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Default Re: "Kidd The Best Point Guard I've Seen"- Lebron James

Originally Posted by gigantes
Kidd was great four years ago when he was a lockdown defender. But he might just be the worst shooting (starting) point in the NBA after Tony Parker, why has he never improved? Shooting 39% in a season? Ouch.

that's a bit of a mirage statistic you've got there.

for one thing, the correct number is 40.6% for this season. for another, he gets played way too many minutes for his age so his legs are never as fresh as they should be for shooting jumpers. if he had a little bit better backup help (which the nets have failed to give him the last few years) then he would definitely be shooting better. he has spent loads of time working on his stroke in practice the last couple years, and as he ages you can look for his percentage to keep going up. he's typically the best shooter when it comes to internal competitions, such as against eddie house and boki nachbar.

for another thing, he's not like an iverson who will also shoot 40% but will just keep jacking them up regardless. kidd is never going to shoot you out of a game. also, he has a knack for making shots when it counts. in the playoffs he took his average up to 43%, which is just fine for a PG.

lastly, probably about half or more of his personal offense in this system is in three-balls. in fact he shot 34% for the season, which is not good, but it's not going to hurt you either. then in the playoffs, when it really counted, he took it up to a scintillating 42%. nash's average can't be much higher than that, either.

However, he's nowhere near Nash right now. Kidd lost his defensive edge and has become horribly overrated in that aspect.

kidd is living a little bit off his defensive rep these days, but he's still a good defender. he still plays excellent team defense and his ability to play 1v1 is not as bad as you'd think considering all the smaller, quicker burners he has to face. he doesn't even have the luxury of a kerry kittles anymore, who could be sicced on offending PG's when needed, ala a bowen or a patterson or a bryant.

kidd is still a better defender than nash and he's still a much better rebounder, whereas nash is the much more consistent shooter. nash also gets more assists, but nash has people to run the break with him and kidd pretty much just has RJ among the starters these days. also, kidd's assists have prolly suffered a bit because of having to let carter handle the ball so much. if kidd was the main ballhandler, as nash is on the suns, then you can be sure he would have averaged more than nine assists for this year.

conclusion- kidd is not worlds better than nash, but nash is not worlds better than kidd, either. as long as you rate them in the top two in the league then you are fine.

Nash and Kidd are a wash, They're both awesome. I dont think ones that much better than the other. I would however if forced to choose say that Nash is better. Nash gets more assists and put more pressure on the defence cause he' a bigger scoring threat than Kidd. Kidds rebounds are mostly defensive ones, mostly cause oppositions players are high tailing it down the court to avoid getting burned by his long passes. If he averaged more offensive rebounds id be more impressed.
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