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Default Early Draft Predictions 2008

Bust of the draft: Eric Gordon - 6'2 SG Indiana

There's something about the Hoosiers game that doesn't translate well in the NBA. As illustrious as this program has been since its beginnings, they have yet to produce a star quality player. Gordon is well undersized for the shooting guard spot and just not skilled enough for the point guard spot. Calbert Cheaney was a lottery pick and what happened to him? He was considered to be one of the top players in the country and was picked 6th overall pick. Lets not forget A.J. Guyton averaged 19.7 points the year he was drafted.

Steal of the Draft: Joey Dorsey - 6'9 PF Memphis

Dorsey is slated to go late in the first round or even early in the second. Whichever team picks him will get their moneys worth and then some. Dorsey is a gamer that has been overshadowed by Rose. He has more offense then some would give him credit for. He's a physical beast with major athleticism. He''ll be an Amare Stoudemire type player.

Best Pick of the Draft: Derrick Rose - 6'3 PG

He'll be the Chris Paul or Deron Williams of this draft in terms of impact. A good floor leader. I have him as my #1 pick in my mock draft going to Miami. Rose and Wade will form a monster backcourt.

The Kobe Bryant or Tracy McGrady of the draft: DeAndre Jordan - 7'0 C Texas A&M

I'm not talking about skillwise here obviously, but that one pick that all the other teams that drafted before him wish they had back. Unfortunately for me, my Warriors passed on both Kobe and TMac for Adonal Foyle and Todd Fuller so I know the feeling. When DJ is drafted, he'll just turn 20 and he has plenty of room to grow. May not be an immediate impact player, but in 2-3 years, will be a sought after big man, much like Andrew Bynum is now.

The Second Round Gem: Richard Roby - 6'6 SG Colorado

Monta Ellis, Gilbert Arenas, Michael Redd, and Carlos Boozer were all second round gems and Roby will join them. Roby is a profilic scorer with excellent shooting skills. Has great athleticism, long arms, and is quick. An excellent ball handler. He reminds me a lot of Ray Allen.

First to Get Arrested or Suspended: OJ Mayo - 6'4 SG USC

This guy has "arrest me" written all over him. He'll join the likes of Darius Miles, Jamaal Tinsley, Stephen Jackson, or Ron Artest. May not be posse-related but could be a Jason Kidd type domestic abuse arrest or driving with a suspended license type of deal. This kid already has an attitude. Give hiim some money and fame and you're in trouble.
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Default Re: Early Draft Predictions 2008

great post- i like your analysis of dorsey and rose

im not with you on deandre jordon-

bust- jordon- if taken high enough to be cosidered a bust

kobe/tmac- rusell westbrook if he slides to nugs- or james johnson wake forest sf - best player in the acc this year as a freshman -imo- or bill walker from k-state who has learned some skill and some bball iq and if the althetisism coms back to pre injury form

second round find- josh duncan sf xavier- a natural shooter with ball skills and a monster frame and athletisism

first arrested- beasley - will be on a really bad team with no chance most likely- minnisota might be a bad spot and group to play with- memphis may not be trying to win- i just wonder??
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Default Re: Early Draft Predictions 2008

Bust: DeAndre Jordan- Low skillset at this point, could end up busting if not properly developed or rushed into playing time.

Steal: Roy Hibbert- This depends where he goes, but if he slips to late teens-early 20s, he could at least be a consistent contributor, and at that spot in the draft that's really as high as you can place your hopes.

Best pick: Obviously can't make a prediction right now since the draft order isn't even set.

2nd round gem: We haven't seen whose stock has slipped yet since workouts haven't started, but Roby seems like a good option. He's a shooter, and should find a spot on a team.

1st to get arrested or suspended: No idea, maybe Beasley or Mayo.
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Default Re: Early Draft Predictions 2008

Bust:Jerryd Bayless

Small Combo Guard who lacks true PG abilities and lacks abilitys to shoot the ball over stronger or taller defenders.
Bayless is Ben Gordon if he couldnt shoot.
He'll be drafted high due to his age and potential but never be able to find a fit in the NBA.

