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pj24lal 12-04-2007 12:41 PM

This year..
I saw no posts here for a few days so I thought I'd bring up a new topic. Are you Jazz fans happier with the way the team is doing this year, or how they were doing last year? Last year Kirilenko wasn't particularly good by his own standard and Okur broke into the ASG and Boozer+Williams were a revelation. This year, Kirilenko is back to form, Okur isn't lighting anything up, Boozer + Williams are going great but not making the waves they were last year and Brewer has come into his own.. So what do you guys think? Just a thought...

luigi>mario 12-04-2007 09:32 PM

Re: This year..
Well, I kinda look at it like this. We have enough players to cover ourselves in case one gets injured or is having an off year.

Lately Okur has done well. Any night someone is off, the others can step up. This is the only reasoning I can see that stopped Larry Miller from accepting the Marion AK deal.

But this is the perfect stat line for a Jazz victory IMO

Jazz 105, X 95

Williams 18, 10
Brewer 8, 3 steals
Kirilenko 10, 6 (3 offensive), 6, 2, 2
Boozer 25, 12
Okur 18, 8

Bench scoring 26

But, unless they can learn to stop defensively like last year, this team is nothing but an exciting regular season.

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