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Default The Alpha XXIII:The Alternative!!!

Whatís up my fellow Sneaker heads? I just decided to hit yaíll up with some fire. These are the kicks I designed for you. I did these because like you, during the mid 80ís and late 90ís I, O.D.íed off the Air Jordanís as time passed though, my interest began to wane. Not because I grew older and the effect wore off. I began to honestly stop liking the designs of the shoe around 2000-2001 with the XVI. After that I had been hoping for more but it seem the hotness left right along with T. Hatfield. Well I feel as if the new XX3 is more of what we have become used to and those of us who have that nostalgic feeling can see that there is much more to be desired. Really I feel that we as the consumer should have the last say so in which and when the Air Jordan line should end. A lot of these youngans out here just buy the Jís cause they see the old Heads big up the yester years. They are the ones who have brought on this fake Jordanís with all the rainbow colors to match what ever outfit they have at the moment. Well if you know, like I know Jordanís, I repeat Jordanís should never come in the colors of sherbet ice cream! So, when Jordanís are just threw at us for a jacked up price ($230) I feel this is geared toward those who just buy into the Jumpman symbol without truly analyzing all of the styles cues of the Air Jordanís of old. Well that is why I designed these Jís because I studied the Jís and it is a certain design element that must always be adhered to when designing a true classic Air Jordan. It is a philosophy. I am writing a book about it as a matter of fact. This is my gift to those of you who truly know what it means to rock a pair of Jís, not to be in the in crowd but because we witness the best of both worldís. Iíll put up the technology that will be incorporated in the shoes for yaíll Tech Heads later.

Now you must keep in mind that these are hand stitched and I had to use the material that I could find that best represented my vision. Of course for all those who gripe about why the fabric looks like this and all the other nit picking things just know that I donít own a million dollar factory with my own sweat shop. Iíll let Nike/Jordan Brand deal with the details. I just want you to pay attention to the design cues and subtleties that harkens back to the classic Jís I-XVI. If you could see yourself rocking these then sign the petition that is how we can make this thing happen. Save the Jís before itís too late! Without further ado I introduce you to the new era of Air Jordanís, the Alpha XXIII.

Petition Link. Sign it!!!
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Saw a basketball once
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Default Re: The Alpha XXIII:The Alternative!!!

I apologize ahead of time mods if this is in the wrong place. I just did not see any other place to post. I am not selling anything. I just want people to help me, help them, give themselves a chioce. I am a firm believer of the power of many. I keep hearing people say that they don't like the 23's so this is my reply. I would appreciate it, if you would let me continue to post more pictures. With everybody's help we can keep the ball rolling on the brand we have come to Love, let's keep it moving. Thanks ahead of time.
King Heru
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Is it in you?
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Default Re: The Alpha XXIII:The Alternative!!!

Honestly, your prototype needs alot of work. But I feel where you are going with this. J's did lose their appeal. What I missed the most was the hunt and being able to be the first to rock a new release on the first day. Anticipation and the satisfaction of owning.
Personally I think it was more the rebuyers that killed the industry. Took it out of the die hard's hands. When I couldn't get the first Defining moments package I knew that it wasn't meant to be anymore. I ended my collection with the Flips. III's being my grail, this was the most unique and a good seeing off of the collecting game.
Good luck with what you're doing. I'll give more input later.
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