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rhythmic †hesis 12-28-2012 01:37 AM

BF3 Single-Player Campaign Explanation?

First off, had a good time with the campaign. Surprisingly, it was actually pretty fun and kept me intrigued near the end. The first half of the story was a snooze-fest though, it really picked up in the 2nd half. I think the final four missions were as good as any of the Modern Warfare games.

But what I want to clarify here is the ending, I remember playing the campaign for the first time and understanding it completely. Now just recently I played it a second time and payed much closer attention to the script, and now it makes little sense to me.

When Blackburn knocks out Solomon, and finally gains possession to the nuclear weapon: two things are clear, Mendes is dead and the 1st nuclear bomb has been recovered. If you go back to the bank mission, the crew found a nuclear missile briefcase. 3 slots but only 1 nuclear missile in the actual case. We later discover that 1 bomb is planned to be used in Times Square and the other in Paris. The whole point of the story was we tried to recover (both Russians and American soldiers) the other two missiles. We know Sgt. Blackburn and Dima were the two main characters.

But the end is so unclear that it bugs me. So Dima was unsuccessful in stopping the bomb in Paris and that's why he got radiation all over his body? Why was he attempting to commit suicide? Is it for the same reasons Blackburn was captured? The Russians thought Dima was the one that set off the nuclear bomb in Paris?

That's what makes the most sense to me because in the end he's writing about how him and Blackburn were real heroes. If you remember Solomon was a CIA informant, so perhaps they didn't believe Blackburn even in the end?

I just hate games that end like this, the ending is left so wide open.
The simplistic ending many are saying; "Blackburn is a hero, Solomon is captured, the NY bomb is stopped; Dima commits suicide once the Russian government knocks at his door because he failed to stop the nuclear explosion in Paris."

Any opinions on those who played the campaign?
By the way, I don't think it's as good as ANY of the MW games and probably not as good as BO or WaW, but was still damn good.

I just don't think it had as many theatrics and set-pieces as a Modern Warfare game. The atmosphere wasn't as diverse and the characters weren't as interesting. I liked Mendes a lot as a soldier but his personality still can't compare to Captain Price. :pimp:

eriX 12-29-2012 11:41 AM

Re: BF3 Single-Player Campaign Explanation?
tbh i dont think any bf3 player brought it for single player so... no need to get too deep into it.

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