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Basketball_Guru 06-04-2009 09:56 AM

2009 NBA Mock Draft - 1st Round
2009 NBA Mock Draft - 1st Round

1) Los Angeles Clippers

Biggest position need: 1st - PG, 2nd - C, 3rd - PF

Baron Davis won't get this team far anytime soon, and the Clippers do need to look into an eventual replacement. Rookie SG Eric Gordan looks like something special, and SF Al Thorton is another young stud that can be counted on for times to come. Now Marcus camby is getting up their in age, and their are many question marks as to whether C Chris Kaman is really the Center than can help get this team back on track. Unless they had a Mike Beasley already playing the PF position, it does not matter what position needs what the most, when you have a player like Blake Griffen in the draft, it is a no brainer than he will be the selection, even with Zach Randolph (who is still in his prime and putting up 20/10 type numbers), Blake Griffen is the franchise player that could finally turn things around for the "other" team in the Staples Center. However, if Zach Randolph is still their Blake Griffen may not, start right away, but still, obvious selection.

Pick: PF Blake Griffen 6'9 250lbs - Oklahoma So.

2) Memphis Grizzles

Biggest Position need: 1st - PF, 2nd - PG, 3rd - C

Now Blake Griffen would have a perfect fit in Memphis rather than L.A (Clippers), but since we're all 101% sure Blake will be selected 1st, the Grizzles now have some work to do and descisions to make. They could either go in two directions, big man or little man. Marc Gasol is very talented, but lacks solid defensives mechanics, and can be a liability of incosistent nights too often. As for the point guard, the Grizzles got Orlando's 1st round pick in the Alston trade. With this year's draft being more guard heavy then Center heavy, I say go for the better big men when you can. Hasheem Thabeet is extremely raw, even on the defensive side of the ball, but one thing is for sure, you put him in the game right now at 7'3, 265lbs he can get you defensive rebounds, block or at least alter shots, and some extra 2nd chance oppurnities with his length and ability to tip the ball either to himself or other teammates. He has a lot of potential is a very good athlete.

Pick: C - Hasheem Thabeet 7-3 265lbs - UCONN Jr.

3) Oklahoma City Thunder

Biggest Position need: 1st - SG, 2nd - C, 3rd - PF

Although Jeff Green is solid young player, he is defensively out of position playing at the power foward position, he is a true SF and wing man with size and the reason he can't play SF, is because the Thunder have Kevin Durant playing that spot and not the SG. PG Russel Westbrook is a standout athlete and is the future PG for years to come, as it seems. Although SG Kyle Weaver is a nice player who has a high IQ, good defensive mind, and can make players with or without the ball, he isn't an ideal starter for a playoff type team but would be a ideal 6th man for a playoff team. Thabo Sefolosha isn't your guy, you would want a guy on this team that plays defense to imply his defensive will on the rest of the group to make them better, not just a guy who can fill it up with 20+ ppg a night. That dont have a true PF or a real C either, and as I said before with the huge gape between big man at the top and bottom, it would better to go for the big men now. Even though D.J White(PF) is a nice young player, the pick is PF Jordan Hill from Arizona. He is tough on the inside and although he has a really raw offensive game, he brings intensity on the defensive end and the glass every night, and maybe he could trigger the Thunder into moving Jeff Green and Durant down in the respective postions.

Pick: PF - Jordan Hill 6-10 235lbs - Arizona Jr.

4) Sacramento Kings

Biggest Position need: 1st - PG, 2nd - SF, 3rd - C

The Kings have their scorer in Kevin Martin, and two young solid front line players in PF Jason Thompson and C Spencer Hawes, although you would love to add depth to your front line the kings need to be more focused on a true PG and a 3 man who can help guide this team defensively. The Kings could reach and get Earl Clark and place him at the three who is a big player with good defensive abilities and rebounding, however that is too much of a reach and too much talent being passed. Therefore it is perfect oppurtunity to get a special PG for the future in Ricky Rubio. Although he isn't entirely athletic, he is quick, long for a PG a 6'4, and has a unique ability to handle the ball the find his teammates to get them involved, watching him in the 2008 olympics against the world's best was amazing, he started for Team Spain and played good against the likes of the Chris Paul's an Deron Willams. The best part about him is that he has being playing professional since he was 14, and now he is only 18 years old but with tons of experience at high levels of the game.

