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LALakerFan4Life 09-28-2006 05:57 AM Interview With Quim of Jersey Mob

StreetHop sat down with Quim from the Jerzey Mob to discuss the current state of the Mob, his future involvment in Tupac releases (Quim produced on 'Pac's Still I Rise and R U Still Down?) and the future.

Streethop: So tell us, what has the Jerzey Mob been up to recently?

Quim: s*** man you know the Mob been struggling and juggling; aint nothing new this is not a game.We still in the hood like roaches, still trying to make s*** happen though. You failure aint a option 'round here. We aint got no choice but to hustle and make s*** happen aint nobody giving us s*** so we gotta take s***!. Trying to stay sucka free too because its alotta b**** a*** ****** out there and I aint tryin to waste no more time wit no fake a** ****** round me because ****** aint s***. I already know; trust..

Streethop: Who are the current members and what happened to those who left?

Quim: Only niggazs left in the Mob is the ****** that was down from day one. I have no idea what other cats is doin. Jerz Mob is official though that name ring bells in the streets in and out of
the country, the Mob got fans everywhere. I put it down like that. I dont know nothin bout that other s*** this Jerz Mob 4 Life!

Streethop: Are you going to be working on any future Tupac releases?

Quim: I probably wont be working on any future 2Pac releases. Why? ****** dont f*** with us. We Outlawz for real. Ask them dudes that s***. ****** been shut that window on us. Its whatever though, my s*** dont stop Im that n**** regardless. I get mine, I always did with or without ******

Streethop: How are current ties with The Outlawz and Fatal?

Quim: Who? We the NEW Outlawz.

Streethop: How do you feel about the Tupac legacy in 2006?

Quim: The Tupac legacy still lives on, I dont think that s*** ever gone die. Black Jesus for real. His legacy lives on through so many other people too. Pac is everywhere. I dont think him or Kadafi would be so happy about a few things though, they would be highly upset at a few jokers. s*** would be a lot different if either one of them n***** was here, lotta n***** woulda got smacked and put in check. Ever heard about "the hand of Kadafi"? Them n***** was the real heart and soul of the Outlawz...

Streethop: Suge has recently restarted Death Row East, considering ya all were the original artists on Death Row East, has Suge been in contact with you and is it something you would consider?

Quim: Nah we aint spoke to him but if he can do some things for us, hey, whatever its all negotiable. Hook it up.

Streethop: What projects can we expect to see on Jerzey Mob Recordz in 2006 or 2007?

Quim: Be on the lookout for a new mixtape, Gates & Dolo, Dirty Bert's EP, the NEW Outlawz, and a Quimmy Quim's ghetto star greatest hits. Plus we also connecting with Youngline Records and The Cartel and releasing a Cartel Mob album, be on the look out!

Streethop: Is there anything else you want to say?

Quim: Keep supporting and tell n***** stay out the hood.

Make sure to hit up the official Jerzey Mob Records forum at

insidehoops 09-28-2006 11:18 AM

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