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Not airballing my layups anymore
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Default Still an AK47 Advocate

According to Sporting New's Sean Deveney, Kirilenko is the 3rd most overpaid player in the league behind Kenyon Martin and Marbury. At 26 years old, I don't think his decline is due to age, but more of the style of play that Sloan imploys. Not that long a go, AK was an All-Star and was considered to be one of the top defenders in the league. Its no coincidence that his numbers dropped dramatically with the arrival of Boozer. His best season, so far, was his third year in the league, a year before Boozer was acquired, when AK averaged 16.5 pts, 8 rebounds, 3 assist, and 2 blocks for the season. Ever since then, his numbers have declined every year until Deron Williams was drafted and it took a huge dip. Its no secret that Sloan loves to use the pick-n-roll with his point guard and power foward...think Stockton and Malone. AK47 isn't part of the plan on offense anymore in Utah, but his versatility is tops in the league when it comes to defense, rebounding, playmaking, and scoring. A guy like AK would absolutely thrive in a uptempo game whether its Phoenix or the Warriors. The Warriors don't have any front court players that can rebound the ball, take it coast to coast, and make a play. AK can do that and would become this team's second best rebounder right off the bat behind Biedrins. If the Warriors don't have to give up too much, then I wouldn't mind seeing a trade.

Possible trade: Send Harrington, Jaskevicious, and O'Bryant to Utah for Kirilenko and a future 1st round pick. Harrington is too much of a tweener for me and not much of a rebounder. He's a shooter on a team that has too many of them already. Rooney wants out and O'Bryant isn't even a solid D-League player yet. This gives the Jazz a shooter and a back up point guard since Dee Brown is on his way out to greener fields. Williams, Brewer, Harrington, Boozer, and Okur still make a nice line up.

For the Warriors:

PG Davis - Ellis
SG Jackson - Belinelli - Azubuike
SF Kirilenko - Barnes
PF Wright - Croshere - Lasme
C Biedrins - Perovic - Lasme

This team gets more athletic and more versatile with this line up. With AK, its also a better defensive and rebounding line up. I still don't believe that AK47 would of gotten that bad that fast and still feel that he could be a very nice player for the right team. 2 years ago, I posted something about trading for Kirilenko and people thought I was crazy saying that they'll never trade Kirilenko. Now, they can't get rid of him. Here's the W's chance to get him cheap.
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Default Re: Still an AK47 Advocate

That's a really great idea. I like all the points you brought up. I actually think Kirilenko could play the PF on the warriors. He plays better (on defense at least) around the basket and him and Biedrins on the inside would be pretty difficult to score on. Plus, a Baron, Monta, Jackson, AK, Biedrins lineup would be quick and deadly. Contact Chris Mullin!
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Not airballing my layups anymore
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Default Re: Still an AK47 Advocate

I think many fans would be opposed because the last two years for Kirilenko being beyond dismal, but if put in the right situation, AK could be a max player in today's game. Ben Wallace isn't a $15M a year player, but he justifies that with his game changing defense and rebounds. How about a guy like Rashard Lewis who makes $15M for shooting the ball. He's not a great rebounder or defender. Compare AK to guys like Jamison, Lewis, and Marion who all make much more than Kirilenko but none of them are as versatile. It would be a big gamble, but if it pays off, its contention in the West.
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