Pick: PG - Ricky Rubio 6-4 180lbs - Spain 18yrs old

Basketball_Guru 06-04-2009 09:57 AM

Re: 2009 NBA Mock Draft - 1st Round
5) Washington Wizards

Biggest Position needs: All positions

Although the Wizards have decent young players in pretty much every position: PG - Javaris Crittenton, SG - Nick Young, PF - Andre Blatche, C - JaVale McGee, they do not have players that are future all stars or players that look like that can carry this team in the future, because the Arenas, Butler, and Jamison train is almost all but over. The Wiz' can't go wrong with any pick not even SF because the present looks dim, but future looks somewhat bright, so the Wizards can either go for the best talent available or the best player you could potentially build your franchise around. Since the Wizards do not have any young guys that they can build a franchise around, it would be better to go for that kind of player rather than the best talented who would better help right away but not for the long term. That is why the pick should be SG DeMar DeRozan from USC. Although he has alot to work on, he is best suited to build your franchise around because he is a great athlete, nice size for a guard a 6-6 210lbs, and he only spent 1 year in USC so he is still very young.

Pick: SG - DeMar DeRozan 6-6 210lbs, USC Fr.

6) Minnesota Timberwolves

Biggest Position needs: 1st - PG, 2nd - SG,

The T-Wolves have their Center in the young man Al Jefferson who has put up now 2 straight 20ppg/10rpg seasons (although the 2nd season got cut short with ACL injury), rookie Kevin Love is a solid big man at the PF and he is a rebounding machine, and SF Ryan Gomes had his breakout year in a sense, and really showed his skill when Jefferson got hurt. SG Corery Brewer is a nice young player although he also had his season cut short with injuries. G Randy Foye had his coming out season as well and also played up to tempo. The problem is the team has no true PG and they do not have much depth at the 1 spot, so I say the pick is PG Stephen Curry out of Davidson, the reason I get Curry the nod over PG Brandon Jennings is because Curry is a underrated and elite passer that people do not recognize, now in college he definitely was a shoot first, pass second type guard, but seeing him convert to PG and show off some of his court awareness abilities, I'm sure, has some scouts really liking Steph. He is 6'3, an excellent shooter, and a great floor leader, and I'm positive he would want to pass it more and get more guys involved because these guys he would be playing with would be a huge increase over those guys he played with at Davidson, Steph has never played with a true big, let alone two and he could really be the missing link that helps progress this team foward.

Pick: PG - Stephen Curry 6-3 185lbs, Davidson Jr.

7) Golden State Warriors

Biggest Position needs: 1st - C, 2nd - PF, 3rd - SF

This is guard heavy team, especially because Coach Don Nelson likes to play the small ball. All that is fun to watch, but the only way the Warriors could ever make a run into the playoffs is having a big man, that can rebound and defend, Biedrins can only rebound, he can't defend or score down low because he is not a true big man. Monta Ellis looks like the franchise player and Anthony Morrow broke out at the end of the year along with G C.J Watson to play the two. Stephen Jackson is still the face of the franchise playing the 3 or 2, because Corery Maggette can be the designated 6th man who is quite capable to produce. The problem is this team is too thin on the front line and play no defense, giving up far too many points in the paint. Biedrins, Randolph, Turiaf, and Wright cannot defend the better big men in the West, so it is Vital the Warriors draft a big that can not only defend, but be a inside presence on the defensive end as to where his other teammates will start to become accountable for their defense as well. Since the next availabe true big will be quite a reach, they should draft a SF because Jackson and Maggette are getting up their in age, so draft a SF that can defend, because that is the only way that team will get better. Earl Clark from Louisville is 6'10, he can guard and play the 3 or 4 position and is solid defender with a lot of potential, this pick makes the most sense, unless they trade down.

Pick: SF/PF - Earl Clark 6'10 230lbs - Louisville Jr.

