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Default Re: Most important positions in order for team success

Originally Posted by maracle10
Then why hasn't Kobe won without Shaq?

I think Point Guards are most's very rare to see a championship team with a crappy PG.

Jordan proved that you can win without a big that takes Centers and Power Forwards out of the question...although Ron Harper wasnt all that great so Jordan just screws up most of our statements of Centers and Point Guards being most important anyway...

Rarer still for a championship team to have a crappy center.

Of the last 20 years only the Bulls won the championship had a less than decent C... (I consider Duncan without Drob a Center as much as he is a PF)

Then again, you have Derek Fisher as the starting PG for the Lakers, Kenny Smith, while certainly not crappy, was pretty much just a spot up shooter by the time Houston was winning. Avery Johnson... solid PG, but nowhere near allstar status. Jason Williams? Ugh. Lionel Hollins was the 1977 Blazer PG, and even I had to look him up.
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Default Re: Most important positions in order for team success

You need to have a big guy who can score in the low post and control the paint, and a solid point guard.
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Default Re: Most important positions in order for team success

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
Funny that you bring up Tim Duncan. Tim Duncan is surrounded by a supporting cast that's actually inferior to Anthony's. No other Spur can touch Iverson (certainly not Parker), Camby is better than the other bigs (and Hilario may be as well), and although Ginobili is better than Smith it's not a huge difference. So why are the Spurs so much better? Camby isn't Duncan's equal on d but he does defend at a high level. It's not just the "great" (not really) Spurs shooting, Carmelo Anthony is not on par with TD as a scorer in the paint. He isn't even close. He can not go over bigs nearly as well. This shouldn't even be a discussion point.

You're simply making the argument into something that it isnt. It isn't a question of who's the better player Duncan or Anthony or Pierce or whoever. The topic we should be discussing is what are the needs of a team. Ofcourse Duncan is better in the paint than Anthony, Im not arguing that. But Melo isn't as helpless when being doubled by bigs as you would like to pretend in the post. No he isn't as good as Duncan, but he can still score or get fouled. He is still an elite scorer at a high percentage and gets a lot of work done down low, and gets a lot of attention off of his teammates and opens things up for them from inside. And again with his acrobatics he can handle the ball better and make a easy dumpoff pass if a big does come over to double on him aswell as kick it out to the perimeter. That all fills the need of the interior scorer, basically. Now again, the other team need floor spacing and shooting to go along with that post play. Melo doesn't have it and Duncan does.

Its not about who's better. Duncan is the interior scorer, interior defender, and rebounder in one. And you may think that proves your point, but it does not. There are only a handful of players in the league that can do all of those needs Duncan fills, effectively. Again, its more about the needs for the team, not really what position does them.

Denver pretty much has all of them aside from consistent floor spacing or shooting.
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Default Re: Most important positions in order for team success

1. Center
2. Point Guard
3. Power Forward
4. Small Forward / Shooting Guard (they are about the same)
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miles berg
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Default Re: Most important positions in order for team success

Point guard is the least important. It has been 25 years, since Isiah Thomas, that a "true" PG has led his team to a title.

PGs are a joke when talking about winning a title.
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