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UMDWizKid 06-20-2006 11:40 AM

The Wizards rarely draft well
Most of the best Wizards players in the past couple of seasons have come from free agency...and the folks we draft usually seem to underachieve....just look at the players we've had in recent years:

The best ones:
Arenas: free agency
Jamison: trade
Butler: trade
Hughes: free agency
Stackhouse: trade
Hamilton: draft
Jordan: :D

The rest:
Hayes: draft
Jeffries: draft
Brown: draft :banghead:
Haywood: draft
Dixon: draft
Thomas: draft

Anyone else see a trend? I think they should just trade their draft pick for an established player

wally_world 06-24-2006 12:48 PM

yes... i remember... they had a no1 pick at 2001, then they drafted Kwame Brown... they could have picked... Gasol, J-Richardson, JJ, RJ, Murphy, Randolph, Parker, Arenas (although they still got him), or Bobby Simmons... i think they all are better than him... bad pick... sigh... it could have changed their future... imagine...

C- Haywood
PF- Jamison
SF- RJ??? (lets say)
SG- Butler
PG- Arenas

their 1-4 will kill any team in the league!

geeWiz15 06-24-2006 11:37 PM

Dude if Wiz don't pick Kwame Brown everything else switches dramatically, our roster would look nothing like that one.

And yes we don't know how to draft. Hopefully we pick Mardy Collins and stop trying to get some star because it never works out. Either Mardy or one of the Uconn big guys.

fatboy11 07-09-2006 04:31 PM

So how do you guys feel about the double shot of 6'10 international forwards?

I think they'll both be good players. I liken Pecherov to Darius Songaila (has a little bit more range, I believe). I've liked Veremeenko for awhile now too. I think he'll be considered a steal.

Any word on if Pecherov is coming over this year? I remember seeing something the other day saying Veremeenko probably wasn't.

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