8) New York Knicks

Biggest Position needs: 1st - SG, 2nd - C, 3rd - PG

The Knicks have a somewhat optimistic future with a lot of solid young talent. David Lee is playing very nice for NY, but he would be better suited at the PF position because Lee isn't exactly the ideal size for a true C at only 6'9 240lbs, but he would be a very dominate PF for years to come, especially with the way he can finish around the rim and rebound on both sides of the floor. As for the PG position, Chris Duhon is a nice PG, but he isn't your future PG, but he can stabilize that position for the next 4 or 5 years, while Nate Robinson is ideal for coming off the bench because of his immeadiate scoring abilities. Then turn to the SG role, Larry Hughes is 30, and Quentin Richardson is 29 while neither are true starters who can defend and make plays for others especially on a winning team like NY is trying to become. The Knicks are loaded at the SF position with Wilson Chandler being a young stud, and Danilo Galinari showed positive signs at the end of last year as well. I say the team goes for SG, since their arent anymore top 10 big man left on the board. James Harden, Sophmore from Arizona State. He has nice size at 6-5 222lbs, but he needs to lose a little bit more weight so he can get in to more shape. Isn't the quickest guard out their, but he basketball skills proceeds all of that. He is an excellent scorer with great basketball IQ, he would fit right into the Knicks high-scoring offense right away.

Pick - SG James Harden 6'5 222lbs - Arizona St. So.

9) Toronto Rapters

Biggest Position needs: 1st - SG, 2nd - C, 3rd - PG

The Raptors are coming off a very disappointing year and C Jermaine O'Neal did not work out for the team at all. PG Jose Calderon spent most of the season hurt, and although SF/PF/C Andrea Bargnani played great down the stretch the Raptors are still unsure as to where exactly he fits position wise, and if Chris Bosh should play PF or C. Neither CB or AB are true C's, although Chris Bosh can produce at the spot it all comes down to defending, It seems Bargnani is too slow to defend small fowards and too weak to bruise with Centers, but never the less those two players are very talented and gifted players. SG Anthony Parker played well at his position but isn't more than a bench/role player for a great time that the Raptors are tying to achieve. The Raptors need a scorer/athlete/distributor at the two spot. Chris Bosh is already the franchise player (hoping that he stays in Toronto), so it would be best to draft the best talented SG availabe. Tyreke Evans from Memphis is a very gifted athlete who has a nice size at 6'6 219lbs, and he can score the ball effectively. He still has alot to work on but would be a nice fit for Jose in the backcourt.

Pick - SG Tyreke Evans 6-6 219;bs - Memphis Fr.

Basketball_Guru 06-04-2009 09:58 AM

Re: 2009 NBA Mock Draft - 1st Round
10) Milwaukee Bucks

Biggest Position needs: 1st - SG, 2nd - C, 3rd - PF

The Bucks have found their PG for the future in G Ramon Sessions who played great in his 2nd pro year, while Charlie Villanueva and Andrew Bogut (although was hurt) solidified their positions on the front line. Richard Jefferson is a top 10 SF and rookie Joe Alexander will only get better at the SF spot. Their only hole is their bench of course, and their SG spot. Charlie Bell had nice games but he is 30 years old and isn't a starter in the NBA for a great team, and Michael Redd is also getting up their in age. The team needs a SG that can defend and shoot, because as a rookie the SG, will be the last option with all the other players in that starting position. Gerald Henderson from Duke, has good size at 6'4 210lbs, he is a great athlete with a great leaping ability, his strength and quickness allows him to guard multiple positions.

Pick - SG Gerald Henderson 6'4 210lbs - Duke So.

11) New Jersey Nets

Biggest Position needs: 1st - SF, 2nd - PF, 3rd - SG

With Vince Carter's time in New Jersey being over extended for unquestionable reasons, it can only be a matter of time till he is no longer a Net, and as of right now (without VC) the only sure positions for the Nets are All-Star's Devin Harris' at PG, and Broke Lopez's at the C, every where else is a question mark. Although Chris Douglas Roberts played well at the end of the season at the SG spot, and Yi Jianlian showed signs of improvement at the PF, the Nets have nothing for the SF (with VC gone in the future). Pick can go to SG/SF Chase Budinger from Arizona, he has great size at 6'7, he is very athletic and is a decent scorer, he has to work on getting stronger and better at defending but still would be a solid 3 in the NBA.

Pick - SF Chase Budingder 6'7 217lbs - Arizona Jr.

