FIBA Asia Championships games only losing to China. If the RP team can do well against S. Korea then they have a legitimate shot to make the Olympics.

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Default Re: Official RP National Team

Kaya sinasabi ni Chot na ito na ang malaking pagkakataon natin ay dahil nga for the first time in the Olympics, 2 slots ang para sa Asia which means even if you do not beat China in the FIBA-Asia or land at least second ONLY to China (and not to any other team) , papasok kana sa Olympics. This is in the assumption that we have bigger chances of beating teams other than China.

If the next Olympics (2012) will be held in other region and not in Asia, balik na naman sa isa lang ang slot for Asia to enter in the Olympics, since malakas talaga China sa Asian region malamang wala na uli tayo sa 2012 Olympics.

Actually to illustrate here is how a team beside China will make it in the Olympics for this coming FIBA- Asia Olympic qualifier.

Illustration 1

Champion- China
Runner up - Philippines
Third - Lebanon

This is the scenario where the second placer will make it in the Olympics IF AND ONLY IF China is the champion of the FIBA-Asia and not anybody else. So in these scenario, the Pinoys will make it in Beijing.

Illustration 2

Champion- Philippines
Runner up - Lebanon
Third - China

Being the champ, the Philippines will go to the Olympics obviously. Lebanon being the second won't make it because there are only two slots for Asia as we said, the other is China that despite landing at third, will still be in the Olympics being the host of the event.

Illlustration 3

Champion- Lebanon
Runner up - Philippines
Third - Korea

Lebanon automatically goes to the Olympics being the champ. The Pinoys being second won't make it coz as we said, a second placer can only go to the Olympics IF AND ONLY IF the champion is China.

So ibig sabihin, the Philippines' only options are to snatch illustration numbers 1 or 2 to make it in Beijing.

Now mga bro, if we fail sa FIBA-Asia, may chance pa uli tayo mag qualify if we land among the top three placers on the WILDCARD pre-Olympic qualifier next year sometime in July.

Pero mas mahirap ito kase ang kalaban na natin dito ay yung mga hindi nag qualify sa kanya-kanya nilang regional qualiying tournaments. There are 12 nations that will be invited in this wildcard phase. The invitees are the top placers from their respective regional qualifying tournaments. The allocation as folllows...

Asia -2
Americas - 3
Europe - 4
Oceana - 1
Africa - 2

Ngayon mga bro eto ang maganda dito, since wildcard phase ito, wala na yung regional scenario of qualifying, kung sino lang ang top three finishers yun ang papasok regardless of their region of origin. This means if the 2 Asian invitees will make it as top 3 finishers, there will be a total of 4 Asians sa Olympics. Ibig din sabihin, the Philippines has three chances in this wildcard tournament to qualify sa Olympics, first is being first placer, second is being second placer and third being the third placer.

But it is easier said than done, kase malalakas ang entry ng Europe at Americas. Malamang ang mga teams na mapupunta sa wildcard phase are Canada, Puerto Rico and Brazil from the Americas, then Germany, Lithuania, France and Italy from Europe, New Zealand from Oceana and Nigeria and Senegal from Africa.

Now the reason why those are the teams I figured as participants to the wildcard phase is because these are the expected early 9 qualifiers to the Olympics. These are the favorites as we always say...

China- being the host
Spain - being the current world champ
Americas (2) - most likely Argentina and USA
Europe (2) - I believe will be Greece and Serbia-Montenegro
Oceana (1) - Australia I guess coz they have been beating the Kiwis lately
Africa (1) - Angola being the perennial African champ
Asia - (1) - ???????????

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Default Re: Official RP National Team


Danny S, Hontiveros lead Nationals to down-the-wire win

Tuesday, 08 May 2007

Danny Seigle scored 25 points and Dondon Hontiveros knocked in six 3-pointers but in the end it was the Nationals’ tough defense which carried the SMC-RP Team to a 103-100 decision over a team of PBA imports in an exhibition game Tuesday night at the Araneta Coliseum.

Up against a ragtag all-imports team that was playing for nothing but pride, the Nationals displayed a lot of grit and heart especially when the Americans threatened to take the game away.

