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bail 11-19-2006 12:00 AM

anyone watching the fight now?:banana:

Targus™ 11-19-2006 02:20 AM

what a great 4 rounds. what a way to go out for morales. i think everybody knew what would happen.pacqiao is just a fighter at his peak right now, he just killed morales. i really want to see Marquez vs. Pacquiao 2, i thought marquez won the first fight by a round.

crisoner 11-19-2006 03:39 AM

Pinoy Pride

Pac-Man is amazing and yes he is in his prime!
Finnaly us Filipinos have something to look up to besides Prince being half Filipino and DJ Q-Bert.

Bebot Bebot!!!

Targus™ 11-19-2006 03:42 AM

rafael marquez would kill pacman in a rematch imo. pacquiao just surprised him early the last fight but from then on, marquez was beating pacquiao. forget barerra, he's done.

Wicked_1 11-20-2006 04:13 PM

mahbuay pinoy!!! :rockon:

that was a great fight!!! Pac Man can officially run for president now and win in PI

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