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Default Re: Dayum.. Check out Utah DRAFT history

Originally Posted by IGOTGAME
I wonder why???

You are clueless, your stereotyping is out of hand, and inaccurate, you need to quit spouting out misinformation until you better educate yourself, seriously.

SOME players have avoided Utah because it's been a small city with not much of a nightlife. Also, there isn't an inner city type of culture here, so players who grew up around that don't feel comfortable here, since you usually feel comfortable being in a culture that you grew up in. I don't really care for Utah's culture myself, and could spout off a huge list of things wrong here, but it is what it is, but it is not how you and some others that have never been here continue to slander it. I've also found that most players that are willing to try something new are usually pleasantly surprised about Utah once they've lived here for a short time.

It certainly isn't more racist than anywhere else, it has other problems, but that's not one of them. There is actually a positive racism here, meaning that people actually tend to be nicer to people of different skin color than they are to people that look more like themselves. But certain people just don't like the cutlure, Roni Seikaly is a lighter skinned player that didn't want to come here, so how do you explain that?

Got any questions that I can help answer?

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Default Re: Dayum.. Check out Utah DRAFT history

You know, I really don't understand why location is even an issue for NBA players. Other than the media coverage they would get (obviously, playing for the Lakers would get you more coverage than here in SLC) but honestly, how much of the city life do these players REALLY take part in?? During the season, their teams are on the road half the time, meaning every player gets to play in every city at some point in the year. And during the half of the season at home, most of it is spent at shoot arounds, practice, games... in other words - at the gym. And then during the summer, each player is free to go wherever the heck he wants. (i.e. Memo goes back to Turkey, AK to russia, and so on... no one is forced to stay in Utah.) With millions of dollars, you can make a pretty dang nice living in just about ANY city.
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Default Re: Dayum.. Check out Utah DRAFT history

I think Utan has thoroughly proven that teams don't have to have the flashiest talent to be a competitive unit. This is the opposite of what the NY Knicks are right now. That teams has 4x the flashy draft prospect this year than Utah has in 27 years. Wow! I fully respect that organization. For the shear fact of them showing there's a yin and a yang in the NBA concept wise. With that being said I think the 90s Chicago Bulls represented the balance of that. Supremely talented players mixed with team comcept players in perfect harmony.

BTW yes Thurl is the gulliest name in all of sports. Too bad Thurl the man was the opposite of gully.
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