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Arrow Report Card For Gaurds

Here goes....I am trying to keep my personal likes and dislikes out of it. But I will say if I personally like a player as a person.

I will try and be objective and look at the Knick personal as if I were a scout/GM.

The guards in no particular order.

Stephon Marbury
Mardy Collins
Steve Francis
Nate Robinson
Jamal Crawford

Starbury- He should have stayed in Minny but he wanted the bright lights and was happy becoming a Knick. Until he was asked to play like a real point guard that is. He finally woke up and realized what it takes to win, it seems everywhere he went the team lost and when he left, they won. He was part to blame but not all, you can't lay it all on him. He has all the skills but not the brains. He is just not a smart player and cannot run a team. They will never win big with him running the show. He does not make other players better because he refuses to learn his fellow player's habits(he never learned that pass to Curry that Crawford does for instance). Instead he relied on Crawford to do it, that's not a winning mentality. Learning how to help other players be successful like the better PG's in the history of BBall, that's what a PG does. If he does know them then he doesn't use that knowledge. He is getting older and injuries are starting to catch up to him. He's a transition player and will probably be at the end of his career or with another team when and if the Knicks become winners. He has a lot of mileage on him and it's showing. He can take over a game but the team can still lose so what does it mean? He's from the 90's MeBall BBall generation and it doesn't work. He's a loser, not a bad person just not a winning player. I give him credit though, he has changed a lot and did everything he was asked by Isiah, my question is what took him so long? Marbury even worked on his defense and really tired to play the right way and took pride in that. I personally like him, as a man he has showed a lot of growth and is maturing. Too late I am afraid though. I respect him too, especially because of the sneaker thing, that was awesome. He was misunderstood because of his intensity, I guess it's a Brooklyn thing, I understand him.

Francis- Almost a mirror image of Marbury only no heart. This guy is a bit of an enigma. How bad was he hurt? What was that strange dribble and injury a while back? This guy should be in a clown act with Jerome James. I do not like his game and his attitude. The poster child for MeBall BBall. Van Gundy saw this guy for what he was and dumped him in the blink of an eye. He is a street ball player, he plays out of control, no defense and totally clueless. He doesn't play hard and doesn't really care about winning. He had the chance to make a little history like Clyde and Monroe. He wasn't man enough for the task. He will be out of the game when the Knicks buy him out. Nobody in their right mind would want this cancer on their team. And to make matter worse his mileage is showing and he is becoming injury prone too. But someone will probably give him another shot, I wish the best for him but please Isiah, he tarnishes the team's history, get rid of him!!!!!!

Crawford- I personally like him but he is a one dimensional player. He's a scorer with limited skills. A very poor passer(except for the Curry play) and ball handler, poor rebounder for his position and doesn't have a clue on how to play defense. He has gotten better but slide back under Isiah. Now he looks like he might be injury prone when playing a lot of minutes. He's still young and can develop those skills if he works at it. If he's your starting SG you will never be better than a .500 team. He belongs as a scorer off the bench. He's 6'5" but frail and gets banged around too much to be a starter on a team that has championship aspirations. He can win a game for you but lose one by turning the ball over way too much, he seems to lose focus on the court. He must get stronger and work on his overall game or forever be a bench player. I don't think any winning team would have him start. Brown tried to teach him to be a PG, which he is physically more suited for. Sorry to say he doesn't have a PG's mentality hence the trade for Francis.

Nate- If he was a foot taller he would be one of the top 5 players in the league. But he's a 5'9" SG, that means he's a bench player until he learns how to run a team. He too does not have the mentality to be a PG so he's a bench player who can come in and change the pace of the game and score some quick points. That's the range of this guys skills. Driving to the basket and breaking down the defense, shooting the jumper and 3 pointer. He's fast and fearless and can also disrupt the other teams offense. But he cannot sustain that and doesn't match up with other players in the 6'5"+ range. He's a mini version of Marbury and Francis. They all seem to fit the mold of: "If only they were taller they would be great." Guys that size are point guards and if they try to be anything else it doesn't work, they become defensive liabilities and you win with defense. They can be all stars because of their stats, but on losing teams.

Collins- This is our future at PG. He has all the tools and skills along with size. He doesn't have a weakness in his game, he just needs to develop what he has. He plays D, passes well, shoots well, drives to the basket, understands the game, plays in control, he just turns the ball over too much because......hey, he's a rookie!!!!. He's 6'6" and that makes the other team have to match up against us instead of us always trying to match up against them. If he develops his game he will be one of those solid unspectacular players that teams moan about when they have to face him. He and Balkman were the steals of the draft, kudos to Isiah again. He will give this team a chance to win a championship if he continues to play and develop. He needs to start next year and let Marbury play some SG, they can switch back and forth to create match-up problems for the other teams. He can also play the 3 and I have seen him shut some guys down. A quiet non-egotistical player who just plays the game, he's a bit of a throwback like Lee. He also seems like a good man and that is important for a team to have his type of player. You can tell he wants to learn, he takes pride in his play and gets mad at himself when he knows he did something wrong.

