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Old 07-13-2007, 09:48 PM   #16
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Default Re: Mark Him Down Cuban wants to buy the Chicago Cubs

Originally Posted by JalenRawley
Ooh, an e-thug! Now I'm really impressed. Yeah, I can see the signs of your growth and maturity plain as day. How could I have possibly missed them?

Who am I to tell you to stop posting? An informed, contributing member of this board. I guess it could be seen as an isolated perspective if I was the only person who felt this way, but it's not just the majority who feels this way, it's the -overwhelming- majority of people here who feel this way. Again, how many times have you been banned? I've lost count after it got to double digits, and that was not very long after you arrived.

We're not meeting in real life. You're not even in this country, and you're a -very- immature minor. You don't know **** about ****, and as per your well-documented learning curve here, it's very possible that you never will. The credibility and integrity of people who threaten -anything- over an anonymous network with zero accountability speaks for itself.

I don't want to talk to you, in fact, I would be ecstatic if you -never- posted at ISH again (hell, anywhere for that matter, even places I don't go), and once again I definitely wouldn't be the only one. Of course, you will ignore minor details such as that, but the truth remains. But it -is- supposed to be a forum available to everyone, and everyone should have the chance to contribute, but it's people like you who ruin it for everyone else. It's people like you who give open forums (let alone the internet as a whole) a (justified) bad name. It's people like you that lower the value of a place like this. How many chances have you been given? Again, how many times have you been banned now? You obviously aren't getting it, are ya? Just figure it out already. There's only so many times a person can say the same things to you, waiting for you to learn. It's like trying to teach Helen Keller to say "water", only instead of water, you keep saying, "LEBRAN MVP! CAVS MBA CHAMPZ! LOL1!!1".

I like this place. I like the concept of having a shared community of basketball information. To me, the rumor page and this board are inseparable. It's like, "Here's a bunch of stories, discuss! If you find ones we don't have, share them and discuss!" The only requisite is that you have some idea of what you're talking about... and that's where it falls short. There's a few people here who have a clue, I don't think I need to mention you're not one of them. Oops, mentioned it anyway! But in order to have an intelligent conversation, you have to have intelligence. In order to have a conversation on a topic, you kinda have to know a little about the topic.

You don't qualify.

Now, you could. You could read and interpret information, create thoughts of your own, come up with a unique point of view, but for whatever reason, you just haven't done that yet. And I for one am sick of logging into a board full of pure retardation, and when I say to myself, "Self? Why is this board full of stupidity?" My self says, "I don't know, why don't we look at who is creating threads." Suddenly, it all becomes clear. Look! LeBron23 just created six threads! That explains it.

You mention me being an attention whore? Um, how many threads do I create? That's right, none. So, if I'm trying to get everyone's attention, would I go out of my way to create threads? Wouldn't I go out of my way to post every single thing I could possibly post? Even if it's already been posted? Even if there's a dozen threads right there on the front page? Even if it's just posting someone else's article and a link? Even if it's just a post to stick something obvious in people's faces? Even if it's my own personal agenda that I want to plaster everywhere?

Hey wait a minute, that sounds familiar. Why... I just described you! When you were only posting about LeBron and the Cavs, it wasn't because you had important information you felt you needed to share with the world, it was just to put your two, albeit clueless, cents in. Now that we've called you enough times on that, and after the Cavs lost the way they did, you're just posting any article you can find, even if you really don't have any knowledge or any care about that particular topic. If you were posting things that weren't directly on the rumors page here at ISH, or directly on the front page of the most common sports sites in the world, then I'm sure somebody could see it as a form of contribution to the board. But when you post duplicate threads, Mr. Obvious threads, and threads with links that are sitting right there on the rumors page, that's not contribution, that's duplication.

So on behalf of everyone with an IQ over 45, please, get a clue already. How many more bannings will it take? How many hundreds of ISH posters have to call you on your ignorance? How long do we have to wait for your learning process to kick in? Can you give us a ballpark figure? Should I give you a couple weeks?

That's an awful long post devoted to one member. Could you make one for me, too?
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Old 07-13-2007, 09:49 PM   #17
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Default Re: Mark Him Down Cuban wants to buy the Chicago Cubs

it would be pretty cool I think. I wonder how much being a baseball owner would cut into his involvement with the Mavs?
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Old 07-13-2007, 09:53 PM   #18
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Default Re: Mark Him Down Cuban wants to buy the Chicago Cubs

Originally Posted by qwerty
That's an awful long post devoted to one member. Could you make one for me, too?

Can you be as big of a retard for as LeBron23/CavsFan/Baller1986 has been? Work at it, and catch up with me in a few months and I'll see what I can whip up.

And that's not a long post. Long posts are when you reach the 12,000 character limit halfway through. Sorry, but I just don't type in internet shorthand, because I don't -think- in internet shorthand. I type just as if I were speaking, except I can't use my well stocked lexicon of blue words because of all of the disallowed words here, so things end up being quite a bit more verbose. I'm getting ready to head out of town in 8 minutes as I'm moving into my new place, and I've still got a few minutes to whip out a few thousand words before taking off. Fleet fingers help.

That's all ya get though. Enjoy.
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Old 07-13-2007, 09:54 PM   #19
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Default Re: Mark Him Down Cuban wants to buy the Chicago Cubs

Originally Posted by kentatm
it would be pretty cool I think. I wonder how much being a baseball owner would cut into his involvement with the Mavs?
actually now that I think about it, this could cause him to sell the Mavs.

He is pretty set on the idea that the Mavs were cheated in the Finals against Miami and has threatend to leave the NBA because of it.
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