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Old 01-27-2008, 12:23 PM   #91
The Big Bang
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Default Re: KG's Postgame Celebration was Classless

Let's see if KG is going to try and defend Monster Howard.....He'll probably be bulldozed and pick up 2 quick fouls Perkins has been playing well for the C's but will vanquish tonight agaisnt Howard.
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Old 01-27-2008, 12:29 PM   #92
Certified ISHiot.
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Default Re: KG's Postgame Celebration was Classless

Originally Posted by Skywalker
The thread wasnt designed to hate on KG dumbass. For some reason theres 100 haters of KG on this site, and they always have a couple things to say about him, as if they truly hate him or something. Just stop with that, its so annoying.

if i think the celebration was a bit extreme does that make me a "hater"? if so does having an opinion against KG make us "haters"? i don't think theres many KG "haters", i think the KG fans are just being too defensive.
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Old 01-27-2008, 01:06 PM   #93
Make It Rain
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Default Re: KG's Postgame Celebration was Classless

Originally Posted by MaxFly
For those of you who saw it, it seemed excessive and unnecessary live, but now, as I think about it, I can't help but think of it as almost an affront to the Wolves, and somewhat out of character, even for somone as demonstrative as him.

We won by a point on a great defensive play by him and he then proceeded to walk around the court popping out his jersey to display the "Celtics" text on the front. If he wanted to indicate that he's a Celtic now, and no longer a Timberwolf... well, we've known that for a few months now, KG. It really came off as an insult to the Timberwolves, even though I doubt he meant it to be such. Guy needs to calm down.
He deserves to do whatever he wants since he took a nobody Celtics team to the top of the league. Take him and Ray Ray off that team and their W-L would be flipped too.
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Old 01-27-2008, 02:05 PM   #94
Dr. Chim Richalds
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Default Re: KG's Postgame Celebration was Classless

Why is KG pumped after barely beating the worst team in the league? Why does he find it necessary to rub the fact that he is on a winning team into the faces of a bunch of young dudes who just came very close to the biggest win of their careers? Why can't he just celebrate with his teammates and then shake his opponents (who almost beat his team) hands?

Because he is an arrogant, classless, uneducated jerkoff who will never win a championship. And somebody said that class doesn't win basketball games? Maybe not, but it helps average people like the NBA a lot more. Sportsmanship is actually a pretty valuable thing, and KG prancing around after beating his former team is the antithesis of it.

Seriously though, I didn't even see him do this thing with the T-Wolves, but KG has been acting like a jerkoff since this season began. I guess he probably does have a bit of an inferiority complex after being part of a shyt franchise for so long. So now he's gotta compensate.
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