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TheGame414 10-28-2010 07:17 PM

ISH Top 25
Anyone wanna do this? If 8-10 people would be willing to do it every week I think it would be fun. I'll do mine in the next day or two. Whoever wants to is more than welcome to put it up whenever, just use this thread. Just no stupid shit, like drastically overrating your own team. We're not stupid.

HisJoeness 10-28-2010 07:26 PM

Re: ISH Top 25

Assuming Posterize, W43, IllniFan, and Lebowski do it that's six.

Also TennesseeFan is not allowed.

Jailblazers7 10-28-2010 07:41 PM

Re: ISH Top 25
I'm in.

TennesseeFan 10-28-2010 10:31 PM

Re: ISH Top 25
I'm in.

TheGame414 10-28-2010 11:55 PM

Re: ISH Top 25
Can you do it without doing stupid shit like ranking Tennessee No. 3 and leaving Florida unranked? Because you've done little to inspire confidence so far. Going against the norm is fine, if not welcomed, as long as it's not retarded.

Because I'm willing to give you a shot, but myself and Posterize- if he chooses to participate, which I'm betting he will- maintain all voting privileges.

TennesseeFan 10-29-2010 12:00 AM

Re: ISH Top 25
Yes. Can't say that I'll have Tennessee at 23 though. A returning Elite 8 team with most of their starters has to be in the Top 15 imho.

TheGame414 10-29-2010 12:05 AM

Re: ISH Top 25
Fair enough. If I recall I had Tennessee at No. 19 in my summer Top 25. Listen, we all love our teams. You don't love your Vols any more than I love my Illini, more than InspiredLebowski loves his Boilers, etc. We're all fans. Do your best to set it aside when you do this, and the ISH Top 25 could be a fun thing to do all year if we stick to it.

We did this a few years ago at the old InsideHoops and it was pretty fun. (Of course, that was the year Illinois went 37-2, so it was kinda unnecessary to set my bias aside.) Should be fun again if everyone's willing to stick to it each week.

Whoever wants to jump in, you're welcome to do so. I'm pretty drunk on multiple India Pale Ales, quality standup comedy I just attended, and the impending weekend arriving, so I'm gonna get started on mine as soon as I start this pizza....

chips93 10-29-2010 12:20 AM

Re: ISH Top 25
ill go in

TheGame414 10-29-2010 01:24 AM

Re: ISH Top 25
You guys don't have to do this, but I like including a little blurb about each team. I probably won't do it every week.


1. Duke (after Hummel's injury, an overwhelming favorite. A deeper, more versatile group than last year's national champions who will be capable of playing any conceivable style. Kyle Singler enters as the national POY favorite, whose versatility lets them play however they want.)

2. Michigan State (tumultuous offseason, but this team should be deeper and better than '09 and '10 Final Four teams, as long as Lucas is healthy)

3. Ohio State (best low-post player in America in Jared Sullinger, and the most talented roster in the nation's best conference...any semblance of a true PG would possibly make them No. 1. If either David Lighty or William Buford- my money's on Buford- can make the same transformation that Evan Turner did, here's a potential national champ)

4. Pittsburgh (a team I feel I underrated in the summer...maybe not the star power of the Blair/Young team from a couple years ago, but deeper and more versatile; clear Big East favorite)

5. Kansas (another team I feel I underrated....this is assuming Selby is cleared, which I think he will be. Few teams could lose two lottery picks and an All-American senior point guard and still be a national contender like Kansas.)

6. Kansas State (some feel they're a bit overrated...I saw one article dismiss them as a team who "hacks and gets hacked." Well....what's gonna stop them from getting to the FT line again so much this year? Jacob Pullen is an All-American and the frontcourt is deep, physical, big and athletic.)

7. Florida (they ranked 309th in "luck rating" on last year. No way that happens again; they return everyone from a solid team, plus add an elite freshman in Patric Young, who gives them a physical element that will transform their frontcourt.)

8. Baylor (this is assuming Lacedarius Dunn gets cleared...goddamn, nearly November and I'm still forced to make assumptions like this? I'm worried I'm still overrating them a little bit, but if they need something I'm sure Scott Drew will purchase it mid-season.)

9. Villanova (I think they'll actually miss Taylor King more than folks realize. But Pena/Yarou gives them the frontcourt muscle they've not always had to compliment their typically elite, deep backcourt.)

10. Syracuse (in a continuing trend, a team I feel I underrated a few months ago. Waiters and Melo are instant impact; Joseph can replace most of Wes Johnson's production, and Jardine/Triche are an experienced, talented backcourt.)

