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Default Re: Best 2 Guards of this years draft class?

Oladipo is a name you need to know. 6-5, best wing defender in the country and hits 60% from 2 and 44% from 3.

I think Smart is being looked at as a PG.

But for your question,
1. McLemore
2. Olpadio
3. Oladipo

I think as far as shooting we are talking about the next great 3 point shooter in McLemore.

Top 5 SG prospects probably are McLemore, Oladipo, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Tim Hardaway Jr., and Archie Goodwin.

I really want the Celtics to get KCP.

And if you care who I think the 15 best prospects are this year (which you probably don't), I'm thinking:

McLemore - Kansas
Porter - Georgetown
Noel - Kentucky
Bennett - UNLV
Smart - Oklahoma State
Len - Maryland
Oladipo - Indiana
Burke - Michigan
Zeller - Indiana
MCW - Syracuse
Muhammed - UCLA
Robinson III - Michigan
McAdoo - North Carolina
KCP - Georgia
McGary - Michigan

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