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Default Understanding the Trade

I posted this over on the forums. Over there we had many Heat fans that were upset with the trade or just really didn't understand it. I haven't really seen that here but I figured I would post this anyway.

There seems to be a lot of mixed emotions for this trade and thats understandable when you deal one the greatest players to ever play. The thing is Shaq is in decline and thats clear to everyone. Now that alone may not be such a bad thing but the man is making $20 Mil for the next 2 years (not counting this season). The issue with this is this team lacks talent at many positions and our best player is being wasted in the prime of his career. If we kept Shaq we would more then likely continue to decline and he would retire the same year Wade's contract is up which would probably cause him to walk. The face of this team and the greatest player the Heat have ever drafted would WALK.

Now Lets say we kept Shaq and we continue to struggle this year and we draft Beasley, Rose, Jordan, Mayo or whoever. That player would take about 2 seasons (this is assuming they aren't a complete bust) to mature to a level that would help this team be a title contender. That would be two more seasons of losing and finishing out of the playoffs. No way would Wade stick around with a team that just continues to lost year in and year out.

For those that blame Riley for not picking up talent realize this. Between Shaq, Wade, Haslem and Blount they account for nearly $50 mil of the allowed $56 mil of CAP space. Now only two of those 4 or playing at a level that could help bring this team to the playoffs. So while Shaq and Blount continue to take up CAP space keeping us from signing players (just look at all the players Riley tried to get but went somewhere else for more money) we just continue to lose. Now we may keep picking up high draft picks but look at the Grizzlies, the Hawks and the Clippers. They have been losing for years and maybe 1 (the Hawks) are finally turning the corner.

This team has a superstar in Dwyane Wade (was playing at an MVP level last season before his injury) and not bringing him more help would be a sin. This trade without a doubt is GREAT for the Heat and you guys will soon see. Don't just take my word for it. Look around online (,,, turn on your TV, read the sports section the vast majority of people are saying we robbed the Suns and WE DID. We all owe Shaq our respect for helping bring us a championship and for what he did to help the city. However, Shaq hasn't been mistreated at all and is reportedly happy to leave. Shaq leaves a 9-37 team for the best team in the West (record wise), there is nothing for him to be upset about or for us fans to be upset about.
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Default Re: Understanding the Trade

Good post. I too think that Miami got the better hand of the deal.
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Default Re: Understanding the Trade

we definitly got the best of that deal. We have so many options for next year. Before this year, we had none. With so many expiring contracts, and a pretty good free agent class. I belive we'll be back in the playoffs by next year.
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