Jimmy Alapag got past J.J Sullinger for a lay-up to put SMC-RP Team ahead by one point with 25.3 seconds remaining before Mick Pennisi sank two free throws to make it 103-100 with 12.9 seconds left.

After a time out, the imports went to Marquin Chandler for the possible tying three but Kerby Raymundo got him covered and he clanged the shot. The imports managed to keep possession but Rosell Ellis and Galen Young, who both had good looks at the basket, missed one after the other as time expired.

"I'm pleased with the way we played. We came into the game knowing we had to work hard because they (imports) are great players with great pride,' said SMC-RP Team head coach Chot Reyes.

But what pleased Reyes the most was the "joy of the players of playing together as a team.”

“That was what carried us to victory," he said.

Seigle, who went 11-for-20 from the field, also pulled down eight rebounds and dished off two assists.

Hontiveros finished with 18 points including 6-of-11 from downtown, four of which came in the fourth quarter when the imports seemed to be building on some momentum.

Ellis scored 23 points and grabbed 12 rebounds to show the way for the imports, who led 79-76 after three quarters.

Hontiveros tied the count by opening the fourth with a 3-pointer that led to a 16-6 run and 92-85 lead by the Nationals with 5:33 remaining.

The Nationals played according to game plan and dictated the tempo in the opening quarter.

They led by as many as 12 points with under eight minutes to play in the second quarter as the imports kept throwing bricks and committed 11 turnovers.

But SMC-RP Team started to miss their shots in the last five minutes of the second quarter enabling the imports to catch up.

The game may be just an exhibition but the imports didn't treat it as such and gamely played with pride. (DBC)

The scores:

RP 103 – Seigle 25, Hontoveros 18, Caguioa 18, Helterbrand 11, Alapag 9, Villanueva 8, Pennisi 4, Raymundo 4, Dela Cruz 4, Taulava 2, De Ocampo 0.

Imports 100 -- Ellis 23, Nealy 17, Chandler 12, Sullinger 10, Young 10, Compton 10, Daniels 8, White 7, Williams 3.

Quarterscores: 28-23, 46-43, 76-79, 103-100.

pasensya na mejo magalaw pero ok na din..


Rp team warming Up!

3rd Quarter
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Default Re: Official RP National Team


But Coach Chot remains optimistic, says Pinoys passed initial test

TEHRAN, Iran – The San Miguel-RP Team lost to Iran 88-101 Sunday, but coach Chot Reyes maintains more positive things are in store for the Nationals in the 18th FIBA Asia Champions Cup at the Azadi Sports Complex here.

"We have yet to play our best while they (Iranians) played as well as they can play," said Reyes after the loss that spoiled the Nationals' debut in the eight-nation tournament known as Asia's premier club championship.

"Still, I think our guys did pretty well, considering two of our main players in Mark (Caguioa) and Danny (Seigle) haven't played in an international competition before. This being our first international competition as a team, we viewed this as an initial test of our focus, energy and teamwork and although we lost I think the team passed," he added.

It's now a matter of bouncing back and the Nationals can do that Monday against the Astana Tigers of Kazakhstan in a game set at 8:45 p.m. (1:15 a.m. Tuesday, Manila time).

The Kazakhs themselves have rebounded from a 70-94 loss to Syria's Al Jalaa last Saturday by handily beating Bahrain's Al Musarraq 96-74 Sunday.

"Kazakhstan is an entirely different challenge. They have two Russian imports and though they are tall, they are mobile. Also, their wingmen have found their touch after struggling against Syria," said Reyes.

"But the real challenge is how our boys react after that loss to Iran. Ganyan talaga sa international competitions, you don't have much time to adjust. Again, our focus, energy and teamwork will be tested."

Besides, Kazakhstan does not have a really hulking giant like Iran's, one who proved to be as lethal as feared and, combined with the other perks for being host, propped the Iranians into dominating the match from the start and into their second straight win in Group B.

Joseph Garth, who proved to be a 7-foot-3, 330-lb behemoth from the Dominican Republic, had 39 points and 12 rebounds to lead the hosts' Saba Battery Club to the follow up to its 78-48 manhandling of Bahrain on Saturday.

Garth was so dominating with his overall inside presence that RP big men Asi Taulava, Mick Pennisi and Enrico Villanueva were virtually powerless in containing him and all had aches and pains to show for their futile efforts.

