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Draz 02-23-2011 02:24 PM

Denver Knicks
Well, Denver fans. You have our roster, basically. I am going to be routing for the Nuggets to go far into the playoffs. Of course, I'm a Knicks fan, hopefully I can support the former young Knicks players, as long as their on your team that is. You have


Gallonari is very good, he's been learning how to drive. I'm actually mad we lost him because he was upgrading his talents to driving & hitting freethrows when we most need him to. Him going to the basket is a automatic +1/2. Leaving him wide open is deadly from 3.

Chandler, this guy is a quiet, very talented kid. He impressed us all season. Only issue? He has a off switch. Guy can go cold, or just not be hot. Simple. You use him the correct way, he is also deadly. He is VERY humble. Nothing to say bad about the guy, he's growing into the NBA.

Felton. He's not a bad person. He's average. I like that he has good vision. My dislikes? He takes to many random shots. He loves holding off at the end of the quarter to toss up a 3, 5% of the time he gets it, the other 95? He misses a perfect oppertunity to get a easy basket. He chucks, oftenly. Which is why he is average. He can drive, layup, & work the floater really good.

Mozgov. This guy was a rising talent. When we first worked him into the rotation, he started to fail. He had many oppertunities to impress us, he had stage fright. Mark my words, he might have it in the new arena & crowed, especially new management & team. He's familiar with Felton so he wouldn't be left out, he should find him open whenever their on the court. He used to turn over the ball many many times. He's improving, has a LOT of potential. You guys picked up a future good player.

Good luck with your new squad. Their very deadly in transition. You use Felton well with these players, your on winning streaks. Felton cannot score, nor is he consistant. But when he's on he's on. Great pick up, you guys definitely robbed us of our stars, young talent.

I'll stay tuned with these players. Enjoy & best of luck with.

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