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hle_81 06-18-2006 10:20 AM

shaquille o'neal
are you rooting for shaq in the finals? i'm happy that he's doing well in miami, & hope he gets his 4th ring this yr. i don't see why laker's fans hate shaq after all he's done for the lakers.

traditionone 06-18-2006 10:57 AM

I don't hate Shaq. His interviews are great. He's very likeable and very dominant when he was in his prime.

I'm just not a Miami Heat fan. When they had their rivalry with the Knicks, I wanted Ewing to get a ring, so I rooted against the Heat. When Shaq went there, I pulled for them for awhile, but now, I just don't care about the Heat. I don't really care about Dallas either.

I want to see an exciting series and this series hasn't been that.

Spiderman08 24 06-18-2006 11:40 AM

I hate Shaq. He can fukkin die for all I care. Snaq is an idiot, an attention whore and it's gonna be a terrible thing if he wins a 4th ring. God's not going to allow that, I hope. Come on God, be a pal...don't let that idiot get a 4th ring.

VCDrivesAPorscheToWork 06-18-2006 01:02 PM

GOd's already not letting Kobe win a 4th ring.

lakerfreak 06-19-2006 06:06 AM

I can't forgive him for alot of the things he HASN'T done.

yall do the math (leave God out of this you atheists)

Kobe#1fan 06-20-2006 03:47 PM


Originally Posted by VCDrivesAPorscheToWork
GOd's already not letting Kobe win a 4th ring.

Kobe#1fan] Kobe will win a ring sooner than you think. Kobe is the greatest player ever point blank period, and anyone that disagrees is a hater. people say jordan for the wrong reasons, being the best does not mean how many rings you have it's who's better. Kobe is better in all these ways like it or not shooting,dribbling,quicker,faster,stronger,and passing, yeah I said it passing kobe was basically the point guard during the shaq kobe era!:stupid:

lakerfreak 06-20-2006 05:01 PM

good point...So since Steve kerr has more championships than Kobe does that mean Steve is better? NOOOTTTT.

Kobe was the facilitator in the triangle offense when Shaq was here.

Thats why he was our team leader in assists every year.

But honestly Kobe isn't too far from a championship. we need one more guy that can compete with Duncan.

SoCalMike 06-28-2006 01:59 AM

Shaq or Mark Cuban... HMMMMMM... which is worse... lol

Seriously, I do not like Dallas, so I was rooting for the Heat... but not for Shaq.... more for Wade, Mourning, and Payton.... I am glad they got rings.

lakerfreak 06-28-2006 06:15 AM

Kuptchak's comments
well at least Shaq didn't comment about it. But Cupcake probably started a bit of a stir with his comments saying he still would have done the Shaq trade.

I do not think this is a knock on Shaq but you can never admit you were wrong and I think thats what its all about right there.

I mean ****....Shaq won but i don't want to admit that.

Besides Shaq had help at every single position.

Without all that help they wouldn't have seen past the pistons this year.

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