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Just finished Red Dead Redemption. Bought it used a couple months ago. Now going for the 100% completion. Just have 14 bounties left to do for that.

Incredible game though. I don't know why I never got around to playing it when it came out but this was an amazing experience with near-perfect storytelling. It's weird that even though most of the missions are very similar, the game never got boring due to the really well designed world you're exploring. This is where GTA 4 missed the mark a bit for me. I found Liberty City to be kinda boring at times.
I think Red Dead Redemption is the only next-gen game I've ever completed 100%. Usually there's just too much tedium involved in fully completing those types of games, but Red Dead was great fun throughout.

I also attained every achievement for the Turtles in Time XBox Arcade game, so maybe that kind of counts too. Usually I cannot get every achievement because many of them often involve heavy online play, something I for which I do not partake.