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Default Re: Kyrie is underrated as a first option

idk i feel like boston would be just as good with any decent point guard. he doesn't seem to impact the team as much as i thought he would. besides being clutch in the final minutes.
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Default Re: Kyrie is underrated as a first option

Originally Posted by ImKobe
So the point is that you're full of shit and can't keep Kobe's name out of your mouth in any thread you post. There was no sample-size before this season to prove that Kyrie was better or worse off without Lebron because using his pre-prime numbers would not be a fair comparison (though it was obvious that Lebron would hold his own production back which is why his numbers did not change much from his younger years).
How fucking retarded are you? The guy said Kyrie was more efficient with LeBron on the bench from '15-'17, which is made up and complete horse shit and I just proved it. Can you even read you stupid shit? Try to follow a conversation before you decide to insert yourself into it.

Kyrie's numbers were also always going to be lower when he was on the Cavs. He was the #2 option behind the BITW and then there was Love as well. Kyrie is the #1 option right now, so he's obviously going to average more points. The biggest difference is, he's not really averaging a lot of assists for a PG in an "incredible" system.

Originally Posted by ImKobe
Kyrie can put up 25 points a night in his sleep but he needed the right team around him. Boston allows him to get more rest and he's in an actual system now, the Lebron Ball was cute and all but it was basically Irving standing around for most of the game and watching Lebron dribble until the team really needed him to score, it was mostly always about getting Kevin Love going early and then Lebron Ball with Irving as their safety blanket.
Unfortunately for you, you're wrong as always.

Time of Possession:

Kyrie - 6.7 MPG
LeBron - 6.4 MPG

Average Seconds Per Touch:

Kyrie - 5.65 Seconds
LeBron - 4.37 Seconds

Average Dribbles Per Touch:

Kyrie - 4.87 Dribbles
LeBron - 3.28 Dribbles


Kyrie - 30.8%
LeBron - 30%

In short, Kyrie had the ball more than LeBron and produced much less than LeBron.

Originally Posted by ImKobe
Kyrie will continue to improve his numbers and he'll have a solid MVP case by the end of the year.

Those are the only three who are serious MVP candidates. In that order.
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Default Re: Kyrie is underrated as a first option

Kyrie's definitely playing differently on the Celtics than a lot of people expected
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