12) Charlotte Bobcats

Biggest Position needs: 1st - SG, 2nd - PF, 3rd - PG

The Bobcats are coming off their best win total in franchise history, and it seems coach Larry Brown is beggining to mold his team into a playoff contender. This team was great at defense, but poor at scoring. Giving up Jason Richardson for Bell and Diaw helped the Bobcats become a better defensive team, but Raja Bell maybe better suited at coming off the bench, as well as Boris Diaw if he were to play the PF position. Wayne Ellington from Duke could fit into this system, he would be a great complement to point guards Raymond Felton and D.J Augustine. Maynor is an excellent shooter and is an solid defender. He also has nice size to play on the NBA level.

Pick - SG Wayne Ellington 6'5 194lbs - UNC Jr.

13) Indiana Pacers

Biggest Position needs: 1st - PG, 2nd - C, 3rd - SG

Danny Granger had his breakout season at the SF position, nodding his first all star games, at the PF, Troy Murphy solidified his position as one of the better and more versitile Fowards in the NBA. Roy Hibbert show some flashes at the C, but may not be more than a first big off the bench, type of player. At the point T.J Ford and Jarret Jack turned in nice perfomances at the point, but neither plays any defense and their value wasn't all that high, with the ball primarily being in Danny Granger's hands. The Pacers need either another center or a guard that could slow other point guards down on the defensive end. Brandon Jennings is an extremely athletic and gifted guard, but defense is the last thing on his agenda. So it would be better to go for an experienced and floor leader at the point. Ty Lawson from UNC is just that, he may be short at 6'0 but he is a big and strong PG at 195lbs, and on the offensive end it is nearly impossible to stay in front of him, he has to work on his shooting but he could be one of the better PG's in the NBA.

Pick - PG Ty Lawson 6'0 195lbs - UNC Sr.

14) Phoenix Suns

Biggest Position needs: All positions except PF

The Suns are an extremely old team that is only getting older, and unfortunetely with not alot of young talent that will be their when their gone. Steve Nash is old, Shaq is really old, Grant Hill is really, really old, and Jason Richardson is also up their in age. Leandro Barbosa is better suited for a 6th man role rather than being a starter, and Amare Stodimare is the only sure thing going on for the Suns at this point. Last year's 1st round pick for the Suns, C Robin Lopez looks like it is a wasted one for he is no more than a garbage man, Goran Dragic has a long shot of being a solid starter for a playoff team, and Jared Dudley is the same way. The Suns cannot go wrong with just about any pick, but It should be one the Suns look to build their franchise around because they do not have any young players like that right now. Brandon Jennings who played in Italy could fit in a offense like the Suns have, he is an explosive and athletic guard who can make plays for himself almost automatically. He has to work on getting others involved and work on his defense. But he would fit perfectly in the Phoenix offense and other young players in Phoenix would like running up and down the court with him as well.

Pick - Brandon Jennings 5'11 175lbs - Italy (19yrs)

15.) Detroit Pistons

Biggest Position needs: 1st - C, 2nd - PF, 3rd - PG

The Pistons had a huge let down from the Iverson Billups trade and with Iverson's and Rasheed's contracts expiering, expect neither to return to Detroit. Also McDyess will probaly not return to Detroit, because he really wants to win a ring, and Detroit is in it's rebuilding phase. Which means they have a huge gap on the front line. Rodney Stuckey isn't a real PG, and WIll Bynum isnt a starter PG for a championship team. But with the big men beginning to resurface on the board again, this would be perfect time to grab one. B.J Mullens from Ohio State is a project, however he has great size, at 7'0 265lbs, and he is a gifted athlete and scorer. He is decent at blocking shots, and could really be a force with down the road in Detroit. He needs to work on his body, and defense but could start right away for Detroit and begin progressing from their.

Pick - C B.J Mullens 7-0 265lbs - Ohio St. Fr.

Basketball_Guru 06-04-2009 09:59 AM

Re: 2009 NBA Mock Draft - 1st Round
16.) Chicago Bulls

Biggest Position needs: 1st - PF, 2nd - SG, 3rd - PG

After a nice season the Bulls only look to get better. The Bulls rookie of the year Derrick Rose was great, but with Kirk Hinrich probaly not being their in the future, shows and open spot on the bench. SG Ben Gordon is a great player but again Kirk Hinrich was the first guard off the bench to relieve either of the two, and with Kirk probaly being gone soon the Bulls need to look for a back up, but with PF Tyrus Thomas who is great athlete and talented young player, he is not a true PF and the Bulls need more muscle, defense, and rebounding on the front line. This is a perfect pick for Pittsburghs DeJaun Blair. He is an animal on both sides of the glass, has a huge body at 287lbs so he can bang with the big guys right away, and for the most part can finish around the rim. He needs to work on his offense a bit more, but would fit great with the Bulls.

