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Default Re: $$$ and stuff-- how important are they in your life?

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
To me

College & Christmas are the 2 biggest rip-offs in American society, and Im a college graduate....

College prices are astonomical and going even higher....people have to mortgage the rest of their lives to get a college degree and people feel like they are doomed if they dont get a degree....I went to college and Ill tell you, that of all the valuable things I learned in college, none of it was learned in a classroom...the real lessons I learned in college were about networking and how to work smarter instead of harder and all of that I learned in the process of simply being there and observing what the smart kids did... Im personallly a rebel in my soul, so these things really bother me.... I went to college to get a degree just so these people in corporate america would simply consider me to do a job that isnt hard to do.....

Christmas is the other "rip-off'.... Parents are under extreme pressure to shell out big bucks (even when they cant really afford to) to buy a sh*tload of gifts and presents on a corrupted holiday that is nothing but a comercial trick on the people...Have you ever noticed the peer pressure involved in christmas? I grew up and had cousins who followed islam and they didnt have christmas, but the pressure was crazy on my uncle to "buy the kids something"..I mean, there is no support for a person who goes against the grain when it comes to christmas...he was a heathen in my eyes...but then again I was a selfish lil kid who couldnt understand what a world without christmas gifts could be like..

i have always said that it depends on the person how much the college experience will mean. no one can do your learning/reading for you

i would respect a person in a community college who is curious about the world, desires to learn more about it, and then puts in the time with hard work

more than

a very smart person who goes to stanford but then squanders the opportunity or becomesa very narrowly focused individual who only know the finer points of thermonuclear physics.

as for christmas... dont get me started. it is now more a holiday not to honor the incarnation of jesus as the christ but to show how much comsumerism (and its idolatrous effects) has a hold on us as a society

please dont get me wrong, i think there are many beautiful and altruistic moments in gift giving as an expression of love. i just dont think that we approach it as a society in that way.

in fact, christmastime usually plays into a type of greed and guilt for not "keeping up with the joneses" that consumerism is built on

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Default Re: $$$ and stuff-- how important are they in your life?

Originally Posted by boozehound
to answer the original question, not very. that is why I went into a field where you need a BA to make $10/hr on a temporary or seasonal basis and an MA to make $35k/year. Still, I find my work very rewarding and I wake up every morning looking forward to it.

What field is that?
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