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Legend of Josh 01-11-2013 07:26 PM

Leaderboards, Ranked Position, etc. Do you care?
I don't think Nintendo keeps a leaderboard log, but if you're an online gamer for either 360 or PS3 you know there's many gamers out there who take pride in their global spot on said leaderboard(s). It's an aspect of this console generation that to some, is highly significant; to others, not so much. I remember GOBB a couple years ago bragging and thinking he's the sheet because he was something like 34th or something in GTA.

Personally, I don't really care. I know my own personal skill level in whatever game I'm playing, and I don't need my name highlighted to feel elite, skilled, appreciated, admired or whatever to feel relevant. I think it's a cool way to measure one's skill level compared to others who play the same game, but there's way too many trolls out there who glitch, abuse, or cheat their way to the top.

I kind of look at it in the same perspective as "Achievements" or trophies, just more on a global or universal level. Leaderboards or your Ranked position displays yourself to the world, whereas the Achievement process is more of a personal, individual challenge (which of course other gamers can check out via looking at your profile). I'm not an Achievement whore, and certainly not a leaderboard/Ranked whore, but I do feel somewhat accomplished when I unlock all the Achievements in a game.

Especially on XBOX Live Arcade (usually 200 points), because some of those games are challenging as hell! The older classic Dig Dug for example - there's a "Dig" Achievement where you have to literally dig every since pixel, space or whatever on any level, and it took me a week or two just to get that one Achievement to reach the entire 200. I don't care about my total gamerscore, but it's the individual games where I get the 200 that I feel accomplished.

[another Achievement that pisses me off to no end is this one in Pacman, where you have to eat all the ghost, all four times! ... I've spent IDK how many hours just trying to snatch that one single Achievement, but never have ... doubt I ever will]

Do any of you guys care a great deal about leaderboards? What are some of the games where you're ranked high and/or consider yourself an elite player? What are some Achievements you're proud of, what games have you completed and unlocked all Achievements? What were some of the toughest Achievements to get?

TylerOO 01-11-2013 07:30 PM

Re: Leaderboards, Ranked Position, etc. Do you care?
I used to care about the leaderboards and my k/d in the older Cods. I do care about achievements though. Like CoD4. I had every achievement except Mile High (hardest achievement I've ever tried/got). That damn achievement took my atleast 300 tries, no joke. If no one knows what Im talking about, it was the mission after the credits rolled on the campaign. You had like 60 seconds or something to get off the plane. You can only get the achievement on Veteran. Anyway, that shit made me go crazy and I think I broke a controller or two in the process :lol

Jailblazers7 01-11-2013 07:30 PM

Re: Leaderboards, Ranked Position, etc. Do you care?
No, I usually just play to win and have fun. Stuff like leaderboards and k/d ratio mean nothing to me. I do enjoy hunting for difficult achievements sometimes tho.

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