Steal: Danillo Gallinari
A 6'ft9 Point Foward who looks to be able to make a solid transition to the NBA if hes paired with talent that suits him,Diggy could be a Mike Dunleavy(Indiana) type of player in the NBA or with proper development and weight training could become an elite player.

Kobe/Tmac-James Johnson
Nobody knows much about him as he played for an unremarkable team at Wake Forest and hes also from Wyoming but playing out of position at PF he averaged 14/8 while adding in 1.3 BPG and 1.4 SPG,in 2-3 years on the right team he could become a Josh Smith type of player.

2nd Round Gem-Rob McKiver
Hes a scoring guard who handles the ball very well for not being a true PG but his ability to shoot the 3 and to drive to the basket along with his dominating shut down defense could help him maybe become a Monta Ellis type of player after a year or two in the NBA.

1st To Get Arrested Or Suspended:Joey Dorsey/Brook Lopez
Joey Dorsey has some well known anger issues relating to his high school days and his posse of friends are not the cleanest or friendliest guys either,with money and more people he'll be around its the potential he catches a charge.
Brook Lopez will probably be suspended first due to his extremely poor work ethic and his lack of ability to accept his mistakes.Also from what I've heard he also likes to smoke that MaryJane,which could be whats causing him from developing a good work ethic.
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Default Re: Early Draft Predictions 2008

Bust/Disappointment: Blake Griffin - Something about him is just missing. I'm not sure what it is, but he reminds me of Chris Humphries for some reason. I'm 90% wrong on bust picks usually so he'll end up being a 17 and 10 guy in the league.

Steal: 75% of the college juniors/seniors drafted in the early-mid 2nd round. The past few drafts have been full of solid players that weren't 1st rounders. Big Baby Davis, Craig Smith, Ronny Turiaf, Carl Landry, Paul Millsap, Aaron Gray, Bobby Jones, Travis Diener, etc. None of them are really star calibre but they're all good roleplayers. That's what most 1st rounders end up being anyways.

Kobe/McGrady: Javale McGee. His youtube clip is unbelievable. Guys his size aren't supposed to move and dribble that fluidly. He's got a world of potential.

2nd round gem: See the steals category.

1st arrested/suspended: I can see Dorsey getting in a fight with somebody next season. He's the next Danny Fortson.(minus the free throw shooting)
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Default Re: Early Draft Predictions 2008

Bust: Eric Gordon. I am not a fan of guards with combo guard size without the combo guard skills. He struggled when matched up against NBA caliber 2s.

Best Pick of the Draft:Beastley. I expect him to have a Melo/Durant type rookie season. At worst he will have a Glenn Robinson/Marques Johnson type of career. He is that damn good. All hail Monsignor Beastley.

1st Round Steal: Chris Douglas-Roberts. He was a high school point guard, but has developed a game similar to Antawn Jamison. He can get shots off at almost any angle and is a good athlete in the open floor.

The Kobe Bryant or Tracy McGrady of the draft:Anthony Randolph. He is a shot blocking small forward who reminds me of Andrei Kirilenko before he flipped out. Has 3 point range, post moves, and enough handle to go coast to coast.

The Second Round Gem: Richard Hendrix. He already has NBA post moves and strength. Put up gaudy numbers without a quality point guard and with teams knowing he was the only consistent option on the floor.

First to Get Arrested or Suspended: Joey Dorsey. You can't go wrong with this guy. Be it weed, techs, or a good old-fashioned beat down of another player or schmo at the club/bar, I expect him to be suspended or arrested before his rookie season is done.

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Default Re: Early Draft Predictions 2008

I think Bayless is going to bust.. i jsut have a feeling he wont play AS BIUG as he would be expected. hed be like Raymond Felton to me.
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Default Re: Early Draft Predictions 2008

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