"I'm the biggest guy in the PBA and I've never ever before had to hold off somebody with two hands," said the 6'9, 260-lb Taulava.

"He hurt my (right) shoulder on his first spin against me," said Pennisi, a known bruiser for Red Bull. "So the next time up, I gave him a hard slap and it's my whole arm that stung. I go, 'Oh, I'm sorry' and he just brushes it off like a fly."

But like Reyes, Taulava remains upbeat his team will accomplish its ultimate mission of doing well here and using the experience as springboard for next week's SEABA tilt and July's FIBA Asia championship.

"They're not gonna have somebody that big, that strong, that solid in the FIBA Asia," said the Talk N text center.

Dondon Hontiveros had 23 points and Caguioa 19 for the Nationals, who came out tight but flashed some of their fiery form in the second half to make a game of
it. That charge was only a spark, however.

In all, it was Garth who was the biggest difference, with his mini-hooks and backboard support-bending dunks. He also caused many of the Nationals to change and miss their shots and forced them to double team, leaving the Iranians' other shooters with brief open looks that were often enough.

Garth's soft hands made him 15-for-17 from the field and 9-for-11 from the stripe with 10 of his points coming after the Filipinos have whittled what was a 51-36 Saba lead to just 52-56.

Caguioa scored eight points, including a twisting shot, and Hontiveros six in that surge that fanned the hopes of the few Filipino supporters here that included some embassy officials led by consul Renato Duenas.

Then Garth simply took over. His three-point play capped a 19-7 run that gave Iran a 75-59 spread and his similar play stretched the difference to 91-73, only 3:26 left in the game.

The scores:

Iran 101 – Garth 39, S. Bahrami 17, Nzafat 16, A. Bahrami 9, Muoneke 9, Afagh 8, Afradi 2, Veisi 1.

San Miguel-RP 88 – Hontiveros 23, Caguioa 19, Pennisi 13, De Ocampo 7, Raymundo 6, Taulava 5, Ritualo 3, Alapag 2, Dela Cruz 2, Villanueva 2, Helterbrand 0.

Quarters: 32-25; 51-38; 78-64; 101-88.


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Default Re: Official RP National Team

We need legit athletic big men sa RP national team not another softee in Tony Dela Cruz, kailangan na yata nina Washington, Devance, or Williams na ma include sa Rp NAtional team cause rebounding and low post defender ang kailangan natin. Kinakain ng malalaki tao ang Depensa ng RP National team, Asi is no longer young anymore he can still held his opponent but not consistently unlike in the 2002 ASIAN GAMES na yung 7'9 eh kinaya niya and si Yao Ming na held lang niya sa 2 Points pero he is already 34-35 yrs.old so medyo yung stamina niya hinde na kasing lakas nung araw.

Hinde kaya ni Asi na bantayan ang kabila Center, mag rebound and Umiskor sa kabila, Kailangan ng 2 pang big men na sanay maglaro ng depensa sa malalaki tao cause they only way win can win games if we play total defense and stop shooting bricks from the Outside.

Just my 2 cents ;)
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Default Re: Official RP National Team

this quote is from jrboyd from interbasket forum..

i hope this will put to rest everything...

TEHRAN — Taking the good with the bad and moving on. This was stressed no end by coach Chot Reyes after his San Miguel-RP Team lost to Kazakhstan’s Astana Tigers 66-75 Monday in the 18th Fiba Asia Champions Cup at the Azadi Sports Complex here.

The loss was the second in as many Group B outings for the Nationals and Reyes was quick to boost his players’ sagging morale by reminding them of their ultimate purpose in this tournament that precedes next week’s Seaba tilt and July’s Fiba Asia championship, the qualifier for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

“What is important is for us to continue to play together, not to abandon each other and what we’re trying to build,” he said. “All of these are part of our learning process and these games will help us down the road so we have to deal with it, continue to get better and play as a team.”

The learning is not limited to his players, added Reyes. “Kaya nga I’m playing everybody, to try and get the right combinations that will be put to use later din,” he said.

There were already some encouraging signs. After being held to just 27 boards in an 88-101 loss to Iran’s Saba Battery Club last Sunday, the Nationals were just barely outrebounded by the taller Kazakhs 49-48. Also, the Nationals had 76 field goal attempts and forced their opponents to 12 turnovers.