Pick - PF/C DeJaun Blair 6-7 287lbs - Pittsburgh So.

17.) Philadelphia 76ers

Biggest Position needs: 1st - SG, 2nd - C, 3rd - PG

The Sixers PG Andre Miller put up some of the best numbers for a PG last year, however, he is over 30 year's old and the team needs to look for an eventual replacement. SG Willie Green isn't a real starter, and G Louis WIlliams is better coming off the bench for the 76ers because he can sastify both the SG and PG positions. At SF, Andre Igoudala is a star, while Elton Brand will look to rebound from his injury and they seem to already have his successor in PF Marreese Speights. C Samuel Dalemburt is only 27, and a decent C, so the only real concern is that starting SG role. If you were to move Green to the back up SG and Louis Williams, strictly to the back up PG role, it gives you more depth off the bench. Andre Igoudala can basically play the two spot and then drafting a SF would be the same thing, the 76ers just need another wing man to run with AI. James Johnson from Wake Forest could fit right in Philadelphia. He has a ideal size at 6'8, and can finish around the rim pretty well. He has to work on his shooting and defense but could fit nicely in Phily.

Pick - SF James Johnson 6'8 235lbs - Wake Forest So.

18.) Minnesota Timberwolves

Biggest Position needs (after 1st pick): 1st - SG, 2nd - SF, 3rd - PF

With a prediction of picking Steph Curry, the T-Wolves should have all 5 starting positions filled up..even if Steph Curry does not start right away. At the SG position, Rodney Carney played solid in the 2nd half of the season while, in the 1st half Corery Brewer also played solid before he was out for the season with an injury. If they move G Randy Foye to the SG spot then their all fine at the position, but if not, why not go for another SG or another big man to add depth with K-Love and Al Jefferson. PF Gani Lawal from Georgia Tech would be a nice fit for Minnesota. He can play the 4 position and with work to his outside shot and ball handling abilities he could then also play the 3 or 4 giving the team alot of flexibility off the bench. He has alot to work on with his offensive game, but is a great athlete and is real physical around the rim, he is also real young coming out as a sophmore so he has plenty of potential.

PIck - PF Gani Lawal 6'9 233lbs - Georgia Tech So.

19.) Atlanta Hawks

Biggest Position needs: 1st - C, 2nd - PF, 3rd - PG

Atlanta is a good team, but problem is their really undersized in the front line, and bigger teams like Cleveland will destroy them all the times on the boards (Cavs swept the Hawks 4-0 this year). Al Hortford is a nice young player but he isn't big enough at 6-9 to play Center. Josh Smith is a wing man who is too small, and does not have the skill or size to play PF. Marvin Williams is also undersized and is also a true SF, not a PF. The back court is also a question mark, although SG Joe Johnson is an All-star and great player, PG Mike Bibby is getting up their in age, and they do not have a replacement for him at the time. PG Johny Flynn out of Syracuse would be a nice fit for the Hawks since their arent any C's for a while on the board. Not only could he be the replacement for Mike Bibby, but Flynn is already NBA ready, because he is so athletic, and his strength procedes alot of the other guards. He needs to work on his defense and jump shooting but he has an excellent feel for the game and should step right in and contribute on a NBA level.

Pick - PG Johny Flynn 6-0 186lbs - Syracuse So.

20.) Utah Jazz

Biggest Position needs: 1st - SG, 2nd - SF, 3rd - PF

The Jazz were knocked right out of the playoffs by the Lakers, one, due to the inability of SG Ronnie Brewer to hit any wide open jumpshots, Kobe literally dared him to shoot, because Brewer's shooting was so poor. Since AK-47 comes off the bench as a sixth man, SF C.J Miles is not a starter, and the Jazz can not afford to keep both PF Millsap and Boozer, and with Millsap being younger, Boozer won't be around too much longer. Their fine at C with Mehmet Okur, and rookie Kosta Koufos played well. The Jazz have also have NO back up point guard, because Brevon Knight was aweful. SG Jrue Holiday From UCLA would be a nice fit for Utah. He can either fill in at the two, or play back up point guard with his combo guard abilities. Although his numbers werent great at UCLA, he is only a freshmen with alot of potential, and is really athletic, he could turn out to be one of the better picks in this years draft.