In conclusion, I would start Marbury and Collins with Craw and Nate off the bench. Q can also play the SG. I'm sure Isiah will come up with another guard somewhere to round off the roster. But he must get rid of Francis........that's imperative.
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Default Re: Report Card For Gaurds

Collins is the future, i have to agree with that and i'm liking it a lot. He's a double double machine and had games where he nearly had triple doubles. He's going to be a good gaurd.
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Default Re: Report Card For Gaurds

Jamal Crawford:
-Next year will decide if he goes or stays. At times he completely ruins offensive continuity and he has shot us out of games, but then there are other times when he just goes off. Too inconsistent for my liking, but I think it would best for him to stop using his dribbling moves to create room for his jumpshot. Every time I see him spot up for a jumpshot, his realease looks pretty damm good, and that's what I want him to be more, a spot up shooter and let the game come to him.

Nate Robinson
-Too small to be able to score inside, has a shaky jumpshot, and he's a terrible defender. And he's way too emotional for his own good and I think it would be best to trade him or give him no more then 10 minutes or so a night.

Stephon Marbury
-He's played great for us this season. His jumpshot looked improved and when we were healthy he deferred to his teammates. Keep him for a few more season until Collins is ready.

Mardy Collins
-I can't believe this guy is a rookie. He looks really smooth out there and plays like a veteran. Reminds me of a better Jaric or a Doug Christie, and if he could improve his jumpshot, he's going to be a damm good PG.

Steve Francis
-I guess he's alright when we're missing all of our players and he is a good rebounder, but there's no room for him on this team. Waive him, trade him, whatever.

Quentin Richardson
-I hated him last year. He was a complete chucker and he was awful, but this year I changed my mind about him. When healthy he's a good rebounder, that plays decent defense, and can hit a jumpshot. He's pretty versatile guard, but his injuries worry this team. Maybe he needs to lose some weight or lose some of that mass.
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Default Re: Report Card For Gaurds

I will try to be brief

Starbury - really has shown some development this year, and played probably the most unselfish ball of his career. However, it is a career that is closer to the end than it is to the beginning. He is starting to break down and in a few years when this team maybe a real contender I doubt he will be around. Overall - B

Francis - no future really here with this team. Had a bizarre year here, playing terrible, injuries, then all of a sudden filling it up the last few games. Overall - D

Crawford - I like him I really do, but he shoots us out of as many games as he does shoot us into. One dimensional but not afraid to take the big shot (and miss quite a few big shots). Ideally, I see him more of an off the bench energy scorer, not a 40 minute a game player. Overall - B-

Nate - Not a Nate fan. He is a shoot first point guard, with little man complex. He can be a crowd favorite, but is more of a side show than anything else. In the end with Collins showing more potential, and the role of off the bench energy scorer better filled by Crawford, Robinson has no role on this team Overall - C-

Collins - love the potential here and makes me curious where he was for a good part of the season. I think a little maturity a shot selection help and he could be a very servicible point guard. I think next year we will be able to see better whether he has the ability to eventually be a starting PG in the NBA. Overall - B+
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Default Re: Report Card For Gaurds

marbury- for people who always want to bash marbury yall cant say nothing. he played as unselfish as you can play. he didnt mind being the 4th option and he played the best defense of his career. and when guys couldnt play he went back to killing guys. for me marbury is one of my favorite players and i hope the knicks are successful with him on the team. grade:B

crawford- before he got injured he played very well. he has a great relationship with curry. and to me he's a very fun player to watch. i would pay money to watch him play. he's still young i still think his best basketball is ahead of him. if he plyas smarter and take better shot (which he has improved on that aspect) i think he can be an all-star. grade:C+

francis- i still think he's a good player but i think the team would be better with him not on the team. defensively he is terrible and he makes bad decisions. he's clearly not the player he once was. i expect him to be in another uniform next year. grade- D

nate- he's an electrifying player. he's fun to watch and he's a good scorer but defensively he is terrible. i think they should trade him though but i wouldnt be disappointed if he was still on the team. but i do think he's goin to be a really really good player in the league. grade:C-

collins- he has played superb. i thought he should have been getting playing time from before. all the knicks weaknesses are his stregths. defense, basketball iq and taking care of the ball(even though there where games when he turned the ball over alot but he is a rookie). i think he has a great future. and next year i expect him to be in the rotation for the whole season. i think he should be the primary backup gaurd for the team. he showed that he's a hard worker. and also he's very versatile. i cant think of one think he cant do on the court, maybe except shooting alittle but he's showing that he can knock the shot down. grade: for the time he got to play i give him a, B

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Default Re: Report Card For Gaurds

Judging on Potential and Playing time throughout the year.

Marbury- The guy does get paid franchise money, Gets playin time and gives flashes of greatness but did suck it up early on. I think he finally got it at the end so I give him a C+

Nate- Good offense, No defense, No brain, Polished his skills but not his mind and could have done better. C

Jamal- Kills more games then he saves. Clutch, Good attitude, No D. Overall C+

Francis- This is a family thread so just follow the grade. Z+

Mardy- Supposed to be a bum but gave us Defense, Passing, Rebounding, and Poise under the knife of the NBA for a rookie guard. Jumpshot away from being a starting Guard. Compared to what you guys thought and the time Zeke gave....It's an honor giving him the highest grade of a...B+

No one gets an A cuz we didnt make the playoffs and our guard play killed us during the year.
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