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Originally Posted by defmut
That's what the international friendlies or exhibition games are for dumb*ss.
Bosh wouldn't have made the team if Amare was healthy. Odom probably would have made it over him as well.
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Joey Zaza
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Originally Posted by i seen hippos
bosh was actually putting up some numbers in the exhibition games though. unless you expect coack K to use his psychic powers....

He had one good rebounding game. Otherwise he was about as bad as he is now.
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The Mamba
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Originally Posted by Knoe Itawl
I figured you'd ignore your comments on Wade from before, and if you do reply to this it will be with some sort of "Wade did well but........" type of thing. I also don't suppose you'll be calling Bron a "phony superstar" because of his performance.
Ignore what comments? When did I call either Bron or Wade a phony superstar? I have said some of their performances can give validation or at times credibility to the theory of "fake superstar". But I did not say myself that either of them are "phony superstars". Did you not see these posts earlier where I give Wade props:
If you're going to stalk my posts, make sure you read them.

Nope, what you'll do is continue to go game to game hoping for Wade to play poorly so you can come back in with your "Phony superstar" routine
WTF are you talking about kid? Once again, I never said Wade was a fake superstar. And why the hell do you think I hope that Wade plays poorly? Jesus christ, I want Wade to play well. He represents my hometown, AND my country. I just want his game to get better. As I have said before, if Wade develops a consistent jumper... he will not only be better than Kobe, but undoubtedly be the best guard in the league. IMO.

not addressing the fact that in a tournament like this, players are going to have mediocre games one game and great games the next because of the nature of the way the US team is put together, not because they aren't great players.
I have addressed this. Please read my posts.

And yes, it would be the same for Kobe.
Why do you habitually bring up Kobe Bryant? No one is talking about dude. Man, you got a bigger hard on for Kobe than some of his fans. Why is this? You have like a negative obsession with the guy.

If he has a bad game, I'm not going to come in calling him a "phony superstar" because that would be taking my dislike of him and using it to say something blatantly false.
I have NEVER called one of these players a "phony superstar". Prove me otherwise. No seriously, prove it to me where I said this. So once again, don't address me with ridiculous statements I didn't make.
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