Pick - PG/SG Jrue Holiday 6-2 205lbs - UCLA Fr.

21.) New Orleans Hornets

Biggest Position needs: 1st - SG, 2nd - SF, 3rd - C

The Hornets had a let down from a season ago, and questions are starting to linger about this team. Their main concern is their wing positions. SG Rasual Butler is one dimensional as is Peja's, the Hornets do not have a guy on the wing that can take the load off CP3's hands, and PF David West' as well. PG/SG Jeff Teague from Wake Forest would be a great fit for the Hornets. He has a nice size if he were to play PG at 6'2 175lbs, and he is a solid shooter, he has to work in his defense and being more consistent offensively but has a great talent.

Pick - PG/SG Jeff Teague 6-2 175lbs - Wake Forest So.

Basketball_Guru 06-04-2009 09:59 AM

Re: 2009 NBA Mock Draft - 1st Round
22.) Dallas Mavericks

Biggest Position needs: 1st - PG - 2nd - SG, 3rd - C

The Mavericks are one of the older teams in the NBA and they pretty much can't go wrong with any pick for a future player, however, the Mavs are in a win now mode, and the team doesnt have any real SG, Juan Jose Berea is far too small to guard anybody, as well as Jason Terry who basically just can't play defense. Wright isn't more than 9th or 10th man off the bench, and was starting for the Mavs. They could grab a guy that could potentially this year, come in a start at SG for the Mavs who could not take over games, but at least create his own shot, when SF Josh Howard decides he want's to play bad. Terrence Williams from Louisville could fit right into this scheme. He has a wonderful size at 6'6 213lbs and he is a gifted athlete, who has alot of versitility in his game, the only problem his, he doesn't have much of an offensive game (yet), and he needs to quickly work on his ball handling and shooting, however, with his athleticism, floor-awareness, and defensive ability (although, that too, needs work) will have this young man playing noticible minutes right away on the NBA level.

Pick - SG/SF Terrence Williams 6'6 213lbs - Louisville Sr.

23.) Sacramento Kings

Biggest Position needs: (after 1st pick) 1st - SF, 2nd - C, 3rd - PF

The Kings are still waiting to see if last year's rookie they traded for in Donte Green will come through, but the Kings even with two guys they think are locks to start at the front line in C Specer Hawes and PF Jason Thompson, those guys still need time to improve and adding depth at that position never hurts, however with those two guys being the probable starters for the future you can still add young and big man depth through free agency. SF Francisco Garcia may not be a starter for a championship team, and Nocioni isn't the long term guy, so drafting SF/PF Omri Casspi, who is a big, versitile athlete could potentially be the SF for the Kings in the future, and could be once again remind the Kings fans of the former Euro star in Sacramento in Peja. Casspi is a 6'9 211lbs athlete who can really score, and he isn't too bad on the boards either. He has to work on distributing the ball and making plays for others, while being able to guard on the NBA level, but he can for sure come in right away and score double digits in this league, he has the tools.

Pick - SF/PF Omri Casspi 6-9 211lbs - Israel (21yrs)

24.) Portland Trailblazers

Biggest Position needs: 1st - C, 2nd - SF, 3rd - PG

The Blazers are loaded with talent, and this team will only get better at a high increasing rate, they have solid young talent in every position, so they can almost draft any player, specifially the best talent available, except for SG, because not only is G Brandon Roy the franchise player, but G Rudy Furnandez showed his worth as a rookie and PF LaMarcus Aldridge is also a soon to be all-star. Although PG Jerryld Bayless is still improving he looks like he will be really good down the road, and so is SF Nicolas Batum, who also shows great potential as well. However, PF Travis Outlaw may be looking to play else where because he is a starter in this league, but can't start for this team, and C Greg Oden's often injury status leaves the team prone on the front line. PF Tyler Hansbrough from UNC could make a contribution to the team right away. He may not be extremly quick or fast, and may not have the ideal height either, but he can come in and grab rebounds with his strength and aggressiveness, and as we saw on the NCAA level, he has a knack for getting to the free throw line. Although it would be more difficult on this level, Tyler would be an ideal fit, for a big coming off the bench. He is also strong enough to finish around the basket when his teammates find him open.

