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Default Re: TNA >> WWE prove I'm wrong and I'll leave ish

WWE is still better than TNA, and I watch both shows on my cable channel, and all i can say that i am still a WWE Loyalists even though some of my favorite wrestling heroes retired from the sport, or jump to another wrestling promotion.

As long as Vince Russo is the head booker of TNA, and some of the former WWE Veterans hogging the Spotlight it would only mean that TNA would never beat the WWE in terms of ratings, and merchandise selling.
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Default Re: TNA >> WWE prove I'm wrong and I'll leave ish

Originally Posted by Bourne
I dont remember that too well. I like it more now than I did then. I didn't even know about TNA at that point, that's probably why.

TMOGE, explain why it's white trash. Where was WWE based? New York. Where is TNA based? Orlando. Where was ECW based? Philadelphia.

I guarentee you more rednecks watch football than wrestling. And baseball.

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Default Re: TNA >> WWE prove I'm wrong and I'll leave ish

TNA's problem is that they're making the same mistake WCW made way back in the day. They are trying to make a name for themselves by ruining the name of WWE and that just won't work. WWE's fanbase is too strong and loyal to be turned against them just because some bitter ex-employees trash them. Guys like Kurt Angle, Booker, etc leave WWE and TNA wastes time having them make fun of WWE when they could just as easily be giving exposure to new talent.

I've lost track of what's been going on in WWE since Eddie died I can't lie, but I've caught TNA a few times and I wasn't impressed at all
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Default Re: TNA >> WWE prove I'm wrong and I'll leave ish

Originally Posted by ConanRulesNBC
So the only kind of people who watch wrestling are uneducated white trash?
not everyone, but the vast majority, yes.
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Charlie Sheen
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Default Re: TNA >> WWE prove I'm wrong and I'll leave ish

So does WWE with Smackdown. Torrie Wilson gets louder pops than The Rock! Neither promotion does it for their live PPV's. TNA does have some real chanting, and it's good chanting, not like "you can't wrestle" or "tna tna tna" or "this is boring" for WWE live events.
Of course WWE is guilty of this offense. Also, I agree wholeheartedly on the chants. I've always disliked the "you f'd up" chant bc missed spots will inevitably happen and these guys risk serious injuries; it's just disrespectful.

Nash is fine as long as he's out of the ring. Hall..... well his punkass no showed and they got an outcome 1000x better than his lardy ass rolling around the ring.

Nash is all right out of the ring as he still delivers some solid promos in whatever capacity. I can only hope they don't blow this opportunity to reinvent his character. Anything is better than the "Dr. Nash" in my opinion.

Cena has it... (what % is 11/12?)... of the time. Batista has it as much as Angle does.
Cena is tricky. I'm only assuming here, that McMahon believes fans who are in opposition of Cena are the longtime , hardcore, internet fans who appreciate wrestling, so they'll continue to tune in and buy tickets even if they don't agree with the script.
The casual fans, by enlarge cena supporters, would probably lose interest a lot quicker if Cena was ever booked to get-over other talent. That's just my interpretation though

Really? If so, not any more so than WWE. Or maybe you liked it during the suspensions and injuries of september when HHH squashed umaga with a gimmick sledgehammer every single night?
3h squash matches are what they are. the way he has bulked up coupled with his injuries really limits what he can do in the ring these days. Clearly he's on the downside of his career.
I have been pleasantly surprised with Orton's run as champion though. The writers have done a wonderful job building his character culminating with the championship run. He's learned how to do great promos (Ric Flair "thank you" was A material).
Chris Jericho was a problem though. I don't think he's being used correctly. It would seem much more appropriate to have a hardy-orton feud starting at Armageddon with a return match on the New Year's eve edition of RAW, and a finale for the third match at the Royal Rumble. Jericho, receiving his title shot immediately seems thrown together at the last minute to me. I'd rather see him work a feud through a series of matches before a shot at the title.
In the same instance, I didn't agree with Angle v Joe so soon after his TNA debut. it restricts the direction where u can go from that point.
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