It’s just that the Kazakhs augmented their fast-moving offense and bruising defense by shooting better from the field 21-for-66 and making more free throws 26-10.

“They came out and played hard while we didn’t play particularly well. We’re still trying to find our rhythm,” Reyes said.

After being held to just six points in their initial outing, Danny Seigle exploded for team highs of 21 points and 10 rebounds despite suffering a sprain, like Jimmy Alapag, after landing on a Kazakh guard’s stuck-out foot.

Yevgeny Issakov, a sweet-shooting 6-foot-9 forward, had 25 points and 11 rebounds to lead Astana, which ironically played better when 7-foot Russian import Sergey Smirnov rode the bench due to foul trouble.

Aside from 6’7 forward Andrey Shpekht and 6’4 guard Rustam Yargaliyev, also dealing a big blow to the Nationals’ bid of overcoming a 50-67 fourth quarter deficit was a dubious traveling call on Seigle.

Blowing the whistle was Kuwaiti referee Mohammad Al-Amiri, who has been the object of the RP team’s ire due to numerous calls and non-calls that often went the Kazakhs’ way.

When Seigle and Reyes disputed the call, Al-Amiri promptly gave them a technical foul each, resulting in four charities by Issakov that made it a 71-53 count, only 4:16 left in the game.

After the incident, the Nationals finally showed their true fiery form with Seigle scattering nine points in a 13-4 windup.

“We have to continue working at it, learning to come out and play hard for 40 minutes,” Reyes said.

The grizzled coach refused to make an alibi out of Al-Amiri, who will again officiate the Nationals’ game against Syria’s Al-Jalaa at 8:45 p.m. Tuesday (1:15 a.m. Wednesday, Manila time). Instead, he pointed out the lessons learned from Astana.

“Among all the Asian teams, Kazakhstan is the most European-like in their game. Malaking bagay iyon dahil they’re very tall, very good shooters and very physical. The experience of playing against them will be put to good use later on,” he said.

The Syrians, with 7-foot Bernard Jons, many-time PBA import Julius Nwosu, and, according to the latter, three naturalized players of Brazilian origin, should be another good test since they are coming off a 78-48 manhandling of Bahrain’s Al-Muharraq also Monday.

“It will be the same thing, us having problems with the other side’s big men,” said Reyes. “Syria beat Kazakhstan (90-74 last Saturday), so that gives us an idea of how hard that game is gonna be.”

filipinos, who cares if some people here bad mouth our NT? later on they will eat their words so let's just remain humble and be patient for the fiba-asia champs... we know our team more than them so why would we be affected to these people? just relax mga pare...

this quote is from jrboyd from interbasket forum..
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Default Re: Official RP National Team

Nationals absorb second straight loss in Tehran

by Lorenzo Gahol - May 15, 2007

SMB Magnolia - Team Pilipinas suffered its second straight loss, this time against the Astana Tigers of Kazakhstan in the 2007 FIBA-Asia Champion's Cup held at the Azadi Stadium in Tehran, Iran. Though reinforced with two Russian imports in Sergei Drozhanov (201-F-71) of BK Astana Tigers (KAZ) and seven

SMB Magnolia - Team Pilipinas suffered its second straight loss, this time against the Astana Tigers of Kazakhstan in the 2007 FIBA-Asia Champion's Cup held at the Azadi Stadium in Tehran, Iran.

Though reinforced with two Russian imports in Sergei Drozhanov (201-F-71) of BK Astana Tigers (KAZ) and seven footer Sergei Smirnov (213-C-75) of BK Astana Tigers (KAZ), it was the Kazakh duo of Evgeni Isakov (203-F-82) and Andrei Shpekht (195-G/F-76) of BK Astana Tigers (KAZ) that did most of the damage. Isakov fired a game-high 25 points and grabbed 11 rebounds, while Shpekt added 15 for the Tigers.

Danny Seigle (198-F/G-76) of San Miguel Beer scored 21 points, while Mark Caguioa (188-G-79) of Barangay Ginebra Kings chipped in 18 to lead the Nationals who struggled offensively all game long shooting a horrible 2-of-23 from beyond the arc.