11. Illinois (experience- all five starters return- augmented by an elite recruiting class led by Jereme Richmond; excellent size in addition to breathtaking athleticism, all led by All-American candidate Demetri McCamey at the point. A very deep team that has multiple starter-quality options at every position but the point. Like Florida, they were unlucky last year; No. 251. But now they have to prove it.)

12. Missouri (lose some experienced, reliable guards but add a talented bunch of newcomers- even without Tony Mitchell- on top of deep, fast-paced bunch led by Kim English)

13. Kentucky (can kind of go either way depending on what happens with Enes Kanter; if he's eligible fairly soon, they're a national contender. If he's ineligible, they could fall to fourth in their own division and potentially out of the Top 25.)

14. North Carolina (Harrison Barnes has savior potential, but I'm not totally sold on them as a Top 10 team after they also took major frontcourt depth hits with Ed Davis and the Wears leaving. But if the backcourt solidifies itself and John Henson establishes himself as a dominant frontcourt presence, sky's the limit.)

15. Gonzaga (point guard will be a trouble spot for them, but Elias Harris is a legit All-American candidate. He and Robert Sacre will be an absolute load of a frontcourt duo to handle for anyone.)

16. Washington (just imagine if Terrence Jones and Enes Kanter had kept their word. This might be your preseason national title favorite. Even still, frosh Terrence Ross will provide an immediate impact to an explosive, high-scoring team led by Isaiah Thomas.)

17. Purdue (perhaps no other loss would have dropped a single team further than Purdue losing Robbie Hummel. He did it all for them and his versatility made everyone's life easier on a team that, after Hummel/Moore/Johnson, isn't loaded with blue-chippers. Still, Johnson and Moore form an elite inside-out combo on a team that will refuse to get taken down easily.)

18. Tennessee (questions at point guard, plus losses of valuable vetertans like Prince and Chism, not to mention controversy surrounding their douchebag coach, make Tennessee iffy this year. Talent like Scotty Hopson and Tobias Harris make them hard to overlook. They'll be a major player in the loaded SEC East, but if someone offered me 5-1 odds on total implosion, I'd consider it.)

19. Brigham Young (Do they have anything beyond Jimmer? I don't know. Do I care?)

20. Wisconsin (the first rule of Big Ten basketball: DO NOT OVERLOOK WISCONSIN. This is the lone homer pick in my Top 25, for this reason: I cannot, from a karma perspective, justify overlooking the Badgers. They will always have something to say about the Big Ten title whether or not they're in contention. Oh, and Jon Leuer's really good.)

21. Butler (Losing Gordon Hayward hurts, but Khyle Marshall could make an immediate impact as a freshman in Hayward's forward spot. Shelvin Mack and Matt Howard are too good to forget about, but they just don't have the depth and firepower to lose Hayward and make another deep run. But don't be shocked if they find a way to prove me wrong on that.)

22. Georgia (Trey Thompkins and Travis Leslie are a pair of NBA prospects, not to mention one of the country's elite duos. A team that was oh-so close last year will be the nation's biggest turnaround in 2011. A definite tournament team and a serious contender in the SEC East, the best division in America.)

23. Minnesota (they'd be a contender in most other conferences. They get Al Nolen back from academic suspension at the point guard spot, and Trevor Mbakwe adds a physical, scoring power forward to a frontcourt that already includes the Sampson/Iverson twin towers and the superathletic Rodney Williams.)

24. Temple (I have a feeling I'm underrating them. Lavoy Allen is a walking double-double and Juan Fernandez is a terrific all-around guard.)

25. Memphis (I'm not yet sold on Josh Pastner as an in-game head coach, and while freshmen guards Will Barton and Joe Jackson are terrific and Wesley Witherspoon is a versatile forward, I don't see them having enough muscle in the frontcourt to be a major national contender. Still, the Tigers are back in the Top 25.)

Just missed:

-Virginia Tech
-San Diego State
-West Virginia
-Florida State
-Mississippi State

KG215 10-29-2010 01:42 AM

Re: ISH Top 25
I'm definitely in.

TheGame414 10-29-2010 01:43 AM

Re: ISH Top 25
Excellent. I was hoping you would be.

8BeastlyXOIAD 10-29-2010 02:14 PM

Re: ISH Top 25
i'm in

Dasher 10-29-2010 02:31 PM

Re: ISH Top 25
I am in as well.

Jailblazers7 10-29-2010 03:59 PM

Re: ISH Top 25
My Top 25:

1) Duke - Defending National Champions. Two great seniors and some great talent added in Irving and Seth Curry. They're the top team until proven otherwise.

2) Michigan State - It will be interesting to see what Lucas will look like after coming off the Achilles injury but they still return Summers and Green plus I expect Lucious to have made strides in his game during the offseason. I expect Lucas to be Lucas and this team to be the front runner, along with OSU, for the Big 10.

