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AI Nuggets3
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Default new Melo interview (team USA, AI, MJ)

Keith: Melo, I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this.

Melo: Not at all. I've just been working on my game and staying low key. I have a big suprise for everyone next season.

Keith: Yeah bro, your game looked really good down in Vegas.

Melo: Thanks. I took that really seriously. People say I'm immature and young so being handed the opportunity to be a Captain was a real blessing for me.

Keith: Is a lot of it redemption for 2004?

Melo: That's part of it. I looked at how I acted and knew I had embarrassed myself, my team, my country, you know everyone who helped me get where i am today. i was just really frustrated. It's hard to adjust sometimes when you've been the man your entire life and then all of a sudden you are just another guy. I was just getting into the league too. But I ain't making excuses.

Keith: You have improved every year in the league. You also seem to be much more team oriented. The media branded you selfish yet you pressed for the AI trade as well as other players. It really showed a lot of people they had you all wrong.

Melo: They been hating on me since day one in the media. Ain't nothing new. I want to win. They think because I still go back home and give love to those who I grew up with I'm a thug. They think because I always want the last shot I'm selfish and so on. It doesn't get to me anymore though. I'm going to help Denver win games and keep myself in the headlines for positive reasons. They will always look for something but I won't let them have that satisfaction.
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AI Nuggets3
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Default Re: new Melo interview (team USA, AI, MJ)

part 2

Keith: What about the improvement of your game? What do you attribute that to?

Melo: Growing, working hard and getting used to listening more. I've soaked up a lot of advice from a lot of great players. I want to be remembered as one of the best when I leave and I know what path I have to take to get there.

Keith: I know you are very close to MJ. How much has he helped you in your career?

Melo: More then anyone. he has pulled me aside, showed up at my games, my place just to talk when stuff was going wrong for me. He has always backed me though. Some people take him the wrong way. He gives tough love. A lot of players can't take that. For me, that's what I needed. I have a million people who will tell me whatever i want to hear but it's the ones who tell you what you need to hear that you want to associate yourself with.

Keith: You are the face of Team Jordan now. How does that feel?

Melo: Really good. To have the chance to carry that torch is an honor that most players would love to have. I won't let him down.

Keith: You have a teammate in AI that might be the most under appreciated superstar of all time. How much has he helped you?

Melo: That's why I like you. You know your **** Keith. I feel you man. He gets nowhere near the credit he deserves except from the fans. He plays so hard. I haven't seen anyone like him. You have been next to him. He's so little but he attacks you like he's 7 feet. Plus nobody can hold him. I'm not here to start anything but he practically begged to be on our USA team. You have one of the best players in the game begging to play and he doesn't get a look. That's hard to swallow. At the same time he's taught me how to chill out on stuff like that. I was frustrated when I didn't make All-Star teams and even losing Rookie of the Year hurt. I am so competitive that I hate to lose at anything. AI told me to just work hard, be myself, not let all the outside stuff get to me and I'll be ok. i take that to the bank.

Keith: Well said. I expect a huge season out of you this year. What are your goals?

Melo: Just to win a championship. Personally I want to perform to the best of my abilities but I'm not shooting for individual achievements anymore. If I play the way I should those will come. AI and me both agreed we weren't going to let the critics be right. So put that on notice. We are going to be something serious next year.

Keith: I want to wish you good luck and thank you for taking the time bro. i always give every player one last thing to say to the fans who are reading this. You need to get down to Houston also bro.

Melo: Thanks. Denver you guys have something to look forward to. Keep your faith in us and we got you guys i promise. I'm going to try my best keith. I'll get at you. Peace

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Mars Blackmon Lives!
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Default Re: new Melo interview (team USA, AI, MJ)

i always liked melo. i guess because he was sort of the underdog coming in with lebron. denver is definitely my favorite WC team going into this year. thanks for the post AINug.
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Old 08-14-2007, 02:13 AM   #4
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Default Re: new Melo interview (team USA, AI, MJ)

Good post man.

Yeah, it sounds like him and A.I. are committed this upcoming year. The Nuggets could make some noise.
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Default Re: new Melo interview (team USA, AI, MJ)

yea i want to see melo and ai do good

nuggets is my favorite team next to the knicks
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