Pick - PF Tyler Hansbrough 6'9 234lbs - UNC Sr.

25.) Oklahoma City Thunder

Biggest Position needs (after 1st pick): 1st - SG, 2nd - C , 3 - PF

Eric Maynor from VCU would fit perfectly with the Thunder, his 3pt shooting ability as well as his combo guard experience at being able to find the open man would help this offensive team out, now just like the rest of the team, Maynor has to learn how to defend better, but would be a solid pick at this team.

Pick - SG Eric Maynor 6'2 183lbs - VCU Sr.
26.) Chicago Bulls

Biggest Position needs (after 1sst pick): 1st - SG, 2nd - PG, 3rd - SF

The Bulls will need help with their back court a little bit, but only for back up reason which is really important, say injury, suspension, trade, or even foul trouble while in game, could all make the back up positions in the back court very vital. Of course Derrick Rose is the future PG for years, but Ben Gordon is a free agent, and Kirk Hinrich might be looking to start somewhere, because he is a true PG. Sam Young from Pittsburgh would not be a bad choice here. He possess very good athleticism, and can run the floor, especially with a team like the Bulls. He has the shot to play on the wing, and the body to drive to the basket and play defense against either SG or SF. He has to work on his dribbling, however, to becoming a more effective scorer.

Pick - SG/SF Sam Young 6'6 223lbs - PIttsburgh Sr.

27.) Memphis Grizzles

Biggest Position needs (after 1st pick): 1st - PG, 2nd - PF

If the Grizz' draft Thabeet to play the C, Marc Gasol would love to move down to the PF where he would really excel with his size and talent. So that leaves a spot at the PG spot. The team trade back up PG Kyle Lowry to the Rockets, and that just leaves Mike Conley Jr. Although he is nice, you can either leave him as your starting PG, or hope to get a guy who can be a gem, and eventually start at the point. Whether he starts or not, Toney Douglas from Florida St would be a nice fit for the team. With his ability to play the 1 or the 2, he could be the Kirk Hinrich(Bulls) of the Grizzles. He plays between positions, but does not posses the playmaking and vision or the size and explosiveness to ever assume full time duty at either guard spot, which could help the Grizzles out a whole bunch.

Pick - PG/SG Toney Douglas 6'2 183lbs - Florida St. Sr.

28.) Minnesota Timberwolves

Biggest Position needs (After 2nd Pick): 1st - PG, 2nd - SF, 3rd - C

The team knows Rodney Carney, Corery Brewer, Randy Foye, Ryan Gomes, and Mike Miller, all posses more than enough skill to occupy the 3 and 2 spots, but even with the prediction of taking Curry, the team may still want to add another guard for depth reasons. Darren Collison from UCLA, would be an ideal fit for the T-Wolves and to play the back up PG role. He left as a senior but has been playing around so many (eventual) NBA players (played with Minnesota's Kevin Love), and has been to numerous final fours, this guys would already come in with some level a maturity right away, he is a great defender despite being undersized, and can hit the open three. He does need to get stronger on the next level.

Pick - PG Darren Collinson 6'1 166lbs - UCLA Sr.
29.) Los Angeles Lakers

Biggest Position needs: 1st - PF, 2nd - PG, 3rd - C

The Lakers if they were to look into the future say 4 or 5 years from now, when Kobe is either just retiring or getting ready to, when Pau Gasol will be up their in age, Derek Fisher retired, and Odom probally gone, the Lakers will surely miss those guys but people need to see the Lakers have a strong future too. C Andrew Bynum is only 21, and will be a dominant center in about 2 or 3 maybe 4 or 5 years, SF Trevor Ariza is proving his worth as a starter, Jordan Farmar and Shannon Brown look as if they could start for this team in 3 to 5 years. The only they they do not have for the future, is Gasol's eventually replacement. PF Taj Gibson from USC would be a great pick, he would be a hometown kid, and with his size and skill could fit right in as Gasol's eventual replacement. He has the height at 6'10 to play in the post but needs to gain weight for he is only 214lbs, but he does posses nice skill and athleticism to play on the next level.

