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Old 05-23-2007, 10:21 AM   #1
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Default Trailblazers Trade/Draft Scenario

I know you guys may need a swingman now. You guys will obviously pick Oden number 1. What do you guys think of this scenario:

Portland trades Randolph to Chicago for Gordon and someone/draft pick.

PG: Jack
SG: Roy
SF: Outlaw
PF: Aldridge
C: Oden
6: Ben Gordon

Chicago possibly picks up Brewer at number 9.

PG: Hinrich
SG: Nocioni
SF: Deng
PF: Randolph
C: Wallace
6: Brewer
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Old 05-23-2007, 03:28 PM   #2
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Default Re: Trailblazers Trade/Draft Scenario

I was thinking of this

Portland selects Oden, keeps Randolph to help Oden develope his inside game (Oden's inside offense isn't that strong...working with Zach would create a BEAST)

Sign and trade Jamaal Magloire to Toronto for Morris have your swingman right there. Then try to resign Ime or Travis Outlaw. If you get Ime then go after Rashard Lewis or Grant Hill (Lewis would be a great addition but Hill would add the "Scottie Pippen" aspect to the team again. A great veteran who has been through it all to help guide the younger guys through the tough times and probably their first playoffs series)

Then after that is said and done. Find a new home for Darius Miles. You can not just release him because it will kill you in the salary cap. I'd rather them trade him with incentive of paying part of his contract.

Last and final thing to do. Have LaFrentz either opt out of his contract, restructure it or trade him.
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Old 05-25-2007, 01:37 PM   #3
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Default Re: Trailblazers Trade/Draft Scenario

Scenarios realistic or not with these teams following.... Keep in mind I don't know the salaries for next year, just looking at ESPN trade machines salary numbers, which not sure how accurate it is. Remember Portland has 4 2nd round picks.

Cleveland- send Jarret jack and Martell Webster/2nd round pick or 2, for Sasha Pavlovic.

Results- Sasha Pavlovic is a developing player, who can play 2 or 3, and turning into a good defender, he has guarded Vince Carter and Rip Hamilton these playoffs, and with the right coach could really excell, should earn 3 Million a year or so in a new contract(sign and trade), which would equal out 2 Jack and Websters contract. Get a young talent with some NBA experience.
Cleveland, gets a PG, not an elite one, but a young solid NBA PG, and Webster who is a young player which can shoot the 3 well at times, or a 2nd round pick which gets them back into the draft this year, which the 2nd round should still have quality players available.

PG- Rodriguez
SG- Roy
SF- Pavlovic/Outlaw
PF- Randolph/Aldridge
C- Oden

If they wanted 2 get crazy here we go.....

Minnesota- swap pick 1 for Minnys 7, receive Kevin Garnett and next years 1st round, and give Minny Magloire (expiring contract, if he is still around, not sure if he's done after 06 or 07 season) and Jarret Jack.

Results- Minny gets a great prospect Center in Oden, or Durant if they chose, let KG free finally, a solid young PG in Jack and an expiring contract. Portland gets a proven All Star who plays with his heart and can lead a team in Garnett, also get a lottery pick this year (7th overall) and next years 1st round from Minny, allowing them 2 get another big man or someone like Julian Wright or Corey Brewer, and 1 more pick in next years draft. they would have 2 big contracts in Randolph and Garnett, I'm not the best with figuring out the money aspect.

PG- Rodriguez
SG- Roy
SF- Brewer
PF- Garnett
C- Aldridge

Chicago- Deng should be resigning this year, so do a sign and trade, I'm sure he'll earn a good amount, then send Randolph to Chi. Right now the money doesn't work out, so maybe throwing in a filler some where. Or you could send Nocioni instead of Deng, but i think Deng is the better player.

Results- Portland keeps their top pick and gets a nice 3/4 player in Deng or Nocioni, and Chicago gets their inside scoring, rather than drafting a young big man with their 9th pick, and they wouldn't have 2 resign Deng.

PG- Jack/Rodriguez
SG- Roy
SF- Deng
PF- Aldridge
C- Oden

I think the scenario with Cleveland and Chicago would make the most sense, the Minny one I think is bad the more I think about it, but I know some of the GM's could think of how to make that better, I think KG needs 2 go 2 a win now team, not like Portland.
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Old 05-27-2007, 01:22 PM   #4
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Default Re: Trailblazers Trade/Draft Scenario

Heard rumors you guys were after Rashard lewis.
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Old 05-27-2007, 05:28 PM   #5
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Default Re: Trailblazers Trade/Draft Scenario

I like a trade with philadelphia, Randolph and Jack and 2008 #1 for Miller And Ollie and Number 12.

Results, Philly gets a great combo of Dalembert and Randolph, and a point guard in Jack who can fill that need, Portland gets a amazing point guard passing wise, who can feed Oden and Aldrige and Roy and possible Rashad Lewis. We could draft someone at #12 like Law, who could be tutored by miller and learn how to pass well. Ollie Is a filler.
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