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Thumbs up Some tips before playing overseas!

Want to play overseas!
In this topic we will discuss some Q&A's and our 10 Taughts to follow. Please give your imput as far as suggestion for players. Thank you

Disclaimer: all information stated in this article stays property of Resource4sports. Distributing or coping is allowed only when you state our name and website. This article doesn't promise any jobs or contacts, it is only to be used for organizing and getting the right information to make the right choices. This article is written for basketball but can easily used for other sports.

Do's ( Several taughts)

What is the reason for me going?
Am I ready and do I understand what it is like living overseas?
Am I good enough of a person and player to handle another culture?
How did I get out of school?
Do I speak foreign languages?
How much am I worth?
What are my expectations off and on the court?
What do I know of traffic and general laws and rules in foreign country?

Note: Many players go back home in the first 2 weeks or decline of a career at the end of the first year!(Reasons; homesick, loneliness, bad payments, we’re not able to adapt, not in shape, or gave incorrect information) Reflections on expectations and possibilities can protect you and shape your choices.

Do you have all your basketball, personal and school information ready (highlight tape, reference and stats sheets are recommended) Tape has 3 min of highlights and one game half of video feed on it.

Note: Most coaches don’t have or take the time to view entire tapes a good impression and information.

How are you going to find a solid team or contact?
We recommend that you discuss your dreams with your coach. And suggest you contact players and coaches with international contacts and experience. This will help you can also shape you path of choices and steps based on their input.

Note: Search for contacts using direct network or an agent that you know or is recommended.
Most players get scammed contacting agents or exposure camps etc on their own. Many long-term and solid careers and contracts are accomplished on recommendations by a good representative.Be aware of scam exposure camps etc!!

How are you physically?
Be in shape physically and mentally? It is a waist of time establishing everything and then get cut for not being in shape. ( Happens a lot)

Do you have people you know overseas?
They can help you if you have problems, or problems adjusting! And they can also you help get some good prospects.

Things not to forget!

1. Contact foreign and local embassy for steps to take!
2. Contact league officials and ask any questions you may have!
3. Contact your bank and financial advisors for advise and suggestions?
4. We suggest to use/contact an international law firm to help you with
all legal and contract issues.
5. More on this in future articles Contracts

We suggest getting an alliance with international law firms if you don't have a solid representative. You may not fully understand the law in the foreign country.

Contact your bank and financial advisors about steps to take?

How do you get paid and when?
What are the benefits?
How do bonuses work?
Who pays the tax( Where do you need to pay your tax)
When is the contract valid and when not!
What are you require to do for you to get paid and benefits!

Do you open an account in the foreign country (suggested when play multiple years) or not!

Remember when transferring money it will cost you, who pays this! (tip state in your contract that the club pays the commissions) Who pays the agent! Normally agents get paid by the club 10%-15%!

First good impression to the coach, community and sponsors are recommended.
Check you house, neighbourhood and city. Where to buy food?
Car does it have a stick or automatic?

What are the expectations? How do you fit in? Establishing a good view on what is expected it can help you in negotiations and also protect you for any disappointments.

Play offs
Best time to perform off and on the court! Be sure you have your bonuses established.

End of Season and trip back home
Discuss clearly with the club of your plans!
If looking for another team go to tournaments, or tryout at clubs before you leave may lead to possible prospects. Pay your bills on time! Many players don’t pay their bills which will result in a bad reputation both in the basketball world but also companies. Secondly interest and payments never go away! You may be investigated and you will be tracked down. The payments and fines on these situations are expensive!

Increase my chances to play multiple years
Of course perform on the court but more important off the court! Be a social guy!
Get a job in your free hours at a sponsor it will get you positive feedback, network and extra cash!
Be a team player!
Interact with the community! (On your initiative organize a small clinic for younger players and teams of the clubs.
At the end of a game always interact with the crowed and in business room`.
Pay your bills!!!!!!

Back up plan
What do you do when things go wrong? Who can your turn to?
Do you have a plain ticket? What do you do if you get cut? What do you do in you are injured?

Note: when things go wrong make sure you are insured, have money and have a ticket back home!!

Final Taught
Everything you do, get or earn=> check-double check and recheck!

We are willing to elaborate on questions and suggestions stated in this article!
Basketball is more then just a sports "resource4basketball"

Basketball is more then just a sports "resource4basketball"

Play college basketball check out be Recruited!

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