Pick - PF Taj Gibson 6'10 214lbs - USC Jr. (#22)

30.) Cleveland Cavaliers

Biggest Position needs: 1st - C, 2nd - PF, 3rd - SG

This team's bench did not show up in the playoffs at all, and the front line, collapsed down the stretch as well. Lebron needs someone that can make an immeadiate impact right away or else, he is gone to the NY. SG/SF Tyler Smith from Tennessee is a great athlete and solid scorer and could come in and help this Cavs bench out right away, giving Lebron a true back up and not Wally.

Pick - SG/SF Tyler Smith 6'7 215lbs - TENN So.

GOBB 06-04-2009 11:36 AM

Re: 2009 NBA Mock Draft - 1st Round
Sixers pass up PG prospects Flynn, Holliday and Teague to draft a SF which they have in Thaddeus Young. And moving Willie Green to SG will give you probably the only starter in the NBA without a 3pt shot. Brilliant, no really brilliant.

Posterize246 06-04-2009 11:39 AM

Re: 2009 NBA Mock Draft - 1st Round

Originally Posted by GOBB
Sixers pass up PG prospects Flynn, Holliday and Teague to draft a SF which they have in Thaddeus Young. And moving Willie Green to SG will give you probably the only starter in the NBA without a 3pt shot. Brilliant, no really brilliant.

lol he says our biggest needs are SG, C, and PG and he drafts a SF.:oldlol:

wang4three 06-04-2009 12:32 PM

Re: 2009 NBA Mock Draft - 1st Round
chase buddinger.....

Kebab Stall 06-04-2009 12:46 PM

Re: 2009 NBA Mock Draft - 1st Round
Just so you know, you posted a Stephen Curry mix for Earl Clark.

GOBB 06-04-2009 12:51 PM

Re: 2009 NBA Mock Draft - 1st Round

Originally Posted by Posterize246
lol he says our biggest needs are SG, C, and PG and he drafts a SF.:oldlol:


Basketball_Guru 06-04-2009 07:01 PM

Re: 2009 NBA Mock Draft - 1st Round
first off i said move green to the bench not SG..he already is the starting SG..and u can always draft what exactly u need without passin on i said u can move AI to the 2 and James Johnson be your 3..although Thaddeus Young played great in down the stretch he is also a bench player..and my bad on the earl clark b..but 4 ur sixers fan..1 learn how to read..2..learn somethin about bball

Basketball_Guru 06-04-2009 07:05 PM

Re: 2009 NBA Mock Draft - 1st Round
its called lookin at it from a wing man perspective..the 2 and 3's are the wings..and AI is equipped to play either that leaves a gap at the 3..I in my opinion think T.Y is better suited 4 the TEam coming off the bench and eeven if u start T.Y u dont have a back up 3..

Basketball_Guru 06-04-2009 07:06 PM

Re: 2009 NBA Mock Draft - 1st Round
come on now..the Eagles are my beloved team..i love the dont tell me u guys didnt think this whole thing through..

The Big Skinny 06-04-2009 07:08 PM

Re: 2009 NBA Mock Draft - 1st Round
E. Maynor needs to become a better defender? he is one of the best on ball defenders in the draft IMO, i know he has a frail body, but he can D up with the best of them

A.M.G. 06-04-2009 07:20 PM

Re: 2009 NBA Mock Draft - 1st Round
There are many problems with this mock, as with any mock. So I'll just point out the glaring ones.

I really don't think Thabeet and Hill will both go top 3, but it's not entirely outlandish. Thabeet to Memphis would be ugly, what, is Marc Gasol going to play PF? He's too big and slow. Not sure the Thunder would bite on Hill (maybe Thabeet), they just got rid of Chris WIlcox, now they draft a slightly better version of him?

Stephen Curry to Minnesota at #6, absolutely not happening.

Harden falling to #8?

Chase Budinger going #11??? Come on now.

Brandon Jennings falling to #14??

The Sixers drafting a ANOTHER SMALL FORWARD???? They already have Iggy and Thad to choose from.

Jrue Holiday to the Jazz doesn't make much sense, dude will not be able to play SG in the NBA.

T-Will falling to #22 is unlikely. Not impossible, but very unlikely.

Darren Collison is not a first rounder anymore IMO, but we'll see. Either way, the T-Wolves should be drafting a far superior PG much sooner.

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