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Default Re: Weight Lifting Questions

I need to get my chubby ass on the tread mill.
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Default Re: Weight Lifting Questions

Originally Posted by Cannonball
Dude you shouldn't mess with that ****. Roids are terrible for your body!
I already know about the pros/cons of steriod use. Ive studied it the past two years. I was just seeing how much people pay a month and where they get it from. I might have came across as young and unknowledgeable but that notion is wrong.
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Default Re: Weight Lifting Questions

Originally Posted by Cannonball
I need to get my chubby ass on the tread mill.

yea me too

sometimes its boring tho, i rather run outdoors than to be on the tridmill, specially when theres no tv in front of u
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Default Re: Weight Lifting Questions

For people who are looking for a weight lifting regimine to help you with athleticism and your vertical i suggest this book i use called Jump ATTACK. It is Tim Grover train program that Micheal Jordan used to use.
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Default Re: Weight Lifting Questions

Steroids only mess with your body if taken improperly. If you properly research and cycle on and off them in the right intervals they don't hurt your body.... they help it. If steroids were bad for you then why would doctors give them to patients. Its the idiots like the one on TLC a while back with the monstrosities for arms that just shoot them up without even thinking that make steroids dangerous.

But as for the guy wanting to get cut. In a year i've gone from 220 to 176 working out and eating better. I tried a whole bunch of workouts and at first I substituted all soda for water and dropped 10 pounds quick then I went and lifted 3 days a week but had no real workout plan. And now I've started a more structured workout and supplemented with Arginine, Glutamine, and Branch-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's)

Chest, Triceps, Abs
Biceps & Back
Cardio and Abs
Shoulders, Traps, Abs

Wednesday isn't really a gym day there are plenty of ab workouts you can do without going to the gym and I prefer running outside or playing basketball which I try to do everyday its possible.

The supplements compliment this workout because you only lift a muscle group one day a week leaving them plenty of time for growth. Arginine and Glutamine boost your NO and help those muscles grow. And the BCAAs give you trace amount of all 16 amino acids that are found in protein. I take 2g of Arginine and 1g Glutamine pre and post workout and then before bed with GABA which helps stimulate your body to produce natural NO while your sleeping so it keeps the NO in your system even while you are sleeping. And the BCAAs are just pre and post workout.

This workout may not help you, because you have to lift hard for 1 or 2 hours everyday to make working each muscle group once a week worthwhile. But it has done wonders for me.
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