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Default Can Eddy and Z-BO co-exist in starting lineup ?

Will Eddy Cuury and Zach Randolph play well together on the court for the yr ?
Eddy Curry doesn't love the game of basketball like a nate robinson or z-bo.

He likes basketball about as much as jerome james.

Growing up eddy didn't like basketball, he liked tumbling at the half time of chicago bulls games this is why his feet are so nimble for a big man.

He out grew tumbling and took up basketball with the urging on from other kids, but not with the same passion he had for tumbling.

Scott skiles in chicago knew this , jim paxson of chicago knew this; but Isiah Thomas loves his boys from the west side of chicago(harvey illinois).

Now he's a misfit and feels like the last puppy picked up from the dog pound. The guy feels left out since zach randolph has elevated his game.

It's getting so bad , guys are trying to force feed eddy the ball to make him feel apart of the team.

I'm afraid this could get ugly.

Zeke is gonna continue to start eddy, but he should IMHO be coming off the bench and try to dominate the other teams 2nd unit.

This is gonna bother eddy all year mentally, unless he rediscovers a passion for the game and finishes in the post.
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Don Che
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Default Re: Can Eddy and Z-BO co-exist in starting lineup ?

You can't bench a guy like Curry, talent level, ego problems, contract, and overall investment

If you bench him you mind as well trade him.

I think he'll be fine. I don't like Curry but he's better then what he's shown.
If he continues to struggle(dont bench him) just trade him for either...

Jermaine Oniell(who would make us contenderes with Zach)
He is a lil older, and prolly injured but he's tough, works hard, plays D.
Strong in game and mind to play with Zach and not be intimidated.

He's a psycho that can prolly help us.
I would love to have him and Zach focused in basketball for a championship
together. They don't take crap from no one. Play hard, work hard and know how to play. WITH EDDY GONE, ARTEST WILL HAVE THE TOUCHES HE DESERVES. Zach, Artest, Marbury... all 3 score differently and not effect eachother. Sign a vet or give Morris a chance to step up and see what he can do. And we know he plays better D then Curry.

Shawn Marion
Obvious reasons. Best defender in the league(yeh i said it). Runs the floor. Shoots it. tough. and have a chance to show his greatness with Zach. A good vet to mold Balkman and Chandler.
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