The Filipinos lost to Saba Battery of Iran, 88-101, in its opening assignment Sunday night.

The scores:

Astana Tigers - Kazakhstan 75 - Isakov 25 (11 rebs.), Shpekht 15, Smirnov 13, Yargaliyev 7 Biryulin 5, Ponomarev 4 (14 rebs.), Tiutiunik 3, Skomyakov 2, Drozhanov 1, Voyeikov 0.

SMB Magnolia - Philippines 66 - Seigle 21(10 rebs.), Caguioa 18, Villanueva 8, Taulava 6, Raymundo 6, Ritualo 3, Alapag 2, Hontiveros 2, De Ocampo 0, Pennisi 0, Helterbrand 0, de la Cruz 0.
Quarterscores: 14-16, 33-27, 55-45, 75-66

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Default Re: Official RP National Team

It's a learning process, and losing is a part of it. It is good that we play against big men right now, it will definitely boost our morale. Our guys are not yet at 100%, so be humble, relax and trust our NT. Palibhasa, umiiral nanman ang crab mentality natin.. Tigilan na nga yan mga tol.
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Default Re: Official RP National Team

Originally Posted by tigas
It's a learning process, and losing is a part of it. It is good that we play against big men right now, it will definitely boost our morale. Our guys are not yet at 100%, so be humble, relax and trust our NT. Palibhasa, umiiral nanman ang crab mentality natin.. Tigilan na nga yan mga tol.

Mahina ang Coaching staff nf RP NAtional team si Chot Reyes nag bigay na ng lame excuse di pa naman nagsisimula laban kung si Ron Jacobs ang coach he will give discipline sa mga players. Walang Crab Mentality kasi hinde pa naman umaangat ang laro ng PINAS 0-3 na tayo tinambakan tayo ng Syrian National Team ng 25 Points so paano mo hahatakin pa baba ang isang team na nasa baba logic naman mga pre.

Saka bakit sinali sin Tony Dela Cruz sa RP NAtional team he cannot even play a great defense and overrated ang offensive move niya saka undersize dami pa naman malalaki and mabibilis na tao na nararapat sa spot niya kagaya nina Kelly Willaims, Washington and Joe Devance.
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Default Re: Official RP National Team



C- Joe Devance
F- JR Reyes
F- Kelly Williams
G- Mark Caguioa
G- Marvin Cruz

Off the Bench

C- Japeth Aguilar
F- Anthony Washington
F- Gian Chiu
G- Danny Seigle
G- JJ Helterbrand

F- Gabe Norwood
F- James Yap

Assistant Coach: Art Dela Cruz/ Allan Caidic and Coach Cone.
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Arrow Re: Official RP National Team


Nationals in must-win game vs Bahrain’s Al-Muharraq

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

TEHRAN, Iran – A hobbling San Miguel-RP Team lost to Syria's Al Jalaa 80-114 Tuesday, leaving national coach Chot Reyes to carefully weigh his options for the remainder of the 18th FIBA Asia Champions Cup at the Azadi Stadium here.

Towering Bernard Jons had a rare triple double of 22 points, 11 rebounds and 10 blocked shots while Julius Nwosu added 18 points and eight rebounds to spark and fuel the Syrians' rout that took shape right in the first half.

More than the Syrian imports, however, it was the injuries being nursed by Jimmy Alapag, Danny Seigle and Mick Pennisi that pointed the Nationals to their third straight and most lopsided loss in Group B.

Alapag and Seigle has a sprained ankle each and Pennisi a gimpy left knee, all of which were sustained in the course of a 66-75 loss to Kazakhstan's Astana Tigers last Monday.

All three played against the Syrians but Reyes decided not to risk them aggravating their injuries by benching them in the second half.

The Nationals can still make the quarterfinals on Friday if they win over Bahrain's Al Muharraq at 8:45 p.m. on Wednesday (1:15 a.m. Thursday, Manila time) ending group play.

But Reyes has yet to decide whether he will leave his injured players' fate to chance since the tournament they are really gearing up for, the SEABA championship set May 24-28 in Thailand, is just around the corner.

"Foremost among my responsibilities here is to protect my players and make sure we have the strongest team possible for the SEABA," simply said Reyes.

