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Default Official WWE Thread

**SPOILERS** WWE SmackDown! Taping Results
04/17/2007 by Ryan Clark

Eric Ganzerli of sent in these results:

*JBL and Michael Cole came to the ring. JBL made Cole hold an American flag in the ring and sang "God Bless America" for heel heat.


Batista vs. Finlay

Ken Kennedy hits the ring, causing a DQ. They beat down Batista as the referees try to stop them. Finlay hits the Celtic Cross, leading to them teasing Batista is injured but he eventually walks out.

*Condemned Trailer.

*Jillian Hall comes to the ring and brags about putting Ashley Massaro out of action. She sings, badly. Michelle McCool stops it, telling Hall, in Italian, that she sucks. They have a catfight and McCool clears the ring.

WWE Tag Team champions The Hardys & WWE United States champion Chris Benoit vs. MVP & Chavo Guerrero & Gregory Helms

Although this will be edited, live they weren't ready for MVP's entrance and had to stall. Chris Benoit used the Sharpshooter on Helms for the win.

WWE Tag Team champions Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs. Deuce & Domino

Deuce and Domino capture the belts. During the match, London did a moonsault to the floor but missed. Paramedics checked on him, so they did an injury deal to build to the finish. They hit the Crack 'Em In The Mouth on Kendrick for the win.

*The main event tonight is WWE World champion The Undertaker vs. Ken Kennedy (non-title)

*They recap Backlash. No new matches.

Kane vs. William Regal and Dave Taylor

Kane wins via countout in a long match after the Brits finally walk out.

*Backstage, Regal and Taylor complain to Teddy Long, who announces they will wrestle Kane and The Boogeyman next week in the UK. Kristal Marshall arrives and shows Long all the expensive things she bought while shopping. Long tells her that the time they have spent together is the best time of his life and they kiss.

WWE World champion Undertaker vs. Ken Kennedy

Kennedy put himself over on the mic when he entered the ring. Undertaker had his grand entrance. Finlay interferes to cause a DQ. Kennedy and Finlay beat down Undertaker. Kane hits the ring to make the save, which may take place after the show goes off the air.


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Default Re: Official WWE Thread

**SPOILERS** ECW Tapings For Tonight
04/17/2007 by Ryan Clark

Eric Ganzerli of sent in these results:

*The New Breed are all in the ring waiting for the show to begin. When the show starts, CM Punk gets a big entrance and comes to the ring. He says that everyone is asking why he joined The New Breeed but he's going to keep that to himself for now. Rob Van Dam comes out on the stage and says that all the ECW Originals are going to make Punk regret his choice. Elijah Burke tells RVD that all the Originals are losers.

Van Dam challenges Burke to a match, but Punk says that if Van Dam wants to challenge the leader of the New Breed, then he's challenging Punk. Burke looks shocked at that, then jumps in to accept the challenge.

Snitsky vs. Nunzio

Little Guido is announced as Nunzio and comes out with an Italian flag. The crowd is chanting his name and is behind him bigtime. Snitsky nails the big boot and it's over that quick.

*Backstage, CM Punk tells Elijah Burke that he was hesitating about taking RVD's challenge. Burke told Punk, he had better stay in line as a member of the New Breed. They are already teasing tension between the two.

Tommy Dreamer & Sandman vs. Kevin Thorn & Marcus Cor Von

Dreamer gets the win, pinning Thorn with a rollup and a hand on the ropes.

*Backstage, Punk was backstage with Matt Striker. Punk looked disgusted about the loss and walks away.

*ECW champion Bobby Lashley comes out and says he cannot wait for Backlash. He introduces new WWE Intercontinental champion Santino Marella. Marella thanks the fans and Italy, saying he cannot believe he's IC champion.

*Backstage, CM Punk is giving Marcus Cor Von and Kevin Thorn a pep talk about their loss. Burke tries to tell Punk to stay in line but Punk blows him off.

Elijah Burke vs. Rob Van Dam

Both come out alone. There are some boring chants early. The referee gets bumped. CM Punk hits ringside, grabs a chair and slides it too fast. Van Dam gets it, nails Burke, then hits the five star frogsplash for the pin. The show ends with Punk trying to explain to Burke what happened and apologizing.

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Default Re: Official WWE Thread

good stuff... though its fake
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