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Default Nervous at game time;

Hey guys, at times I get nervous before pickup games, when I'm playing against bigger and faster players, where the competition is fierce and I'm a point guard... I have good handles,, I'm pretty quick and I see the court pretty well. If I had to compare myself to an NBA player, it'd be between Tony Parker and Jason Kidd, I need the ball in my hands to be an effective player to try to create shots for my teammates, and I take pride in my defense as well... however, at times there's butterflies in my stomach if I am playing against bigger players... what can I do to prevent getting nervous during game time?
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Default Re: Nervous at game time;

It all depends on why you are afraid. If you are scared you are going to look foolish in front of the older guys thats one thing, but if your scared of getting hurt because they play big and fast then your in trouble...

For the first, if your worried about messing up, then just play ball and play it lots. You will get stronger, you will get faster and you will get better all the time you play with them and in less then a couple weeks of steady going you will be noted as one of the recent aquisitions to your local court and therefore earned a place right along side the other guys.

If you are scared of getting hurt or outmuscled by the big guys, then play football or some other collision sport like football. After playing a season of that, you tend to think more along the lines of, "whats the worst they can do to me?". For some odd reason, there is a comfort for me even when I play against 6'9" 290lb centers knowing that they cant get up enough steam to do the same damage as the quick 235lb d-back running down hill on you.

oh yea, and read the forums before you just post, cuz there is a thread just 14 slots or so below this one titled nervousness by determined2win that pretty much covers everthing by itself.
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hito da god
look that way >>>>
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Default Re: Nervous at game time;

just stop thinking when that happens

get really ignorant
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Default Re: Nervous at game time;

Yeah, the best way to put it would be to stop caring how othe will see you and just believe in yourself. But that is so easy to say right? I know, I agree with that too. Well I guess it comes with experience. You didn't mention how long you've been playing basketball on that level.

That is so important. What can you do? Keep practicing to be better and better. There is no secret philosophy behind that. Don't fall for that new program that comes along telling you how to develop amazing, whatever-ability in 1 week. It's all work. It's all practice.

And you know what? I agree with Fallguy20 saying that it really depends on what you're afraid of. That's a valid point. You said that sometimes you are not afraid and sometimes you are. Well, instead of looking at those butterflies as a sign that you're weak, perceive them as a sign that you're actually getting better. Because that's true. You are. When you're most struggling you're getting better. That's not positive thinking, I don't believe in that kind of b.s. It's real.

There are a lot of free website full of tips on basketball and how to become a better player. You don't have to pay for that. I have such a website. It's at
And take everyone's advice. Learn from many people. You can go to youtube and watch the NBA guys play. Try to learn something from that.

Hope that helps,

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