3) Pitt - Only significant loss is Jermaine Dixon. His perimeter defense will be missed but not difficult to replace and with a team that returns Gilbert Brown, Ashton Gibbs, Brad Wanamaker, Gary McGee, and Dante Taylor I'd be dissapointed with no Big East championship. Dante Taylor's improvement as a player will be the key to this team.

4) Ohio State - This team has a really awesome group of wings and shooter with Lighty, Buford, and Deibler and Jared Sullinger could be a potential Big 10 player of the year winner.

5) Villanova - Scotty Reynolds leaves and they get better? It's very possible. It doesn't hurt when you have an experienced senior like Corey Fischer that can step in and take the reigns and an explosive scorer in Maalik Wayns. Antonio Pena is very underrated and along with Yarou Nova will actually have a respectable fronline.

6) Kansas - This team lost a lot of talent but it is Kansas, which means they are still one of the most talented teams in the country. They've still got the Morris twins and Taylor and Selby will compete for freshman of the year honors.

7) Kansas St. - Pullen is a stud and they've got some serious length and athleticism up front. I think they are being slightly overrated in the preseason but I wouldn't be surprised to see them win the Big 12.

8) Syracuse - Lost some keys players from last season but they have a good backcourt and great athletes waiting to fill new roles and play that always pesky (sp?) 2-3. Kris Joseph should step up in Wes Johnson's absense and Fab Melo comes in.

9) Florida - Lots of experienced players returning from last season and Patric Young coming in to compliment a nice backcourt.

10) Illinois - Experienced team that had some good wins and tough losses (still can't believe they lost that Gonzaga game) and they add a great talent and Jereme Richmond. This has got to be the year it all comes together.

11) Baylor - LaceDarius Dunn returns (hopefully) and they bring elite talent in Perry Jones. They did lose a significant part of their core from last season tho and I don't trust them to be a top 10 team at this point.

12) North Carolina - Ed Davis is going to be tough to replace but they still have Jon Henson and Harrison Barnes should be a freak from day 1. They've also got Kendall Marshall coming in to help a backcourt that had some awful moments last season.

13) Gonzaga - I actually feel bad for WCC teams that have to play against this frontcourt. Elias Harris is a stud and could be a first team All-American. Demetri Goodson needs to show improvement in the backcourt but they still have Steven Gray's solid scoring on the wing.

14) Missouri - Should be a really fun team to watch with their athletes and style of play, but I think they could struggle initially with the team being so young.

15) Purdue - Hummel is a huge loss but they still have the talent and leadership of Johnson and Moore to be a top 15 team.

16) Kentucky - Why did Orton leave exactly? This team would have benefited enormously if they could have had at least him return. They've still got stud freshman in Knight and Jones but they really need Kanter to be eligible.

17) Washington - Iasiah Thomas is a very good leader for this team and they will be able to score in bunches even without Pondexter. Crazy to think this is the first Pac 10 team I've ranked. That conference has fallen hard.

18) Butler - Losing Hayward really hurts but they still have Shelvin Mack and Matt Howard to lead the team. And to Matt Howard, for the love of God stay out of foul trouble.

19) Georgetown - They lost Monroe but they still have some nice talent returning like Austin Freeman and Chris Wright in the backcourt. I feel like this team is being overlooked in the preseason.

20) Tennessee - Even tho they lost some talent I would have them higher if their situation wasn't so messy. They've still got some really good players like Hopson but I feel like this team won't live up to expectations.

21) Temple - They return Fernandez and Lavoy and, while losing Brooks hurts, I think Ramone Moore will step up nicely to replace his production.

22) BYU - I don't know much about the talent on this team besides Fredette but that's all I really need to know.

23) Virginia Tech - They return Delaney, Dorenzo Hudson, and Jeff Allen which gives them experience and fire power. They've got to make it to the tournament eventually, right?

24) Memphis - Not surprising to see Memphis with a talented young backcourt but they have some big question marks up front.

25) Wisconsin - Jon Leuer is a great player that will lead the charge for a team in Wisconsin that is always rock solid no matter who they lose or gain. Jordan Taylor should have a nice season too.

Just missed:

West Virginia
San Diego State

KG215 10-29-2010 04:27 PM

Re: ISH Top 25
I will probably wait to start doing this weekly until the season is several weeks off.

I was gone and cut-off from the outside world from May-August this summer and just don't feel like I know enough about incoming recruits and offseason happenings to make an educated top 25. Hell, I'm a diehard UNC fan and I get home in August to find out Will Graves was kicked off the team.

I need to watch teams play and get a feel for who I think belongs where in the top 25.

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