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bk15 06-29-2006 11:42 PM

Do You Guys Have What It Takes To Get Back In The Playoff Run???
Yall Have What It Takes To Get Back

This Is your roster...What do u guys need?

PG - tinsely/johnson/Jasikevicius/Gill
SG - jackson/jones/white
SF - peja/granger/williams
PF - o'neal/Croshere/
C - Pollard/Harrison/Foster

Free Agents
Scot Pollard (FA)
Fred Jones (FA)
Eddie Gill (FA)

You Guys Have too much point guards (i think that Gill is gone) and why draft the same position 2 years straight you should have gotten Marcus Williams and got rid of Tinsely or johnson

aero 06-30-2006 03:54 AM

our updated roster :

PG - tinsely/johnson/Jasikevicius
- we need to move tinsley, he cant stay healthy

SG - jackson/jones/white

SF - peja/granger/williams

PF - O'neal/Croshere/

C - Pollard/Harrison/Foster

*Free Agents*

Scot Pollard - we need to resign Scott he is about the only guy on our team that can stop Shaq, we need that in the playoffs Vs them.

Fred Jones - we need to re-sign fred, he gives us that much needed spark off the bench when we need it.

Eddie Gill -
sorry eddie...thanks for what you have given us but its time to say goodbye.

scipio 06-30-2006 06:00 PM

It's possible we could be contenders next season, provided Bird and Walsh make the right moves this offseason. Shawne Williams definitely seemed like an odd pick, but I suppose Bird believed that no one else availiable would be a big contributor right away, and Shawne could be a star. I personally don't like it, and this guy seems like Jon Bender all over again.

Anyway, if the front office and trade away Peja and perhaps Tinsley for some talent, I think the Pacers could be a serious playoff threat. Tinsley definitely needs to go, and if we can get a rotation player for him all the better. Peja needs to go as well, but we should try to get talent back for him rather than simply letting him walk. Shooting guard is an area of need, and Peja could perhaps land us a good one. We could include Stephen Jackson as well. A guy like Jerry Stackhouse or Corey Maggette would be nice, though I don't know how well we match up with those teams in terms of being trading partners. Perhaps for Tinsley we could get a spot up shooter type of guy.

I'd like to see a Pacers lineup like this next year:

1. Johnson/Jasikevicius
2. Maggette/James White
3. Granger/Shawne Williams
4. JO/Croshere
5. Foster/Harrison

Granger and Shawne can slide over to play the 4 at times. That team doesn't have a ton of outside shooting, so it will be important for Sarunas to get minutes and contribute in those minutes.

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