Alternate meetings with his staff and players have been set by Reyes starting at 11 a.m. Wednesday, both as part of the team's dynamics and also to plot the
strategies for that evening's game.

"We'll talk among ourselves," said Reyes. "While we will definitely go all out to win tonight, we'll also try to find out how best to win even without being 100 percent."

One of Reyes' goals here is to find the combinations that will click and the load on his mind got heavier after seeing his team unravel right in the first half
for the second straight game.

Mostly, it was because of Jons, a skinny, long-limbed 7-footer who has the quick leap and uncanny timing to swat away shots and compliments his two-handed dunks with some nifty perimeter shooting.

"He plays above the air," said Asi Taulava, five times rejected by the Louisiana native.

Jons went 8-for-9 from the field and 6-for-7 from the stripe before sitting out the fourth quarter, leaving Nwosu and the rest of the Syrians to stretch their lead to as much as 114-77.

Ren-Ren Ritualo scored the Nationals' last 15 points off triples and wound up with 23. Despite just 19 minutes of action and his injury, Seigle still finished with 14 points.

Michael Mandaly led all scorers with 27 points to go with 10 rebounds while Brazil natives Eduardo Farhat, Marcelo Correa and 6'6 playmaker Andre Churri combined for 18 points, 13 rebounds and four assists.

The scores:

Syria 114 – Mandaly 27, Jons 22, Nwosu 18, Papazian 13, Farhat 9, Hadad 7, Sharif 7, Correa 6, Churri 3, Eshak 2, Shakkour 0.

San Miguel-RP 80 – Ritualo 23, Seigle 14, Dela Cruz 11, Taulava 7, Alapag 6, Caguioa 5, Villanueva 5, Raymundo 4, Hontiveros 3, De Ocampo 2, Pennisi 0,
Helterbrand 0.

Quarterscores: 22-20; 57-34;81-56;114-80.
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Default Re: Official RP National Team

Lebron 23, hindi naman sa ikaw ang sinasabihan ko about sa crab mentality, based lang un sa mga forums and reviews na kasali ako that's talking about team Pilipinas. Kung nakita mo maglaro c De la Cruz dunsa ibang internationa stints, his very impressive. Hindi pa nga nagpapakitang gilas c Helterbrand e. What I'm trying to say is, have faith sa team Pilipinas kahit 0-3 tayo sa asian champions cup ngayon. In my case, dapat kasama si Adducul and Kelly Williams sa line up. Ibang iba cla maglaro pag ibang bansa na ang kalaban. Sabe naman ni Coach Chot Reyes na ang purpose nila sa league na yun is to learn and not to win, meaning find the right combinations and get the feel of playing at the international arena. Para pag dating ng SEABA e alam na natin ang ieexpect sa mga kalaban and officiating dun. Kaya, relax, give our NT some time. PEACE! GO TEAM PILIPINAS.
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Default Re: Official RP National Team

Philippines BB has been detached from the fast growing asian BB for too long. The asian teams nowaday are taller and much more physical than 10 or 20 years ago when Philippines was one of the dominant power in this region. The fundamentals in coaching has also improved due to the hiring of quality european (like China) and american (like most of the east asian countries like Iran, Syria, Lebanon) coaches and players in their professional league.

PBA is no doubt, one of the best and successful pro league in asia, however, it is also a close-door conference in the sense that it does not have much interaction with the rest of the asian counterparts, as the result, they are not awared of the chages in the outside world.

The central asian teams learn the indivisual skills from the americans and play physical denfence like the europeans. China do not just practice with some NCAA teams or some pro ball club, but they practice with the national teams of world class level from europe and africa! Koreans are undergoing a reform, they are now adding height and defence into their usual run n' gun style of play, the result is not immediately seen, however once they jive, they can be unstoppable.

The elite asian teams do not just prepare themselves to be asian champ, but they aim to have a stance in the wolrd as well. If RP still think " "They're not gonna have somebody that big, that strong, that solid in the FIBA Asia.", well Chot, I guess you have to get ready to eat the crow.

I think the best scenario for RP team in the up coming asian game is to land between 4-6 place, to beat China? fat chance.

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Default Re: Official RP National Team

Got this from forums.interbasket
Cingrats for the win
Philippines won...
Bahrain - 80
Philippines - 99

click this for more info
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