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King Heno
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Originally Posted by clipps
Why don't read my post, dumbass. I never said anything about Cassell being young. I spacifically said that Cassell, a long with many others are STILL ON THE TEAM!!! Meaning that the Clippers have virtually the same roster as last year, but improved because Livingston and Kaman are young, talented and getting better. Do you have a chrystal ball? Why don't you tell me how the Clippers will do after Cassell leaves. Laker fans obviously can predict the future. They try it all the time. The reason why they made a contract offer for Vlad was because the Clippers original plans were to keep Cassell and Vlad so they wouldn't have to mess with any outside freeagents, dipsh!t. Vlad went to your team as you're "savior" so the Clippers signed someone who happened to be a better all around player than Vlad to be one of the backups on the Clippers. I bet if Tim signed with the Lakers, you guys would brag on how great he is, just like with Kwame Brown, Chris Mihm, Smush Parker and the rest of the scrubs on the Lakers not named Kobe and Lamar. Big deal. Kwame Brown was decent in a few playoff games... He's still Kwame Brown and he's still gunna suck. Olowokandi was decent at the end of the 01-02 season but then he turned back into the worthless piece of sh!t that he is now. Why didn't Lamar get picked to be in the all-star game in his career best season with the Heat? And in the east, Lamar would still have a hard time making it with Vince Carter, LeBron James, Paul Pierce, Richard Jefferson, Teyshaun Prince, Antawn Jamison, Jermaine O'Neal, Dwight Howard, Ben Wallace, Emeka Okafor, Chris Bosh... anyone else? Do you think Lamar would make the all-star game in the east? And just because you have a young team doesn't always mean you have a bright future.The only player on the Lakers with a bright future is Bynum... Anyone else? Is Kwame gunna suddenly become a superstar? Is Turiaf gunna be such a great player, how about Sasha, Walton, Mihm, Parker, Farmar, Shammond Williams. All of those players are garbage. The best one out of that group is Mihm and he's a backup at best. All you have is Kobe, Lamar, and Phil. Do you honestly believe that Phil will stay for a long time?

Who cares if the Clippers were "only" 2 games better. First of all, the Clippers were short handed all season with injuries to Ross and maggette. And also playing half a season with no shooter(before thr Wilcox/Radmanovic trade).

The Clippers actually showed up in the playoffs. They defeated the Nuggets in convincing fashion and gave the Suns a much bigger challenge. Elton Brand didn't give up on the Clippers at half time in GAME FREAKIN 7!!!! And the Clippers didn't choke as bad as the lakers did. Sure, a freakin mistake my Cassell in game 5, but any team that can't hold a 3-1 series lead should talk about choking for a long time, idiot.

Don't even bother with KLF's/
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Talking to you is like talking to a crack smoker.
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Dunking on everybody in the park
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Talking To all the Faker fans dissing the Clippernation

If we posted ludricious trash in the FAKER forum, you would be outraged.
Do not expect us to welcome you fools with open arms in the forum
of the most educated NBA fans in LA and SoCA. We appreciate
the game and are not bandwagoners like all you Kobe handjobbers. :stupid:
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